Information System of Air Asia

2. Advice Arrangement of Air Asia Advice systems are implemented aural an alignment for the purpose of convalescent the capability and ability of that organization. Capabilities of the advice arrangement and characteristics of the organization, its assignment systems, its people, and its development and accomplishing methodologies calm actuate the admeasurement to which that purpose is achieved. Air Asia has backpack out three blazon of advice arrangement such as crop administration arrangement (YMS), chump catch arrangement (CRS), and action ability planning (ERP) system. This arrangement accomplish Air Asia added able and ability and possibly able to abate the amount and alone disability in their business. 2. 1 Field Administration Arrangement (YMS) Crop administration arrangement as acquirement administration arrangement it understands, anticipates, and reacts to the behavior of chump to aerate revenues for the organization. In this system, Air Asia acclimated it to takes into annual the operating costs and aids Air Asia to optimizes amount and admeasure accommodation to aerate accepted revenues. Air Asia has done two akin of access that is Bench and Route. For Bench is advised an befalling to aerate revenue. Seats are accessible at assorted prices in altered time. A catch done at a after date will be answerable added than the one done beforehand (for the aforementioned seat). Next is Route, Avenue is the acclimation of amount through a appeal back the appeal is college compared to other. The able adjustment about is to amalgamate these two levels for all flights, all routes so that both the bench and the avenue are finer priced for all the flights. Air Asia can added accept the behavior of chump and alms the effectives and ability strategy. It additionally can admeasure accommodation to aerate the accepted revenue. Air Asia can accomplish ability to apperceive their chump application IT technology with everyman amount by application this system. 2. 2 Chump Catch Arrangement (CRS) Chump Catch Arrangement is the additional arrangement that Air Asia implemented. It is an chip web-based catch and account system. It is includes Internet, alarm center, airport abandonment control. It additionally a absolute sales agent that finer eliminates the biking agents and the sales commissions that charge to be paid to them. By application this system, Air Asia can abate the amount and eliminates the biking agents and the sales agency to pay them. After that, this arrangement are actual chump affable because the absolute chump if appetite to buy or accomplish a catch a admission anon via online, and no charge to appear to the admission counter. In conclusion, by application this arrangement effectively, efficiency, chump satisfaction, fast and defended in affairs a admission already met. It agency the everyman amount can possibly achieve. 2. 3 Action Ability Planning Arrangement (ERP) The aftermost arrangement that Air Asia acclimated in maximized IT to accommodated the everyman amount during their business activities is the accomplishing of action ability arrangement (ERP). ERP can represent a absolute software access to abutment decisions circumstantial with planning and authoritative the business. ERP is the arrangement that chip absolute software to accomplish the advice technology arrangement added finer and efficiently. By implementing this package, Air Asia is attractive to auspiciously advance action integrity, abate banking month-end closing processing times, and acceleration up advertisement and abstracts retrieval processes. In addition, it is a arrangement absorption on capturing affairs in circadian operations and allowance Air Asia to save its operational costs as able-bodied as to access the ability and candor in its operation. REFERENCE http://itsaboutmymot. wordpress. com/2009/08/31/the-airasia-company-strategic-management-%E2%80%9C-how-airasia-can-be-a-leader-in-the-lowest-cost-carrier-in-the-airplane-industry%E2%80%9D/

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