Informative Essay on Nursing Theory

There is an attainable absence in the appliance of approach in nursing practice. This cardboard will accommodate a altercation of how nursing convenance is afflicted by the use of nursing theory. I will accommodate affirmation in affiliation to how approach based convenance relates to the amount competencies of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Affection and Assurance Apprenticeship for Nurses (QSEN) project. I will altercate a account commodity that reinforces the gap of nursing approach in nursing practice, and account colleagues apropos the assimilation of approach in their alone practice. In cessation I will accurate my own appearance point of why approach has been neglected. Nursing Convenance Approach In the 1920’s the American Account of Nursing arise affidavit that nurses use analysis in their practice. The analysis of approach as a foundation of nursing convenance began in the 1960’s. Analysis and approach exploded amid the nursing profession through case studies (American Nurses Association, 2010). Nurses began documenting their analysis which accustomed alternative nurses to validate the analysis and approach by putting the account into action. Theories were developed for two capital reasons: to access apprenticeship and to advance nursing care. Approach helps nursing accommodate aberrant affliction by application analysis and apprenticeship while additionally answer the abnormality of nursing. Approach accepted to association that nursing was a bookish profession. However about 100 years after there is an awkward arrears of approach based convenance amidst nurses. (Sitzman & Wright Eichelberger, 2011) Further affidavit that nursing approach is acute to convenance is bright to abounding organizations. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Affection and Assurance Apprenticeship for Nurses (QSEN) activity articular amount competencies to advance bloom care. These competencies are as follows, safety, accommodating centered care, informatics, teamwork and collaboration, affection improvement, and affirmation based practice. In my appraisal I accept all six areas are acclimated on a circadian base in my convenance as a nurse. I ensure my patients assurance through the use of time out above-mentioned to all procedures, abatement accident assessment, and common rounding. Safety is additionally maintained by application technology such as bed alarms to anticipate avalanche and dosage approach on intravenous pumps to affirm titration calculations. I additionally affirm patient’s identification by application the “5 rights” above-mentioned to any analysis or medication administering to ensure accommodating safety. I absorb accommodating centered affliction by planning affliction about my patients needs. Informatics is congenital through cyberbanking bloom annal and through the hospital’s intranet. I convenance teamwork and accord by accommodating in analytical affliction circuit every night to altercate the plan of affliction for my patients. We accomplish best accommodating affliction as a team; we try to never say “that’s not my patient”. We continuously coact with our colleagues about our patient’s plan of affliction and any issues that arise. Affection advance is one amount adequacy acclimated daily. After any appearing bearings we appoint in a debriefing procedure. We analysis what occurred and how it could go bigger in the future. I analysis through cyberbanking assets and online databases such as ebsco host and lexicomp to ensure the use of affirmation based practice. Analysis eliminates balloon and absurdity and integrates avant-garde solutions to nurses beyond the world. If approach could be activated to all nursing convenance the affection of bloom affliction would ability a abominable new level. Abounding accessories acutely accompaniment that there is a botheration amalgam nursing approach and practice. The affiliation of approach and convenance was discussed in an commodity arise in the account of Nursing Philosophy. The commodity calls on the amusing albatross of the nursing profession to articulation nursing convenance with theory, philosophy, and antidotal goals. “The affiliation of approach into nursing convenance provides a adviser to accomplishing nursing’s antidotal goals of announcement bloom and preventing affliction beyond the globe. (McCurry, Hunter Revell, & Roy, 2009, p. 42) The commodity discusses that it is the nurse’s able and civic albatross to advance analysis based convenance to advance the bloom of association at a all-around level. Back a association is accomplished continuously there is a absolute advance on their health. This was accepted through abounding theorists in this commodity such as Sister Callista Roy, John Stuart Mill, and Amitai Etzioni. I accede with this commodity in that amusing transformation charge action amidst nurses. I additionally accede that average ambit approach is the best applied way to advance nursing approach as a framework for nursing convenance because it is abstraction specific and not as ambiguous as admirable theories. Nurses would be added accommodating to administer a average ambit approach because they can chronicle to it. Abounding nurses feel admirable theories are too ample and ambiguous to affix their convenance to the theory. By utilizing a average ambit theory, it would accommodate bendability in affliction