After you accept carefully advised the acquirements theories, the abutting footfall is to advance your pedagogy, or able teaching methods, through advisory strategies. Instructional strategies beset all the techniques agents use to accomplish acquirements engaging, relevant, and accessible to students. It is important to accept the assorted strategies you can use to acquaint acceptance and to accommodated the assorted needs of all acceptance through these strategies. Part 1: Template Use the “Instructional Strategies Template” to complete this assignment. Part 2: Summary Write a 500-750 chat arbitrary acclamation the following: Description of the action identified, its benefits, and any abeyant challenges. Explanation of how the action applies to one of the acquirements theories from the Topic 1 assignment. Description of a specific acquirements acquaintance or action that supports the called advisory action and acquirements theory. Summary of accommodations, resources, and abstracts to differentiate apprenticeship according to the needs, strengths, and acquirements goals of alone students. Support your arbitrary with a minimum of three bookish resources. Prepare this appointment according to the guidelines begin in the APA Style

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