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Introduction The advance of e-commerce in the apple has led to a arresting about-face from the acceptable to the avant-garde and internet-based business operations. The internet and web applications are the above drives for this trend. It is appear that the aggregate of appurtenances and casework traded over the internet aback 1995 has added than doubled. The ability and believability that is associated with online business can be attributed to the massive accomplishing of billow accretion systems in the apple of business. Aback 1995, several companies accept bedeviled the cyberbanking marketplace, including the ‘big four’ accumulation that consists of Amazon, Google, eBay and Yahoo (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.3). Chump sales are badly accretion as a aftereffect of advance in the e-commerce technologies. According to the 2005 Forrester Research, the chump sales had developed by added than 23% from 2000, to about $172 billion (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.7). The advance of wireless internet networks, broadband systems and web applications can conceivably be termed as the powerhouses of the avant-garde e-commerce. This cardboard explores the assorted altered characteristics of the e-commerce technologies, citation the use of reliable advice accumulator in Amazon as a acceptable example. Overview of the e-commerce models The allocation of e-commerce takes mainly two dimensions; the bazaar accord and the basal technology. With account to the bazaar relationships, e-commerce exists in three models, namely Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) and the Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.17). However, the B2C is the best accepted archetypal of e-commerce, aback it encompasses the business activities as performed by both the online retailers and the abeyant customers. In the year 2005, the B2C e-commerce was estimated to accept a bulk of about $140 billion in the US. However, this aggregate has aback developed to a whooping $170 billion (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.7). The B2C e-commerce comprises of several components, such as web portals, online marketers, agreeable applications, account providers and additionally online brokers, amid others. On the base of technology, e-commerce is disconnected into two groups. These accommodate peer-to-peer (P2P) and adaptable e-commerce (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.18). The P2P entails the alteration of assorted multimedia capacity through active and wireless networks, while the adaptable e-commerce is mainly conducted by application adaptable accessories and networks. Unique appearance of the e-commerce technologies The bartering success in e-commerce has been accomplished due to advance in the admiring technologies. It is predicted that these technologies will abide propagating; a trend that will absolutely booty e-commerce to college levels (Barnes, 2007, p.118). The accelerated advance in the e-commerce technologies can be attributed to the abundant business requirements that accept emerged in the Fortune 500 enterprises (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.18). The e-commerce technologies are characterised by assorted altered features. However, best of these appearance are additionally associated with the internet, which is the capital active force of e-commerce. These altered appearance accommodate all-over computing, advice richness, absoluteness in technology standards and additionally reliable interactivity (Barnes, 2007, p.118). Personalization of the online products, all-around ability and advice body are characteristics of e-commerce technologies as able-bodied (Barnes, 2007, p.118). These appearance are benign in the advance of e-commerce, aback they abutment cost-effective business operations. The internet and the associated web-based applications are badly important in abutting e-retailers to abeyant online shoppers. Ubiquity Ubiquity is conceivably the best altered affection of e-commerce technologies. Beyond refers to the aspect of accessible availability of e-commerce models, articles and services. Therefore, e-commerce is accessible all the time and anywhere in the apple (Barnes, 2007, p.118). The internet affiliation provides a solid average through which e-marketers can acquaint to abeyant barter and carnality versa. The acreage of beyond in e-commerce technologies is important aback it eliminates the accessible bounded barriers (, 2010). Business stakeholders can booty allotment in trading from the abundance of their appointment desktops and adaptable accessories behindhand of their bounded location, after encountering concrete restrictions. All-over accretion in e-commerce helps in abbreviation the affairs costs, aback the e-retailers and online shoppers do not accept to book catalogues, artefact blueprint or any alternative barter documents. Such abstracts can be produced electronically in the billow accretion platform, and the affair of travelling is abundantly alone (, 2010). The abridgement in these transaction costs is benign to both the marketers and the consumers. Therefore, the beyond of e-commerce technologies eliminates the concrete barriers which characterise acceptable markets. Ubiquity in e-commerce technologies additionally enables the amplification of artefact markets. This occurs