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The government of Nigeria believes in the aegis of the absorption of the children. Unfortunately, one can apprehension the use of adolescent soldiers in Nigeria. Why there is the botheration of adolescent soldiers in Nigeria? During the 19th aeon and 20th aeon there accept been artery conflicts in the African continent. This led to the use of accouchement as the soldiers in the warfare. There are abounding affidavit for the wars fought amid altered states of Africa. Two important causes of the wars are abjection and drop rates. (Reich and Acharina, 2005) In fact, the abstraction of UNICEF abstracts reveals that in Africa there is the best use of adolescent soldiers in the wars. It is accepted that 40 percent of the apple adolescent soldiers are begin in the African continent. All the countries of the African abstemious decidedly the third apple countries are acutely afflicted by the adolescent soldier botheration which is begin in a poor country like Nigeria. Recently, all-embracing association has responded to this arising problem. Great admiral such as USA and UK accept against the use of adolescent soldiers in wars. In fact, all-embracing association has been abashed by the admeasurement of the use of accouchement as soldiers which has afflicted the approaching of the accouchement of Nigeria. UNO has taken this botheration actively which is accepted by the actuality that UNO has constituted committees to adviser the admeasurement of the use of the adolescent soldiers in the wars decidedly in the African continent. The use of adolescent soldiers can be apparent in the African countries such as Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda.  The Nigerian government is additionally acquainted of the actuality that there is charge to agreement the rights of the children. However due to bread-and-butter backwardness, there has been advance in the use of the accouchement as soldiers. Obviously, this led to accident of activity of abounding children. However, it is begin that due to aliment curtailment and abridgement of advantageous resources, the parents are affected to accelerate their accouchement to advice the aggressive of their nation. Hence, abjection of the third apple nations is the capital account of the accord of accouchement in wars.(Reich and Acharina, 2005) UNO and the assorted agencies of UNO such as UNICEF accept taken this botheration of adolescent soldiers seriously. UNO was initially complex in this botheration in an attack to boldness the artery conflicts in Africa. However, after it was accepted to the UNO associates apropos the appulse of the use of accouchement on the accouchement of Africa and the all-embracing community. In adjustment to adverse this problem, UNO has bidding its anger through the assorted conferences and by publishing letters apropos the efforts of the alone nations to barrier the basis account of the children’s accord in the wars. In 1999, the affiliation armament absitively to broadcast a common address apropos the plight of the accouchement as soldiers.  In fact, UNO has apprenticed all the affiliate nations to assure the rights of the children. Recently, Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General has apprenticed the Security Council to appoint sanctions on the nations indulging in the use of adolescent soldiers in the wars arch to the abuse of the all-embracing law. The affiliation armament accept absitively to prohibit the use of accouchement as soldiers. The UNO acclaimed that added than 250000 accouchement are acclimated as soldiers. The appropriate sanctions accommodate ban on the auction of armaments, sanctions on banking assistance, and so on. The UNO has additionally apprenticed the NGOs accommodating in this anti-child soldier action to apparatus the action decisions on the UNO which has been discussed in the assorted conferences and UNO publications. The UNO committees on the accouchement issues accept submitted their letters apropos the position of the accouchement in the arrested countries. The artifice of sanctions is accepted to barrier the cardinal of the adolescent soldiers in the countries such as Nigeria. However, the UN address acclaimed that there has been abatement in the cardinal of adolescent soldiers worldwide. The UNO additionally absitively to accord banking and alternative kinds of abutment to the poor countries to advice barrier abjection so that there would be abatement in the cardinal of accouchement acclimated in the warfare. The UN Under-Secretary Olara Otunnu additionally believed that accouchement should be adequate from aggressive conscription. (Africa Renewal, 2005) In fact, the UNO associates accept apprenticed the altered nations to access the minimum application age to 18 years. (Maslen, 2002) The UNO suggestions apropos the aegis of the children’s rights accept been implemented by best of the African countries including Nigeria. In fact, legislations accept been anesthetized by Nigeria to barrier the accident of the use of the adolescent soldiers in the wars. Although, till 2002 Nigeria did not assurance ‘the African allotment on the rights and abundance of child’, the government has accurate the autonomous application of the soldiers as there is no acceptance in Nigeria. Minimum age for the application of the autonomous soldiers is 18 years. The Nigerian adolescence accept alternate in the indigenous action in the region. This action involves the assorted political and bread-and-butter issues. However, Nigeria has alternate in the several conferences organized by the UNO to argue the abuse of the children’s rights. For instance, in the year 1999, the African countries including Nigeria abounding the African Appointment on the Use of Accouchement as Soldiers. In the appointment the assorted facts apropos the adolescent soldiers was discussed. In 2001 Nigeria abounding the United Nations appointment on the adulterous barter which additionally discussed the affair of the adolescent soldiers. Nigeria became the affair to the resolution of this conference. The associates accepted the appulse of the use of accoutrements on the accouchement and it was bound to assure the rights of the children. The Nigerian government has accomplished that the capital acumen for the use of the adolescent soldiers is the actuality of abjection in Nigeria. Due to aliment curtailment and advantageous resources, accouchement accept been beatific to the action field. In adjustment to barrier the accident of the use of accouchement as soldiers, the Nigerian government has devised affairs to advance the bread-and-butter altitude of the families. The Nigerian government urges the all-embracing communities including UNO to accept the causes of the abnormality of the adolescent soldiers in Nigeria. Hence, all-embracing organizations should accommodate added bread-and-butter abutment to accompany the bread-and-butter advance of the arena which will abate the accident of the use of accouchement as soldiers. The government of Nigeria believes that all-important accomplishments should be taken to ensure the aegis of the children’s rights. It is accepted that captivation of accouchement in wars abnormally affects the affiliation amid Nigeria and all-embracing community. However, in adjustment to acquaint these measures, the all-embracing community, through the organizations such as UNICEF, should strengthen the community and abridgement of Nigeria. Nevertheless, in the name of the aegis of the children’s rights the candor of the nations should not be threatened. Therefore, this is to appeal the organizations such as UNO to accommodate the absolute abutment to Nigeria to anticipate the accident of the use of the adolescent soldiers in the wars. The Nigerian government affairs to acquaint and apparatus legislations and programs to abate the use of accouchement as soldiers in the wars. (Maslen, 2002) Bibliography Maslen, Stuart (2002). “The Use of Accouchement as Soldiers in Africa A country assay of adolescent application and accord in armed conflict”, retrieved online on 30-10-2005 from <> Reich, Simon F (2005). “Why do Accouchement “Fight”? Explaining Adolescent Soldier Ratios in African Intra-State Conflicts”, retrieved online on 30-10-2005 from <> (2005). “Africa Briefs”, Africa Renewal, 19:1, April, retrieved online on 30-10-2005 from <>

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