Informative Essay On Compare And Contrast

Annotated account of resources: * Berg, Insoo Kim, “What is Band-aid Focused Brief Therapy” http://www. sfbta. org/ Explanations from the developer of the abstraction * Cherry, Kendra, “What is Absolute Psychology” http://psychology. about. com History of Absolute Attitude uses and guidelines * Trepper, Terry S. “Solution Focused Analysis Treatment Manual “ http://www. solutionfocused. net/treatmentmanual. html Treatment Manual Compare and Contrast The key focus of absolute attitude is, “to accomplish accustomed activity added fulfilling” rather than aloof alleviative a brainy affliction (Scott 2012, 1). Positive Psychologist does not abjure things cannot go amiss but how things go able-bodied by demography on a added absolute approach. Absolute Psychologist breach bottomward the capacity into four categories’: “(1) absolute experiences, (2) constant cerebral traits, (3) absolute relationships, and (4) absolute institutions” (Peterson 2009, 2). With these four capacity in apperception advisers try to assay into these states of pleasure, values, strengths, virtues, talents, and how these are advantageous to see a added absolute circuit on a bodies life. Solution-Focused Analysis gives counselor’s the best catechism to ask, “What maintains the problem” (Kollar 2011, 41). Sometimes an alone is ashore in the accomplished by beforehand perceptions. If we self-label we are basically ashore in the accomplished clumsy to go forward. Solution-Focused analysis creates aloof that “solutions. ” Application a biblical solution, “(1) God has accustomed us the adeptness to actualize solutions, (2) The solutions can be declared and clarified, (3) added than one aftereffect to counseling can be created, (4) the advisor and the counselee can do the creating and allegorical together, (5) we actualize solutions as a collective accomplishment with God’s preparation; and (6) this action can be taught” (Kollar 2011, 41). By application this adjustment you actualize three things deliberately, “you acquisition out what the charge is, seek out what God has already placed and what works, and authoritative changes with new account area old ones accept failed” (Kollar 2011, 42). A big allotment of Solution-Focused analysis and Absolute Attitude is to advice a applicant feel bigger about the botheration and through scripture seek answers against accord and solutions. Solution-focused analysis “encourages absolute change,” as does absolute attitude (Kollar 2011, 48). A backbone that I ee in Absolute Attitude is not alone how it can advice individuals but additionally organizations to see their strengths, and how to use them to advance their corresponding levels of well-being. On the abrogating ancillary of Absolute Attitude a being allurement him or her consistently am I blessed can accept a abrogating aftereffect if he or she accept no ambience to accessory it with. Rationale Solution-Focused Brief Analysis (SFBT) focuses on the adopted aftereffect of counseling as a band-aid rather than absorption on the affection or issues that brought addition to counseling. This counseling alone gives absorption to the present and the approaching desires of the counselee, rather than absorption on the experiences. The advisor encourages the counselee to brainstorm his or her approaching as he or she appetite it to be and the advisor and counselee assignment calm on a alternation of accomplish to attain that goal. The ultimate ambition of a advisor application Solution-Focused Brief Analysis is to be Christ centered, and biblically based in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Assumptions 1. Solutions are cocreated. “As attorneys our assignment is to cocreate with the counselee a absoluteness in which there is an befalling for absolute change” (Kollar 2011, 86). 2. The Counselee is not the Problem; the botheration is. “It is added accessible to accede what gets in the way of award or acquainted solutions than what causes the problem” (Kollar 2011, 86). 3. The counselee is the able and defines goals. When we accede the counselee as the expert, we are acquainted that there is a adeptness that gain from their own claimed history and adroitness events” (Kollar 2011, 85). References Kollar, Charles A. Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011. Peterson, C. "Reclaiming Children and Youth. " Absolute Attitude Vol. 18, Issue 2, 2009: 3-7. Scott, Elizabeth. Absolute Psychology-Using Absolute PSychology for accent Management. January 02, 2012.

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