info mil 3

 Select a Microsoft PowerPoint   You are appropriate to adduce your source(s) as it relates to your appliance slide. Alternative citations are permitted, but this is not a claim for the assignment. Title accelerate (first slide): Accommodate a appellation accelerate with your name and the appellation of the presentation. Scenario Accelerate (one slide): This accelerate should accommodate the accustomed accommodating book from Milestone 1 and 2. You will use the accustomed accommodating book and accommodate a ache process, diagnosis, OR analyze a accommodating with a admiration to advance acceptable bloom and anticipate affliction and who would account from an already developed and reliable mHealth app. Accommodate the nurse's appraisal of acquirements needs and address to learn. mHealth appliance accelerate (one slide): Analyze a developed and reliable mHealth app that could account the patient. Describe the app, including the following. Name of app Purpose of app Intended audience Mobile device(s) aloft which the app will operate Where to download or access it (include a alive articulation if it is to be downloaded from a website) Any alternative advice you accept would be pertinent to this situation Be abiding to adduce all sources you use.   Teaching slide(s) (2 slides): Prepare slides that accommodate important credibility about the app that you appetite to advise to the patient, such as how to use the app cautiously and finer (including how to adapt and act on the advice that is provided). Evaluation slide(s) (2 slides): Describe how you would actuate the success of the patient's use of this app. For example, accommodate means to appraise the capability of the teaching plan that are a acceptable fit for the blazon of app and focus on specific means that this app allowances the patient's bloom and wellness. References (last slide): List any references for sources that were acclimated and cited in the presentation. Number of PowerPoint slides:8 slides total Writing and design: There should be no spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is abridged and clear. Avoid words that the accommodating may not understand. Slides are visually appealing, accumulation graphics, photographs, colors, and themes.

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