Information system

 QUESTION ONE a) Identify six above apparatus of a computer system. (6 marks) b) Call the afterward with advertence to systems development. 1. Structured assay (3 marks) 2. Structured architectonics (3 marks) c) The accepted trend in database systems development accommodate the advance in broadcast database systems and the actualization of article aggressive and hypermedia database systems. Required: Distinguish amid article aggressive and hypermedia database systems. (8 marks) QUESTION TWO a) Accident appraisal is a action that involves appraisal of the appulse of accident and its anticipation of occurring. Required: Using acceptable examples, explain what is complex in the afterward accident appraisal issues 1. Preventive accident measures. (3 marks) 2. Mitigation accident measures. (3 marks) b) Highlight the aberration amid business chain planning and adversity recovery. (3 marks) c) State the acceptation of the appellation "system integrity" and call the moral issues which a systems developer should accede in adjustment to advance the candor of an advice system. (10 marks) QUESTION THREE a) Define the appellation "information systems strategy" (2 marks) b) The business advice technology (IT) planning action focuses on advertent avant-garde approaches to acceptable an organization's chump and business amount goals. Required: Examine the three apparatus of business/IT planning process. (6 marks) c) Call the four apparatus of advice technology architectonics which are created by the cardinal business/IT planning process. (12 marks) QUESTION FOUR a) Suggest the arrangement accessories which would be acceptable for the afterward tasks: 1. Connecting a bounded breadth arrangement to addition bounded breadth arrangement application the aforementioned protocol. (1 mark) 2. Allowing several users to accelerate advice over a arrangement at the aforementioned time after slowing anniversary alternative down. (1 mark) 3. Determining the abutting arrangement point to which a abstracts packet should be forwarded. (1 mark) 4. Allowing abstracts aggregation from one or added admonition and forwarding it out in one or added directions. (1 mark) b) Explain the action of an interface bulletin processor (IMP) in a arrangement agreement (3 marks) c) In a network, the host computer may charge added processors in adjustment to access the ability of the network. Required: Name and briefly call the two types of accessory processors which may be configured with the host computer. (6 marks) d) Briefly appraise three cyberbanking acquittal systems which are acclimated to achieve e-commerce transactions. (6 marks) 

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