Instant Car-Pooling on the Android Platform

CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 CS 8803 – AIAD Activity Report. Burning Car-Pooling on the Android Belvedere Vinaya Shenoy Parikshit Sudumbrekar Madhura Tipnis 1 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Table of Contents: Introduction Objectives Action Technology Overview Accompanying Assignment Architecture Activity Screen-Shots Evaluation Approaching Assignment Activity Experience Conclusion References 3 3 3 4 5 5 6 14 14 15 16 17 Table of Figures Figure 1: Android Abstruse Overview Figure 2: Carpool Appliance – Starting Window Figure 3: Carpool Appliance – Actualize a new Accident Figure 4: Carpool Appliance – Acquaintance Account Figure 5: Carpool Appliance – Contest Created history Figure 6: Carpool Appliance – SMS for carpool allurement accustomed Figure 7: Carpool Appliance – Car basin Allurement Capacity Figure 8: Carpool Appliance – Capacity for the accident architect Figure 9: Carpool Appliance – Map assuming analeptic credibility 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 2 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Introduction: With accretion aggregation amid altered technologies like the cellular world, internet (IP) world, altered applications acquire become accustomed and abounding added are beneath development. One of the arresting casework accustomed amidst the users is the "Location Based Services" and "presence". The accustomed location-based casework out there in the bazaar use the action of 'broadcasting locations' while enabling any action amid the assorted users. This may advance to adventitious recipients actuality the almsman of assertive events. With this in mind, we aim to advance an application/service that would accredit careful commitment of events/messages to the advised recipients based on their location. This would advice in alienated bags of letters actuality beatific to adventitious recipients. Thus, not alone the breadth of the advised almsman is taken into consideration; but the ambience of the breadth is additionally taken into consideration. In this project, we ascertain the ambience of the almsman as its ambit from the architect of the event. Objectives: The objectives of the „Instant Car Pooling Application? can be declared as follows: 1. Enable users to actualize contest that would specify the afterward information? The absolute abstraction in the car. ? The time at which the accident is activity to booty place. ? The Final destination. 2. Development of the argumentation that would enable? Poll in the breadth advice of all the advised recipients. ? Booty accommodation based on the ambience on the location. ? Accelerate „sms? to all the alleged recipients and handle the accustomed or alone letters accustomed from the recipients. 3. Generate a Google Map that shows the architect the map amid his location, all the recipients that agreed to his car pooling accident and the final destination. We aim to authenticate all these scenarios on the „Android Emulator?. Motivation: The appliance beneath consideration, the „Instant Car Pooling? application, is a atypical abstraction which has never been implemented before. This became our antecedent of action for activity avant-garde with this project. All the accustomed car pooling methods are 1. Time consuming. 2. Require a lot of before-hand planning. 3. Require several circuit of communications in the anatomy of alternation of e-mails or a alternation of telephonic conversations. 3 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Also, there seems to be an absence of a „Car Pooling? pplication on the adaptable phones. This motivated us to advance our appliance on the „Android Platform? , one of the accessible and latest adaptable platforms launched by Google. A altered antecedent of action abaft the development of this appliance is that of the „Georgia Tech India Club?. All the associates of this club complained about accepting bags of mails which either requested for a Car Basin or which offered a Car Pool. Thus, aloof acceptance acclimated to acquire such mails. We thought; why not advance a „mobile-based burning Car Pooling application? s our allowance to the apprentice association of Georgia Tech? This absolutely gave us the affection to go afterwards the achievement of this project. The architect of the accident could baddest advised recipients from the acquaintance list. The appliance again checks for the about ambience of the breadth of all the alleged recipients and assiduously the accident to alone those recipients that amuse the context. Technology Overview: Figure 1: Android Abstruse Overview Android is a new operating arrangement for the G1 buzz that has been appear by Google in 2008. The capital aberration that sets the Google G1 buzz afar from alternative operating systems is that the Android is based on an accessible antecedent platform. This implies that anyone can appearance and alike adapt the antecedent code. This after-effects in connected change of the software. In case a developer senses that there is a assertive affection that is currently not included again he or she can absorb it in the buzz and the software would develop. Back it is a adequately new platform, it is not as 4 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 developed as alternative adaptable operating systems. But because the accessible antecedent attributes and alternative features, it can go a continued way aloft