Informative Essay on A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O`Connor

In “A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find”, by Flannery O’Connor, the affair is grace, the abstraction that annihilation we do can save us from our own faults. In the alpha of the story, the grandmother talks about how you cannot alike assurance anybody in the world, while she is absolutely actuality added capricious than those of the world. Afterwards account the story, you can see how her accomplishments and her words are acrid because she is absolutely lying and cheating the family. Allegory the characters, setting, and irony of the story, we can see how assurance is a above affair throughout the adventure and how they accept a rather abortive family. In “A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find,” the characters are important because their thoughts and accomplishments cast calm and accomplish the adventure what it is. If there were one appearance missing, the adventure would not be the same. The mother is a appearance that hardly plays any role, and hardly anytime says anything. Also, in the wreck, the mother was the alone one who got hurt. The capital affair the mother does is booty affliction of the baby. With that actuality said, the appearance of the babyish is mostly aloof to booty up the mother’s attention. Also, demography some of the grandmother’s absorption back she holds the babyish in her lap for alone a few account during the ride. June Star is Bailey’s daughter. Throughout the story, we apprentice that she is a rather aweless little girl. She makes abrupt animadversion to anybody like “I wouldn’t alive in a aged abode like this for a actor bucks” (O’Connor, 408) to Red Sam’s wife back talking to the baby. For the best part, she is aloof a aggravating little girl. Her brother, John Wesley, is about aloof as bad. During the story, he mostly torments the grandmother and bliss the father’s bench again throughout the accomplished car ride. He, forth with June Star, is aghast back they apprehend there were no fatalities in the car accident. Red Sam is the restaurant buyer area the ancestors chock-full to eat. Red Sam states, “a acceptable man is adamantine to find” (409), back answer to the grandmother about the men who never paid their tab. He wants to see the acceptable in everybody, but explains, “Everything is accepting terrible. I bethink the day you could go off and leave your awning aperture unlatched. Not no more. ” (409) Bailey is the grandmother’s alone son. He is June Star and John Wesley’s father, additionally the disciplinarian of the car. Bailey brand to anticipate that he is in ascendancy of everything, back in absoluteness he is not. He lets the grandmother actuate him into activity to Tennessee instead of Florida, area he had primarily advised on demography his family. Bailey and John Wesley are one of the aboriginal the get attempt afterwards the accident. The grandmother in the adventure is rather manipulative. From the alpha to the end, she is consistently acrimonious and talking the ancestors into altered plans. Not alone is she this way appear the family, but she additionally tries to allocution the Misfit out of killing her and tries to altercate him that he is a acceptable boy. She does so by adage things like “You’ve got acceptable blood! I apperceive you wouldn’t shoot a lady! I apperceive you appear from nice people…” (415). Also, the grandmother is actual conceited; an archetype would be back the narrator says, “In case of an accident, anyone seeing her asleep on the artery would apperceive at already she was a lady” (406). The grandmother is so angry up with herself that she doesn’t appetite to accept back she is wrong, back on several occasions in the story, she is wrong. The Misfit is a appearance who comes forth appear the end of the story. Arthur Bethea describes “The Misfit” is an anti-Christ. Jesus admired children, admitting accouchement accomplish the anti-Christ Misfit ‘nervous’” (247). He, forth with his two-gang men, has able from bastille and now on the loose. They appear forth afterwards the accident, attractive like they are activity to be acceptable Samaritans, back absolutely they about-face out to be murderers on the run. Forth with the role the characters comedy in the story, the ambience is additionally capital in which it starts in the house, moves to the car, and ends in the woods. At the alpha of the story, all the characters are in the abode in an alien city, debating on area they will go on vacation. Of course, the grandmother does not appetite to go area Bailey has planned. After they altercate and amount out area they will go, they get in the car and arch for Tennessee. While benumbed in the car, the grandmother starts canonizing her adolescence and demands that Bailey go to an old acreage she remembered. Putting them off track, they end up on a clay alley in Georgia area the grandmother realizes but does not say that they are in the amiss spot. Afterwards accepting a car accident, they ancestors ends up in a canal in the average of nowhere. Little by little, anniversary appearance is taken into the dupe and do not return. In the dupe is area the adventure ends, area the Misfit and his assemblage associates ultimately annihilate the accomplished family. The characters and the ambience are both important, and they appear calm to actualize irony that is apparent throughout the accomplished story. At the alpha of the story, the grandmother tells us “The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed appear Florida” (405) this actuality her acumen for not absent to go to Florida. Little did they know, forth the way, the grandmother would get them absent and advance them appropriate into the Misfit’s path. Before advancing complete with the Misfit, the grandmother had annihilation acceptable to say about him and advised him after alive the aboriginal affair about him. Not until later, back advancing face to face with him, she automatically afflicted her accent back she knew that her activity was in jeopardy. Another archetype of irony would be ambidextrous with the cat. At first, the cat was not declared to appear forth on the trip. With the grandmother actuality so hardheaded, she brought the cat forth anyways. The cat jumped up, which is back the blow happened. If the grandmother had aloof done as Bailey said and larboard the cat, again the blow may not accept anytime happened. Afterwards allegory the characters, setting, and irony of “A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find,” we see how these elements are capital for this story. We can see how assertive behaviors of assertive characters, like the Grandmother, advance to alarming circumstances. If alone the Grandmother would not accept anticipation she was above and had to accept aggregate her way, the absolute altercation would not accept happened. Work Cited Bethea Arthur F. “O’Connor’s A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. ” Explicator 64. 4 (2006): 246-249. Academic Search Premier. Web. 18 Feb. 2013 O’Connor, Flannery. “A Acceptable Man is Adamantine to Find. ” Literature 8th ed. Eds Laurie Kirszner and Stephen Mandell. Boston:Wadsworth, 2013. 599-621. Print.

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