in the faculty that it leads to the abridgement in the access and avenue barriers (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.12). The time barrier is additionally alone in all-over computing, aback the business affairs can be agitated out at any time of the day. Internet connectivity and the attendance of arcade websites are provided every time, a agency that facilitates an adapted amplification of the marketplace. In accession to abbreviation transaction costs, beyond additionally entails abbreviation the cerebral activity that is adapted in active e-commerce activities. According to Laudon and Traver (2004, p.12), the cerebral activity is the brainy accomplishment that is activated on a assertive task. In the e-commerce technologies, the brainy activity adapted to assassinate business affairs over the internet is lower than in acceptable business practices (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.12). Thus, beyond of these technologies has helped in breeding adorable efficiencies and adverse models. Information density E-commerce technologies accept apparent the botheration of advice overload. These technologies are able of administration abundant amounts of abstracts and information, which is an capital action in cyberbanking affairs (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). Cloud-based systems can action basic accumulator techniques, which are absolute in agreement of scalability. The use of e-commerce technologies has enabled the advance in advice quality. The advice body claiming is abundantly addressed by these technologies, aback they are characterised by above accumulator and abstracts administration mechanisms (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). The aspect of advice affluence in e-commerce technologies helps around all the online business stakeholders, alignment from the e-retailers, online shoppers and additionally the billow accretion account providers. The affiliation of the assorted aspects of business advice is heavily abased on this affection of e-commerce technologies. The assimilation of assorted multimedia capacity into bankable articles is enabled by the ability in the e-commerce technologies (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). The ample bulk of abstracts and advice that can be handled by internet databases such as Amazon’s S3 helps in leveraging the aspects of online marketing. Information affluence in e-commerce technologies additionally entails the believability in accession and processing of business abstracts (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.14). The appraisal of business trends in e-commerce relies on the ahead of the e-commerce technologies. Some e-commerce technologies such as Podcasting and internet broadband accept led to advance in accurateness and action absorption in the beheading of online transactions. In addition, abounding online articles such as music and video streams are delivered in adapted address (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.14). This is because the chump alone needs to subscribe to the accordant e-marketing websites, and again download the corresponding files. Similarly to beyond of e-commerce technologies, the aspect of advice affluence and body eradicates several forms of transaction costs, such as travelling, press and communication. Hence, it can be accepted that advice body is an badly important affection of e-marketing technologies in the all-around cyberbanking barter (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). There are abounding online affairs that are agitated out every day, and the charge for absolute basic accumulator is a call in the avant-garde e-commerce. Open standards Most of the e-commerce technologies use accessible standards in adjustment to balk any territorial or bounded restrictions that may be imposed by some countries. In the accessible standards, all the technologies that are complex in e-commerce are accustomed to accomplish beneath a accepted platform. These standards accommodate the TCP/IP protocol, XML and HTML (Kraemer, 2006, p.355). These accepted standards in e-commerce technologies are accurate by accessible networks, clashing the case of Cyberbanking Abstracts Interchange (EDI) systems which mainly depend on clandestine networks. Accessible standards such as the XML abutment accepted affiliation in agreement of enabling able indexing of software articles (Kraemer, 2006, p.355). However, the EDI has afflicted over time, and it is appear that several accumulated enterprises accept implemented this accepted in e-commerce. The Accessible Buying Internet (OBI) and Accessible Trading Agreement (OTP) accept become reliable standards in the avant-garde e-commerce (, n.d). The OBI accepted enables all e-commerce systems to acquaint freely, after agreement disparities that may arrest the advance of e-commerce activities. On the alternative hand, the OTP accepted has chip online acquittal systems in e-commerce (, n.d). Some of the acquittal processes that are accurate by this accepted accepted accommodate acquirement receipts, barter agreements and additionally the absolute payments. Netscape’s Defended Sockets Layer (SSL) is a accepted agreement that was founded with an aim of announcement the aspects of online aloofness (, n.d). This agreement ensures that e-commerce stakeholders can barter advice and abstracts through defended platforms, by a way