and able guidelines. By accumulation approach and practice, nursing will be able to advance bloom and abbreviate affection throughout a association or beyond the world. (McCurry et al. 2009) Speaking with any assistant one could ascertain there is a ability arrears apropos the concepts of nursing theory. I interviewed thirteen nurses that assignment in assorted departments in the hospital. Eleven of those nurses looked at me like a deer in headlights. I could not be judgmental adjoin those nurses because I candidly charge accept that I am one of them. I absitively to address about the two nurses who smiled back I mentioned the banned chat “theory”. The two I chose both accept a bachelor’s amount and both began their nursing convenance in the accomplished bristles years. My aboriginal interviewee relates Virginia Henderson to her nursing practice. She promotes her patients to access their independence. By acceptable them in their basal needs while they are alarmingly ill and accumulation cocky assurance and freedom as the continued appellation ambition (C. Audus, claimed communication, September 21, 2012). The additional assistant I interviewed incorporates the approach of Hildegard Peplau. She integrates Peplau approach in her convenance because she believes the foundation of nursing is the accord amid the assistant and patient. She establishes a accord with her patients based on assurance and account which in about-face fosters a adequate acumen chargeless environment. With anniversary new accommodating accord she takes abroad what she abstruse and in about-face makes her a bigger assistant (M. Glennon, claimed communication, September 26, 2012). I accept there is a gap amid the nurses who accept an compassionate of nursing approach and the nurses caring for patients at the bedside. “It is important for the profession of nursing to abutting this gap so that nursing approach is abstruse into nursing convenance as intended, rather than continuing the pretense that currently exists”. (Sitzman & Wright Eichelberger, 2011, p. 18) There are abounding barriers to affected afore this affiliation can occur. One capital acumen nurses do not absorb approach is because it is actual difficult to understand. Some nurses shut bottomward as anon as they apprehend the chat approach because of the complication and become absolutely captivated by the tasks of nursing practice. Theorists accept added to the barrier amid nursing approach and nursing convenance by application complicated cant in their literature. If nurses are clumsy to accept what the approach is they will not be able to administer it to their practice. Nursing theories charge to be beneath ambiguous and should be simplified so the assistant can chronicle the approach to their practice. So if able organizations, media, and nurses all accede that approach would advance healthcare and that it is a all-important aspect of caring for patients, why is it an baffling problem? In my appraisal the acumen why approach is not activated abundant in nursing convenance is because it is complicated, boring, and unrealistic. If nurses could abridge approach and annihilate the complicated accent nurses would not shut bottomward and be so aggressive to learning. Nurses charge to see how they could administer approach to their practice. I additionally feel there are too abounding theorists so nurses aloof accord up because they are overwhelmed. I apperceive abounding accomplished nurses that accept a abundance of ability apropos how to accomplish a accomplishment while defective the acumen of why they accomplish the skill. If approach was simplified and conferences and seminars were calmly attainable added nurses would absorb approach in their practice. Some theories arise bizarre with unachievable outcomes. Some theorists do not accede that assets and time are bound to best analytic nurses. Best theories absorb a actual affectionate accord amid the assistant and patient. Analytic nurses accept been captivated with computerized charting so abundant that they are spending abundant beneath time with their patients. This time coercion makes it difficult to accommodate approach and practice. In absoluteness the nursing profession is amenable to accommodate approach into our practice. It is our assignment to accommodate analysis and approach into our practice. It will not be accessible or quick but it charge be achieved. I accept the best able way to accommodate approach in convenance is to absolutely advance by example. I accept we charge to atom our aeon to accession their able standards and to advice anticipate stagnation amidst our colleagues. References American Nurses Association. (2010). Scope of nursing practice, Nursing analysis and affirmation - based practice. In (Ed. ), Scope and standards of practice: nursing (2nd ed. , pp. 15-17). Silver Spring, MD: Nursing Books. Masters, K. (2012). Nursing theories: a framework for able practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. McCurry, M. K. , Hunter Revell, S. M. , & Roy, Sister, C. (2009). Ability for the acceptable of the alone and society: bond philosophy, antidotal goals, theory, and practice. Nursing Philosophy, 11(), 42-52. Sitzman, K. L. , & Wright Eichelberger, L. (2011). Compassionate the assignment of assistant theorists: a artistic alpha (2nd Ed. ). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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