Infectious Diseases: HIV /AIDS

According to UNAIDS. com “new HIV infections were bargain by 21% back 1997, and deaths from AIDS-related illnesses decreased by 21% back 2005”("Unaids. org", n. d. ). AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) was aboriginal apparent in the aboriginal 1980s. It was aboriginal begin alone amid homosexual men and biologic users that aggregate needles. AIDS is an allowed absence ache that is acquired by a virus accepted as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It is transmitted through attenuated anatomy fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk ( ). The virus attacks the CD4 T lymphocytes killing them and while continuing to advance and annihilate others. This activity cripples the allowed arrangement authoritative the anatomy affected to infections and illnesses that a advantageous allowed arrangement would be able to control. With a attenuated allowed system, the anatomy is larboard accessible to infections. Back the body’s reactions to an infection after-effects in inflammation, HIV/AIDS patients usually acquaintance abiding deepening that usually occurs in the lymph nodes and stomach. Patients that accept Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) are able to accept some abatement from deepening but are not able to annihilate deepening absolutely ("Thebodypro. com", 2010). Back HIV/AIDS was aboriginal apparent in the aboriginal 1980s there was no analysis and no cure. Addition that was diagnosed as HIV absolute knew that back AIDS set in they were adverse a aching death. As analysis has progressed through the year’s treatments accept been accustomed that advice to apathetic bottomward the reproduction of the virus. According to “Epigee. org” these are accepted as nucleoside about-face transcriptase (RT) inhibitors. AZT (Azidothymidine), ddC (zalcitabine), ddl (dideoxyinosine), d4T (stavudine), and Abacavir, are aloof a few nucleoside RT inhibitors acclimated to amusement HIV. Non-nucleoside RT inhibitors such as Delavridine (Rescriptor, Nevirapine (Viramune), and Efravirenz (Sutiva), are additionally medications acclimated to apathetic bottomward the virus. Protease inhibitors are acclimated to arrest the reproduction of the virus in the after stages. This accumulation of medications includes Ritonavir (Norvir), Saquinivir (Invirase), and Amprenivir (Agenerase) (2012). The fourth and final accumulation of medications currently alone has one biologic accustomed for proof. This biologic is accepted as Fuzeon and is a admixture inhibitor that stops the virus from entering the CD4 cells. This activity keeps the virus from accumulation with the corpuscle membranes, but should be acclimated with addition anatomy of analysis (2012). Currently there is no cure accessible to HIV/AIDS patients. The advance of HIV/AIDS has decreased acutely back the beginning. For the aboriginal 15-20 years it was advised an epidemic. By educating bodies about how the virus is apprenticed the cardinal of bodies diagnosed has been on a accelerated abatement back the aboriginal 2000s. The cardinal of AIDS accompanying deaths has additionally rapidly beneath in this time. In this authors assessment the best way to ascendancy the advance of this baleful virus is through continuing apprenticeship of how the ache is spread. Safe sex is a must. Bodies that are abandoned are at a college accident of acceptable victims of HIV. State Health Departments throughout the U. S. action educating pamphlets, and in some instances classes that advice to brainwash bodies on how to abstain application and overextension HIV. Abstinence is the alone affair that offers 100% aegis from sexually transmitted HIV. Monogamy is the additional best way to abstain the advance of HIV. If you accept never been adulterated with HIV and abide affectionate to one partner, and your accomplice has never been adulterated and charcoal faithful, there is no adventitious that you will arrangement the virus through animal intercourse. If you are sexually alive with added than one partner, adequate sex is the best way to advance your affairs of actual HIV negative. Condoms, admitting not 100% sure, are the best way to assure addition from actuality adulterated with the virus through animal intercourse. Traditional condoms are acclimated on the penis and assure the participants from attenuated fluids. A new blazon of condom is currently on the bazaar that is amid anon into the vagina or rectum. Spermicidal contraceptives assure adjoin abundance but not HIV ("Aids. org", 2012). Intravenous biologic users are additionally at accident of actuality adulterated with HIV. Of advance the accessible way to accumulate from actuality adulterated is not to use cocky administered, illegal, intravenous drugs. Authoritative abiding that apple-pie hypodermic all-overs are acclimated and not aggregate amid alternative users is acute for those than abide to use cocky administered, illegal, intravenous drugs. If alone one hypodermic aggravate is accessible and you charge allotment this aggravate with others, application achromatize and baptize to apple-pie both the aggravate and the syringe is the best way to bouncer adjoin acceptable adulterated with HIV/AIDS ("Aids. org", 2012).

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