of application a accessible encryption key. The SSL agreement supports the alteration of abstracts from any antecedent point to assorted destinations in a defended manner. Therefore, the arrangement does not appoint any restrictions on the base of bounded presence. The SSL has been implemented in assorted accepted standards, such as the Accessible Profiling Accepted (OPS) (, n.d). The OPS is acclimated by e-commerce organisations such as Microsoft and Firefly, in adjustment to enhance aegis and aloofness of merchants and consumers’ abstracts over the internet. The acreage of cyberbanking payments has accustomed acute absorption from assorted e-commerce players. Thus, there has been a afire charge to advance above accessible standards that will administer the affiliation of cyberbanking acquittal transactions. The Defended Cyberbanking Affairs (SET) is one of these standards, which was afresh founded by the world’s arch acclaim acquittal organizations; Visa and MasterCard (, n.d). The SET accepted is globally acclimated in the cyberbanking sector, an aspect that has badly bigger ability in the acquittal transactions. Global Reach As against to acceptable business platforms, avant-garde e-commerce technologies acquiesce for all-around reach. The online citizenry has developed abundantly as a aftereffect of advance in e-commerce technologies (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). In particular, the all-around advice technologies such as emailing, video conferencing, burning messaging and babble programs amid others accept succeeded in abutting a ample cardinal of bodies through the internet. It is appear that in 2005, the online citizenry was about 1 billion bodies (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). However, this cardinal has decidedly added in the contempo past, to several billions. This has facilitated the amplification of the all-around e-marketplace, due to the accomplishing of reliable advice technologies. The technologies, through the backdrop of all-over accretion and all-around reach, accept enabled cross-cultural e-commerce barter to booty abode in the apple (, 2010). The altered affection of all-around ability explains the able attendance of all-around outlets and acceptable all-around accumulation chains. This aspect has bigger the sales volumes in e-commerce, with advantage margins appropriately benefitting. The assorted business operations can be performed from every abode on apple by the use of these all-around advice technologies which are not belted by civic boundaries. The business acceptation of this acreage lies in the accouterment of seamless opportunities to both baby and ample business organisations (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). Abounding merchants and abeyant barter are affiliated by the use of this altered affection of e-commerce technologies. Apart from the advanced geographic advantage that is offered by e-commerce technologies, the demographic aspects are addressed as able-bodied (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.13). The assorted web capacity such as animations, videos, music files and alternative agenda articles can be beheld common by bodies of altered ages, banking stability, gender and additionally preferences. Thus, this all-around ability adapted applies beyond abounding aspects of consumers and online merchants. All-around ability has enabled the access of added business enterprises into the belvedere of e-commerce in the apple (, 2010). This is because it attracts a ample cardinal of barter and e-marketers alike. The e-commerce technologies accept helped in the conception of a all-around accumulated culture, which is an important claim in developing the animal ability models in any business enterprise. Therefore, it can be construed that e-commerce technologies accept played a key role in convalescent all-around trading activities through the all-around ability feature. Personalisation E-commerce technologies can action personalised casework to consumers and online retailers. This altered affection of e-commerce is implemented through geo-marketing, a convenance that involves the accouterment of hardly adapted articles to a specific arena of alone on the base of their preferences (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.16). Alternative e-commerce technologies such as video conferencing accredit the commitment of customised articles or casework to the absorbed clients. In the USA, the Wall Street Account allows the alternative of account blazon by the chump through the use of e-commerce advice technologies (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.16). For instance, this American online account allows the users to subscribe for personalised alerts on assertive events. Thus, it can be assured that e-commerce technologies are able in the way of announcement personalisation and customisation of agenda articles (Laudon & Traver, 2004, p.16). The customisation of consumer’s articles in e-commerce is done through connected appraisal of the arcade behaviours, which accommodate purchasing patterns. Information body and affluence in Amazon’s Simple Accumulator Account (S3) Started in 2006, the Amazon’s S3 has become a all-around archetype of an adapted e-commerce technology (Velte et al, 2009, p.142). The S3 was created to action advice and abstracts accumulator solutions to e-commerce stakeholders. The aspect of advice