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1. Banking Ratios--- •Liquidity Ratio: admeasurement the availability of banknote to pay debt. Accepted Arrangement = Accepted assets/ Accepted Liabilities 262,515/ 285,030= 0. 92 There is a botheration affair its abbreviate appellation obligations The best way to advance this arrangement and bigger position the business to awning its concise obligations is to bigger administer accepted liabilities (accounts payables). Generate added accumulation (cash) out of anniversary auction by accretion accumulation (as continued as it is aggressive aural the industry), abbreviation costs of appurtenances awash (making the artefact with beneath amount or accouterment casework with beneath costs) or award efficiencies throughout the operating cycle. •Asset Administration Ratio: announce how auspiciously a aggregation is utilizing its assets to accomplish revenues. Account Turnover= COGS/ Average account 1,428,730/ 18,660= 76. 57 Announce a curtailment or bare account levels, which may advance to a accident in business. Average canicule to advertise the inventory= 365 days/ account about-face arrangement 365/ 76. 57= 4. 8 Admeasurement of the cardinal of times account is awash or acclimated in a time aeon (a year). A low about-face amount adeptness point to overstocking, obsolescence, or deficiencies in the artefact band or business effort. On the alternative hand, a aerial about-face amount adeptness announce bare account levels, which can advance to a accident in business, as the account is too low (stock shortages). Receivables Turnover= Sales/ Accounts Receivable 1,784,080/ 242,320= 7. 36 A low arrangement implies the aggregation should re-assess its acclaim behavior in adjustment o ensure the appropriate accumulating of imparted acclaim that is not earning absorption for the firm. Canicule Receivable= 365/ Receivables About-face 365/7. 36= 49. 6= 50 The receivables about-face arrangement is acclimated to account how able-bodied a aggregation is managing their receivables. Absolute assets turnover= Net Sales Revenue/ Average Absolute Assets 1,784,080/ 294,565= 6. 06 Measures the adeptness of a Co. use of its assets in breeding sales revenue. Companies with low accumulation margins tend to accept aerial asset turnover, while those with aerial accumulation margins accept low asset turnover. Debt Administration Ratio: admeasurement the firm's use of Banking Leverage and adeptness to abstain banking ache in the continued run. The use of debt can advance allotment to stockholders in acceptable years and access their losses in bad years. Debt Ratio= Absolute Liabilities (Total Debt)/ Absolute Assets (285,030+ 15,000)/ 294,565= 1. 02 All assets are financed by creditors and some losses are covered by creditors. Indicates the admeasurement of a company's debt to its absolute assets. It shows how abundant the aggregation relies on debt to accounts assets. The college the ratio, the greater the accident associated with the firm's operation. A low debt arrangement indicates bourgeois costs with an befalling to borrow in the approaching at no cogent risk. •Profitability Ratio: represents the % of absolute sales that Co. retains afterwards incurring the absolute costs (variable costs) associated with bearing the appurtenances sold. Return on Assets= Net Income/ Average Assets 17,610/ 294,565= 5. 98% Indicates that the aggregation is asset heavy. Net Accumulation Margin= Net Income/ Sales Acquirement 17,610/ 1,784,080= 0. 987% A aerial allotment of anniversary dollar generated by the aggregation in acquirement is absolute accumulation Gross Accumulation Margin= 1,784,080-1,428,730)/ 1,784,080= . 20% Indicates that gross allowance isn’t ample abundant to awning alternative costs above amount of appurtenances sold. Purpose of margins is to actuate the amount of incremental sales, and to adviser appraisement and advance decision. Understanding and ecology gross margins can advice business owners abstain appraisement problems, accident money on sales, and ultimately break in business. Helps abstain alms prices that are too low or accept costs that are too aerial to ultimately accomplish a profit. 2. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats--- •Strengths: Fast Service/ delivery- supplied acrylic to contractors aural 24 hours, -Steady advance in its market, -Competitive price, -Cheap rent/ low aerial costs- gives a aggressive advantage, -Cheap agent wages- nonunion organization, -Low assembly costs- low amount and aerial affection paint, -Excess accommodation •Weaknesses: -Unorganized- operating with no administration or banking controls, -Lack of constant and reliable account ascendancy system, -No chump almanac (manual count): wastes too abundant time, -No appointment space, no announcement records, no aircraft advice -Undesirable ocation and architecture is in poor condition: old plant, and old accessories (dusty, bedraggled environment) -No sales personnel, -No computer, no database, -Inexperienced/ unskilled employees, -Lack of appointment and agent empowerment -Narrow artefact line, -Bad banknote flow: bereft banking assets to armamentarium any changes, -Culture, -Lack of chump confidence: chump acumen as a aggregation that negotiates amount and capricious to ample ample orders. -Lag amid time back they are advantageous their suppliers and advisers against time it takes to aggregate receivables from barter (30-60 days) •Opportunities: Expand artefact range: go afterwards altered segments, -Purchasing a computer to adapt abstracts and abate causeless paperwork, -Increase bazaar allotment by demography ample orders, -Hiring able salesmen to ensure constant advance and accountants/ consultants to analyze problems and solutions: Lower amount of appurtenances sold, lower costs due to Walsh’s salary, and lower bad debt. •Threats: -Market is in apathetic growth- apartment bazaar and all-embracing economy, -High acceding ability of suppliers -High blackmail of substitutes: beyond Co are added reliable Blackmail of new entrants,low access barriers in acrylic accomplishment industry -Rumors that aggregation is in difficult banking straits- clumsy to pay suppliers and owes a lot for acquittal on antecedent taxes, -No analysis has been performed= IRS penalties: Wash did not accommodate his assets taxes in his assets statement; he owes $38,510 in taxes. 3. Recommendations--- Aural 30 Days: •Pay his taxes afore he gets audited •Collect bad debt from audience •Hire cadre to abetment in assorted tasks -Salesmen and accounting managers •Grow business and break accepted banking problems Aural 90 Days: Inner City Acrylic should accumulate annal of inventory, finances, announcement info. -They should advance in a computer and accumulate all annal in a database to automatically account changes. •Take a cut in aerial salaries •Find and analysis new suppliers -To be able to accommodate appropriate commitment for ample orders •Minimize COGS Above 90 Days: •Buy added accessories and trucks •Improve administration abilities and actualize behavior •Earn business of beyond audience •Manage business and advance of the aggregation and to be able to access companies in the approaching that advice attaining a beyond bazaar share.

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