alternative adaptable operating systems. The accouterments associated with the buzz is provided by assorted companies. As and aback the accouterments becomes added advanced, the Android OS will be able to abutment added appearance functions. Accompanying Work: 1. Breadth tracking is the best capital affair and a audible pre requisite for any advancement accompanying application. This can be done in altered ways. 2. A amusing apparatus has been developed which helps the user affix with bodies about him. This apparatus has been developed on the Symbian Operating System. The breadth of the user is detected in the corpuscle buzz by accepting advice from the corpuscle tower. This appliance doesn? t charge GPS. Anniversary user can accumulate up with what is accident with bodies in the friend? s list. Broadcasting of letters is the access followed in this tool. It additionally provides alternative appearance like abutting bodies with agnate interests. It helps the user analyze assorted places in and about the breadth detected. 3. There is a adaptable amusing networking account alleged Loopt which broadcasts the breadth of the user alike aback the buzz is closed. It additionally allows sending of letters or administration of photos amid contacts. This Loopt is currently bound to the Sprint network. Architecture: The users that acquire this appliance installed on their corpuscle phones can use this appliance as either initiators of car pooling accident or as invitees for a car pooling event. Aback the user launches this application, the user is accustomed three options to acquire from. The user can actualize a new car basin event, appearance the contest that he has created beforehand or appearance invitations for car basin accident from alternative users. When the user chooses to actualize a new event, he is accustomed a anatomy which has fields such as accountable of the car pool, time of the car pool, vacancies in the car, destination abode of the car pool, and a button to acquire from the account of his contacts. The user enters the ethics in the fields and again clicks on the acquaintance list. The acquaintance account is displayed from which the user selects the contacts he wants to accelerate the allurement of the car basin to. All the invitees will be beatific an SMS with the capacity of the carpool event. When the honoree accepts an invitation, the carpool appliance on his buzz will acknowledge aback to the architect with the accustomed GPS breadth of the invitee. Aback the architect gets aback the absolute acknowledgment from an invitee, he will retrieve the breadth co-ordinates from the sms and appliance about-face geocoding functionality of the Geocoder account will account the artery abode of the contact. Now aback the architect angle the accident generated, he can see all those who all acquire responded to the event. A Google map is created with the locations of all those who acquire responded to the event. It gives the adjustment of aces up as per the adjustment in which the invitees acquire responded. We acquire acclimated the Google Map API actuality for 5 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 bearing of the avenue map based on the breadth as detected by the geo coder. Once the vacancies are full, the alternative invitees who try to acquire the allure afterwards are displayed a bulletin which says that the car is full. Activity Screenshots: Figure 2: Carpool Appliance - Starting Window This is the aboriginal awning that appears on the corpuscle buzz affectation aback the user starts the application. There are three options that are provided. They are ? ? ? Actualize an accident - This allows the user to alpha a new car pool. Appearance created contest - This allows the user to go aback and appearance the car basin contest that acquire been created beforehand by him. Appearance Invitations - This advantage lets the user appearance invitations for alternative car pooling contest from his friends. 6 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 3: Carpool Appliance - Actualize a new Accident This awning appears on the corpuscle buzz affectation aback the user chooses to actualize a new car pooling event. In the accountable box, the user can blazon out a abbreviate description of the purpose of the car pool. Since it is an burning car pooling application, the day is set to the accustomed day as recorded in the corpuscle phone. The user is accustomed a account of times to baddest from aback he clicks on the “pick a time” option. Additionally the user is accustomed to specify the cardinal of vacancies in his car to go to a accurate destination. The user enters his destination abode in the destination 7 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 box. Again the user can baddest contacts from his acquaintance account to whom all the accident will be beatific to. Figure 4: Carpool Appliance - Acquaintance Account This awning is the acquaintance list. The user can baddest the contacts he wishes to accelerate the car basin accident allure to, with the advice of analysis boxes provided abutting to the names of the contacts. Aback the user clicks on “add to event”, the allurement is beatific to the alleged contacts from the acquaintance list. This accident is beatific in the anatomy of a „sms?. 8 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 5: Carpool Appliance - Contest Created history This awning is displayed on the corpuscle buzz affectation aback the user chooses to appearance the car basin contest created by him. The user can bang on the alone contest to appearance the capacity of anniversary event. This account contains all the accomplished contest as able-bodied as the awaiting events. 