affluence in online affairs prompted the development of this abstruse platform, through which bodies can abundance abundant data. In addition, the S3 offers able techniques of abstracts retrieval modification and processing (Velte et al, 2009, p.142). It has abundantly addressed the affair of advice body to the online shoppers. The Amazon business corporation, one of the bigger e-commerce players in the world, uses the S3 arrangement to abundance all advice apropos its online products, chump abstracts and business trends. The S3 offers scalable in the faculty that it accuse the barter on the base of their appeal ante and abstracts acceptance models. In addition, the S3 reportedly offers about 99.99% of advice availability (Velte et al, 2009, p.142). This anatomy of affluence eliminates the inconveniences associated with blow errors. Thus, the affection of advice body has formed out to the account of Amazon in abundant measures (Velte et al, 2009, p.142-143). Information body in the acceptable business affairs is associated with low speeds of advice processing, accumulator and additionally retrieval. However, the Amazon’s S3 arrangement offers a high-performance apparatus of administration advice and business data. According to Velte et al (2009, p.143), the S3 arrangement is awful able in agreement of processing speeds. This is because it uses abounding admiring nodes which accredit the abridgement of server-side latency. Therefore, online advice that is acclimated in e-commerce activities can be fabricated accessible after any accidental delays or failures (Velte et al, 2009, p.143). The several user applications which are acclimated in the accumulator and retrieval of advice in Amazon’s S3 arrangement are able with able interfaces that accredit users to retrieve or amend abstracts files and advice folders in able manner. The accumulator of advice in this internet-based database is amount effective. This is because the aggregation accuse beneath for companies which abundance abundant accumulated data. Online marketers do not accept to adapt abstracted abstracts files and artefact blueprint sheets, aback the arrangement allows for cyberbanking processing of these business abstracts (Velte et al, 2009, p.142). The S3 is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service archetypal that additionally enables the users to body reliable basement on which to abundance abundant abstracts (Murty, 2008, p.135). This arrangement offers a virtualised approach of abstracts storage, which is accordingly adapted in administration abstracts operations. The Amazon Association has benefitted from the S3 in the faculty that it enables the aggregation to allotment ample abstracts files with alternative business organisations in the B2B model. This administration of ample files has led to abridgement in abstracts manual costs, aback ample amounts of abstracts can be transmitted cheaply through S3. The system’s Accepted Ability Identifier (URI) enables a defended manual of information, through accouterment the accordant links to abstracts recipients (Murty, 2008, p.135). Amazon additionally allowances from the aback up casework that are provided by this system. This aspect of advice affluence and body ensures that abstracts accident and arising are avoided. Conclusion E-commerce has rapidly developed in the contempo past. This trend can be attributed to the adorable altered appearance that abide in the e-commerce technologies. The aggregate of sales that after-effects from e-commerce every distinct year is estimated to be about $170 billion in value. Thus, there is a growing charge for the development of bigger e-commerce technologies that will facilitate cogent advance in this platform. There are mainly seven altered appearance of e-commerce technologies. These accommodate ubiquity, all-around reach, personalisation, accessible standards, interactivity, advice body and richness. All-over accretion ensures that e-commerce systems can be provided anywhere and at any time. All-around ability entails the advantage of all geographic and demographic aspects of e-commerce, and it is alone enabled by the internet, which is the capital average of all-around communication. Amazon has created one of the best reliable advice affluence systems; the S3. This arrangement offers accelerated accumulator and retrieval techniques to the clients. In addition, this arrangement provides a reliable advancement for the company’s abstracts and information, thereby minimising the likelihood of abstracts accident and leakage. Bibliography: Barnes, S. 2007. E-commerce and V-Business: Agenda Action in the Twenty-First Century. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Kraemer, K. L. 2006. All-around E-commerce: Impacts of Civic Environment and Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Laudon, K. C. & Traver, C. G. 2004. Introduction to E-commerce. The Revolution is Just Beginning. Retrieved June 3rd 2011 from: Murty, J. 2008. Programming Amazon Web Services: S3, EC2, SQS, FPS and SimpleDB. Sebastopol: O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2010. E-Commerce: Agenda Markets, Agenda Goods. Retrieved June 3rd 2011 from:, n.d. Are There Any Technology Standards For E-CommerceRetrieved June 3rd2011 from: commerce Velte, T. et al, 2009. Billow Computing: A Practical Approach. New York: McGraw HillProfessional.

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