Information Systems

1 – 3: You assignment for a baby abundance that sells auto tires. You see an befalling to aggrandize the business by alms added articles and casework to customers, including alms articles and account via the Internet. The abundance does not accept any computer applications acknowledging business functions. 1. Discuss your advocacy for e-business systems and Enterprise Business Systems bare to abutment the business growth? 2. Explain the activities that should be performed in adjustment to absolve your recommendations? 3. What challenges do you see in implementing the recommended technology/application software? 4. Discuss and explain the aloofness and aegis apropos AND associated aegis technologies all-important to assure the afterward advice system. A bloom affliction alignment is planning to apparatus an automatic accommodating affliction arrangement that will accredit the bloom affliction alignment to electronically allotment advice with their patients. They would like to accommodate patients with admission to medical records, abide accord forms for treatment, and accredit cyberbanking acquittal of bills application the internet. 5. Although ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems are a abundant concept, accomplishing of such systems accept a aerial amount of abortion and generally afterwards such systems are installed the after-effects may not be as desired. Discuss the affidavit for such aerial abortion rates, advance means to abstain such failures and if the arrangement is not operating up to expectations, should it be replaced?

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