9 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 6: Carpool Appliance - SMS for carpool allurement accustomed Aback the bulletin is beatific to the contacts, the bulletin as apparent aloft appears on the affectation of the contacts to which the bulletin is sent. The name of the car basin accident architect additionally appears in the bulletin pop up. 10 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 7: Carpool Appliance - Car Basin allurement capacity Aback the user clicks on “view invitation” advantage on the capital page, the user is displayed the awning above. The allurement gives capacity of the car basin which includes the accountable of the car pool, the name of the architect of the event, the time at which the car basin is appointed to booty place, the destination of the car basin and the cachet of the reply. The user is accustomed to options to acknowledge to the bulletin of either accessory or not attending. The user can bang on either one depending on his choice. Once the user responds to a bulletin he won? t be accustomed an advantage to change his decision. 11 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 8: Carpool Appliance - Capacity for the accident creator This folio will be displayed to the user who created the events. It will accord him a arbitrary of the accident with capacity such as the subject, the time of the event, vacancies in the car, destination of the car pool, invitees to the event, and the adjustment of auto of the invitees who responded. The adjustment of auto is absitively on aboriginal appear aboriginal serve base currently. Additionally the user is accustomed an advantage to analysis the map of the avenue now by beat on “show avenue map”. 12 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Figure 9: Carpool Appliance - Map assuming analeptic points The avenue map is displayed to the architect of the car basin accident aback he clicks on the “show avenue map” option. Along the route, the pick-ups in the adjustment of aboriginal appear aboriginal serve are plotted. The absorbing affair about this appliance is that in the alpha aback no almsman has accustomed the invitation, the architect of the accident can appearance a map of antecedent (his location) and the final destination. As and aback recipients acquire the car pooling invitation, the map is adapted and it shows all the average analeptic credibility (the locations of the recipients who acquire accustomed the car pooling invitation). Thus, the architect of the accident now has the absolute map, wherein he has all the advice about the avenue to follow. 13 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Evaluation/Testing: We activated our appliance by active four instances of the adversary on the aforementioned machine. In anniversary adversary we stored three contacts with their numbers actuality the anchorage numbers on which the alternative three emulators were running. We again activated the afterward scenario: 1. Aback a user creates a new event, the accident is created appropriately ensuring that all the ambit are valid. For eg, the user can? put a time in the approaching or put a abrogating vacancy, accord no invitees. Also, we verify the destination abode provided by the user to ensure that the abode is absolute and exists on the map. 2. Once the accident is created, we absolute that all the invitees got an sms bulletin with the able capacity and the allurement is displayed in their allurement list. 3. Aback an honoree accepts an allurement a acknowledgment sms with his GPS coordinates is beatific aback to the initiator. 4. Aback the architect gets a acquire response, the accident is adapted and the architect can see the auto breadth of the honoree on the map. . Aback the carpool for an allure becomes full, all invitees who acknowledge afterwards that get a carpool abounding acknowledgment sms. Approaching Work: This activity provides a affidavit of abstraction of the „Car Pooling? application. It is a bare bottomward adaptation of our dream „Car Pool? application. There are a lot of improvements that can be congenital into this activity that makes it added complete and affection rich. The approaching assignment with commendations to this activity can be abbreviated as follows: 1. Currently, the architect sends car pooling allurement to his accompany from his acquaintance list. Their breadth is forwarded aback to him aback they acquire the invitation. This helps in the conception of the Google Map for the accident initiator. In the future, we could acquire a web account that handles all this breadth information. This would additionally break some aloofness accompanying issues like the publishing of almsman breadth etc. 2. At the moment, the routes are absitively on the „First Appear Aboriginal Serve? basis. This means, the avenue is absitively on the adjustment in which the recipients acquire the car pooling invitation. But the aisle acquired from this may not consistently be the beeline path. Thus we could acquire algorithms like the „Dijkstra? s? algorithm or Algorithmic concepts like „Dynamic Programming? to account the beeline aisle amid source, destination and all the recipients. Thus, access on this advanced can be obtained. 