Information Governance

 For this altercation you are to explain the roles and responsibilities of those complex in IG action development. Select one of the individuals from the afterward account and altercate what role they comedy in IG action development: IT Security Analyst IT Security Engineer IT Audit IT Risk  Compliance CISO- Chief Information Security Officer CIO- Chief Information Officer CTO - Chief Technology Officer CEO- Chief Executive Officer CFO- Chief Financial Officer CPO- Chief Privacy Officer Legal Governmental Affairs  Next, booty the role and baddest a law, standard, or adjustment to administer their role. Lastly, acquisition a aggregation that either uses the accepted or is accountable to the law or regulation. There are abundant standards and roles that no 2 posts should be the aforementioned as an accomplishment to cut bottomward on the abeyant of  the chic administration work.  No two individuals are to use the aforementioned aggregate in their post. If the aforementioned aggregate is acclimated the additional alone will accept a brand reduction.  Respond to 2 alternative posts from individuals area you allotment how your role is applies the aforementioned regulation, law or accepted that the apprentice wrote about.

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