IT IS A CASE STUDY ON INFORMATION SYSTEM A BAR CAN ACQUIRE FOR BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUSTAINABILITY IN THE MARKET. THIS ASSESSMENT IS RELATED WITH 1ST ASSESSMENT OF THE UNIT SO I HAVE POSTED 1ST ASSESSMENT AS WELL. IN FIRST ASSESSMENT I HAVE WROTE ABOUT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, WEB DESIGNING, PRODUCT SHRINKAGE, POS SYSTEM AND WIRELESS LAN NETWORKING.    AND THIS ASSESSMENT requires you to alarmingly administer your ability and compassionate in advice systems, decidedly on amusing computing, e-commerce, adaptable business and wireless computing, and any advice systems covered in Rainer Chapter 11. In accession you are additionally appropriate to authenticate your applied database skills. The Report charge authenticate how you accept actively affianced in the assemblage abstracts and online altercation forums, for archetype how you accept fatigued account from these forums and the assemblage abstracts to accept the concepts you accept learnt in weeks 6 to 11 of the semester. It should accomplish references to your DF posts and possibly alternative accordant DF posts from peers, the arbiter and/or alternative assemblage materials. I HAVE SCORED 28 OUT OF 30 IN MY FIRST ASSESSMENT AND I WANT MY SECOND ASSESSMENT TO BE GOOD AS WELL. DETAILS ABOUT ASSESSMENT, REQUIRED LECTURE SLIDES AND MY ASSESSMENT 1 HAS BEEN ATTACHED BELOW

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