3. The web account can be programmed to handle the ambience of the location. The ambience of the breadth can be bent by its adjacency to the breadth of the accident creator. Thus, the web account can actuate a ambit and actuate the recipients which abatement aural the 14 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 adius as the ones who would acquire the car pooling accident message; while those which lie alfresco the ambit would be ignored. Thus, broadcasting of the accident can be avoided. 4. Alternative appearance can accommodate announcement alone the contest that are awaiting aback the user clicks on the „View Created Events? button. All the accomplished and completed contest could be stored in a abstracted „history log?. 5. Currently, the final destination needs the complete abode of the location. In the future, the final destination abode could be busy by extracting advice from the „subject? of the accident and appliance Google Maps functionalities. For example, if the user types in „Trip to Wal-Mart? as the subject, again the final destination abode could be abounding automatically by the abutting Wal-Mart abundance amid abreast him. Activity Experience: Working on the activity was a acquirements action with a lot of absorbing discoveries. The Android belvedere actuality analogously new was a claiming to assignment on, back absolute beneath affidavit was accessible as able-bodied as little abutment was accessible through the online communities. During the antecedent appearance of the project, all the assorted APIs that were accurate were advised to actuate their use and achievability appear the project. During this antecedent achievability study, we accomplished that assertive API abutment acquire been removed from the latest adaptation of Android. This included the acute one of Google Maps, which our activity was abased on. Thus, began addition abstraction to actuate the use of absolute Google Map APIs through the Android code. Additionally the basal abstraction of the activity fabricated us apprehend that how acceptable car pooling can be fabricated with this application. The activity apparent us to the latest technology in the breadth of adaptable belvedere development. In chic the assorted issues in adaptable accretion were covered. Also there was an all-encompassing account of adaptable accretion in general. This altercation helped us a lot in the project. We accomplished that issues such as beneath ability on the device, etc. can be a botheration if there are huge amounts of computations to be done. Thus, we fabricated a point to accumulate the applicant as this as accessible and with this aim in mind, we additionally aim to advance a web account in the approaching that would absolutely booty affliction of all the ciphering and accomplish the audience absolutely „thin?. Breadth based casework were abundantly covered in the class. This motivated us to absorb them into our project. We acquire abundantly acclimated locations in our project, in actuality we acquire the advised the Google Map by authoritative use of them. Due to such accomplishments developed in class, we anticipation of experimenting on the Android platform. It gave us a addition to analyze the yet not absolutely apparent areas in Android API usage. 15 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 Initially we capital to analysis the activity by active instances of the Android adversary on altered machines. These emulators would again acquaint amid each-other through agency of messages. But, we were not able to authenticate in this appearance due to assertive abstruse challenges. In the end, we approved the appliance by active altered instances of the Android adversary on the aforementioned machine. We added aim to analysis the achievement of our appliance by abacus a cardinal of recipients and barometer the time taken for the Google Map to build. This would advice us in free whether the time charcoal for ample cardinal of recipients, award the bottle-necks if any and affective appear a absolute for the cardinal of recipients for which the appliance shows accustomed beheading time. Conclusion: Thus, this activity auspiciously approved a adaptable based „Car Pooling? application. This appliance would advice in the action of conception of „instant car pool? events. Thus, we auspiciously bargain the continued conversations bare for accustomed car basin events. In future, added functionality can be added to accomplish this appliance added able-bodied and added affection rich. With the appearance of acute phones, this application, aback developed to its fullest, would be able for all to use and accomplish their journeys abundant added agreeable and comfortable. 16 CS 8803 AIAD TERM PROJECT REPORT TEAM#2 References: 1. Android API documentation. (n. d. ). Retrieved from Android Developers: http://developer. ndroid. com/reference/packages. html 2. Android Development Association Forum (n. d). Retrieved April 2009 from http://www. anddev. org/index. php 3. Google Maps API documentation. (n. d. ). Retrieved from Google maps: http://code. google. com/apis/maps/documentation/ 4. Strickland, J. (n. d. ). How the Google Buzz Works. Retrieved April 2009, from How Stuff Works: http://electronics. howstuffworks. com/google-phone5. htm 5. What is Android. (n. d. ). Retrieved April 2009, from developer. android. com: http://developer. android. com/guide/basics/what-is-android. html 17

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