Informative Essay on Technology and Communication

We apperceive that advice is important in every allotment of our lives and technology is consistently alteration the adapted agency we are able to communicate. Because technology is continuously actuality avant-garde the way bodies acquaint in the bent amends arrangement charge advance to accumulate up with the accepted trends. It is important that we accumulate up with the alteration technology in commendations to advice because able advice is the absolute aftereffect of a acknowledged investigation. The advice capabilities of specialized abstracts bases aural the bent amends arrangement accept been afflicted in a huge way by technology. Some of the accepted technologies acclimated in the bent amends arrangement today are adaptable abstracts terminals, automatic fingerprint identification arrangement (AFIS), alive scan, facial recognition, and iris scan. The two avant-garde technologies that will be discussed are the automatic fingerprint identification arrangement and facial recognition. The absolute and abrogating furnishings of AFIS and facial acceptance will additionally be discussed. Fingerprints and facial characteristics accept been acclimated by the bent amends arrangement to indentify abyss for several years. The patterns activate on a person’s fingers and adapted appearance activate on their face accept several appropriate characteristics that abstracted them from the blow of society. These two systems, admitting able accept been accepted to booty hours or alike canicule to appear up with results. Because time is so admired to the bent amends arrangement these comparisons charge to be done agilely because in abounding cases the time it has taken to bout a set of fingerprints to a audible actuality has been the aberration amid activity and afterlife for the accused. Modern technology has helped in a huge way to acceleration up this allegory action and has resulted in the ambience chargeless of abominably accused bodies and the locking abroad of the accusable party. Let’s breach these two systems bottomward starting with AFIS. AFIS is basically a database area accumulation amounts of fingerprint images accept been stored afterwards actuality calm from several adapted sources. There are two adapted types of sources, accepted and unknown. Accepted sources are fingerprints that accept been calm from law offenders, aggressive personnel, badge officers, banks, and more. These fingerprints are commonly calm back a actuality is assassin by a aggregation or bureau that requires a accomplishments analysis as a allotment of the hiring process. The best accepted alien antecedent is those prints calm at a abomination arena to be compared with accepted samples, additionally accepted as abeyant prints. Each set of fingerprints accept their own audible patterns which are bent by a artisan that enters them into the database. “Each fingerprint angel is ‘filed’ based on its arrangement type. ” (Ridges and Furrows. 2004. Par. ) By accomplishing this it speeds up the action because it helps to annihilate all the prints that do not accept a agnate arrangement blazon in allegory to the sample. Once the matches are fabricated application the database they are advised one added time accomplishing it manually and if a bout is fabricated those prints are acclimated to analyze individuals. It is actual important that the matches activate by the computer database are manually advised to ensure an exact match. Facial acceptance is additionally a actual important aspect of advice in the bent amends system. Facial acceptance is accepted as “the automatic acceptance of a actuality application appropriate traits. ” (Woodward et al. 2003. P. 1) Bent amends professionals bulk photographs into computers and use these photographs to analyze facial characteristics in an accomplishment to accomplish abeyant matches. There are additionally those who accept acquired the aptitude of creating sketches of suspects from a description accustomed by a witness. These sketches are again acclimated in abode of a photograph to access a absolute match. The aboriginal footfall in this action is to abduction the angel either by camera or sketches. The additional and third accomplish are to analyze the face apparent in the angel and abstract several appearance to actualize a arrangement that can be acclimated to accomplish a match. The fourth footfall is to booty the templates and accomplish comparisons that will eventually advance to abeyant matches. There are several appearance activate on and or about the face that accomplish it accessible to accomplish a absolute match. Some of these appearance are acceptable to change and others are not. Those appearance that are not acceptable to change are scars, moles, burns, and cartilage structure. There are additionally those appearance that could possibly change, one of which is tattoos. The alone absolute affinity amid the use of facial acceptance and feel prints is that they charge be manually compared to access the accomplished allotment of accuracy. Application both the database and the naked eye will annihilate all affairs of misreading the after-effects in best cases. As benign as these new technologies are there are consistently absolute and abrogating furnishings to aggregate in life. The better absolute aftereffect that AFIS and Facial Acceptance accept on the bent amends arrangement is that they save ample amounts of time during an investigation. Technicians are able to save ample amounts of advice to these databases so that back they action a chase for allegory the computer does best of the assignment by eliminating all of the samples that are far from actuality the actual bout and abrogation alone those samples that could possibly be the actual one. These databases additionally abate the bulk of animal absurdity that can action back aggravating to accomplish a match. The job of operating these databases can be acutely demanding and technicians tend to get rushed as a aftereffect of this accent and discount things that may accept advance to the aftereffect they were attractive for to activate with. Now let’s go into the abrogating furnishings of these technologies. We apperceive that as bodies we are amiss and annihilation created by bodies has the abeyant to abort at any accustomed time. It is additionally broadly accepted that computers and servers use ample amounts of electricity and accept the abeyant to calefaction up actual fast. If these abstracts bases beat the accustomed temperature at any accustomed time they will go bottomward and this will aftereffect in the slowing bottomward of any analysis that may be activity on at the time. Another abrogating is the actuality that these databases do not appear with all of the advice already installed. Uploading all of the samples takes a abundant bulk of time and use of funds that could be acclimated for the achievement of alternative actual important tasks. One aftermost abrogating is the actuality that these systems not alone amount money to buy and operate, but bodies charge be accomplished and paid to accumulate these databases up and active at all times so that advance does not stop in any form. Accepting able-bodied accomplished technicians is the best able way avoids accepting to accord with any of these abrogating effects. If the accommodation had to be fabricated as to which one of these two databases independent the best believability it would accept to be the automatic fingerprint identification system. I say this because we apperceive that there are alternative technologies out in the apple that can be acclimated to accomplish those technologies acclimated by bent amends professionals beneath effective. The technology that is actuality referred to is artificial surgery. It is accessible for a actuality to accept their facial appearance adapted in such a way that they cannot be articular as who they absolutely are through the use of facial acceptance databases. As for fingerprints, the alone way that they can be adapted is if a actuality were cut or austere so abominably that alarming resulted. There accept been several attempts by bodies over the years to abolish their fingerprints, but these attempts accept been unsuccessful. Fingerprinting has additionally been about a lot best than facial acceptance and has been authentic to be added authentic than facial recognition. As we apperceive technology is consistently alteration as technicians acquisition new agency to advance the systems that these databases run on. As technology improves the accurateness of AFIS, Facial Recognition, alive scan, iris scan, and adaptable abstracts terminals will additionally improve. One affair to bethink is that advice charge be manually uploaded into these databases so that they can be adored for accepted or approaching use. Another affair to bethink is that back a abeyant bout is fabricated by application any of the afore mentioned databases they charge additionally be manually arrested for accuracy. The acumen for this is that the allowance of two bodies accepting identical appearance is actual low which agency that after-effects are not affirmed to be perfect. The best way for agencies to ensure that these databases are acclimated to their abounding abeyant is to always alternation their technicians on the latest technology and accumulate the databases current. References Ridges and Furrows. (2004, April 15). Ridges and Furrows - AFIS Page. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Woodward, J., Horn, C., Gatune, J., & Thomas, A. (2003). Biometrics: A Look at Facial Recognition. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Hayeslip, D. (2008, February 1). Evaluability Assessment of Adaptable Automatic Fingerprint Identification Arrangement (AFIS). Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Lennard, C. J. (). The Thin Blue LIne. Retrieved from

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