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Assignment Instructions Instructions: : After examination the afterward Add Argument to Angel , Carbon Tool, How to Use the Paint Bucket Apparatus in Photoshop, and Crop a Photo,  read and complete the step-by-step instructions.  Download  the afterward book from the Supporting Materials:    Files Needed for Scenario 1:   Ballerina.psd Scenario 1 A acquaintance has asked you to add argument and blush to a account of her babe from a contempo ballet recital. She wants to anatomy it for her daughter’s room. 1. Accessible Ballerina.psd. 2. Rename the band to Jenny. 3. Baddest the Paint Bucket apparatus and on the Options bar, set the Tolerance to 10. Note: The Paint Bucket apparatus beneath the acclivity tool. You ability accept to bang and authority the button bottomward for a moment for it to appearance up. 4. Baddest the Set Foreground Blush apparatus and baddest a active blush in the Blush Picker. 5. Paint the accomplishments of the image. If the absolute accomplishments does not get covered, use the Paint Bucket apparatus to add blush to actual accomplishments pixels. 6. Baddest the View tab and New Adviser to set a vertical adviser to the 3-inch mark and a accumbent adviser at the 1/2-inch mark. 7. Baddest the Blazon tool. Set the chantry ancestors to Lucida Calligraphy Italic, the chantry admeasurement to 14 pt, and the chantry blush to Black. 8. Aloof beneath the circle of the guides, blazon "Jenny’s Recital". 9. On the abutting line, blazon "A Celebration". 10. Save the book as my_ballerina.psd and abutting the file.    Download  the afterward book from the Supporting Materials:      Files Needed for Scenario 2: House_On_Lake.jpg Scenario 2 You’ve taken a account of the abode you aloof bought and you apprehension that there are three altered blush walking paths: white, red brick, and gray asphalt. You appetite to see how the red brick would attending replacing the gray asphalt, so you accessible it  in Photoshop to try out the effect. 1. Accessible House_on_lake.jpg in Photoshop. 2. Make a alike layer, accord it a name of your choice, and ensure it is the called band to assignment with. 3. Baddest the View tab and New Adviser and add a vertical adviser at the 12 1/4-inch mark and a accumbent adviser at the 5 1/2-inch mark. 4. Baddest the Crop apparatus and set crop options to Clear aspect arrangement ethics and Delete Cropped Pixels. 5. Annoyance from the basal up to the 5 1/2-inch guide, and again annoyance from the appropriate to the 12 1/4-inch guide. 6. Accomplish the crop. 7. With the crop apparatus still selected, align the angel and accomplish the crop. 8. Clear the guides. 9. Baddest the Carbon Stamp apparatus and carbon the aphotic gray aisle by application the pixels from the red brick aisle to alter the gray aisle with red brick. 10. Save the book as my_house_on_lake.psd and abutting the file.   Submission Instructions: Submit the my_ballerina.psd and Lesson 4 my_house_on_lake.psd files created. 

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