Information Management systems

  Instructions For decades, relational databases remained about unchanged; abstracts was anecdotal into specific chunks for columns, slots, and repositories, additionally alleged structured data. However, in this Internet of Things (IoT) era, databases charge to be reengineered because the actual attributes of abstracts has changed. Today’s databases charge to be developed with the needs of IoT in apperception and accept the adeptness to accomplish real-time processing to administer workloads that are dynamic. For example, relational databases should be able to assignment with real-time abstracts alive and big abstracts (an archetype was presented in the Unit III Lesson). Scenario: Falcon Aegis wants their barter to be able to appearance aegis video footage in real-time and accommodate barter with the adeptness to concern video footage for viewing. Choosing a database band-aid such as MongoDB would acquiesce Falcon Aegis to abundance chump video footage in the aforementioned database as the metadata. To do this, Falcon Aegis needs a way to administer the demands of real-time abstracts alive for real-time analytics. Conduct some analysis for a NoSQL database application, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, that could accommodated this need. How would switching to a real-time database band-aid advice Falcon Aegis abide competitive? Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the apparatus listed below. Provide a abrupt addition to IoT. Present the altercation to the Falcon Aegis CEO that switching to a added activating database anatomy (NoSQL real-time database) will accommodated the demands of IoT. Introduce some appearance of the database you chose, whether it is MongoDB, Cassandra, or addition database. Describe how switching to a added activating database will accord Falcon Aegis a aggressive advantage. Your presentation charge be a minimum of six slides in breadth (not counting the appellation and advertence slides), and you charge use at atomic two bookish resources. Any advice from a ability acclimated charge be cited and referenced in APA format. Submit Unit III PowerPoint Presentation »

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