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MLA FORMAT & REFERENCE PAGE  Answer the afterward questions. Q1. Instructions:  Located the PDF BELOW of your account for this week, J. Ronald Lally describes the ideal socialization ambition as "a compassionate faculty of wonder." He states that the "goal for socialization and advice of accouchement beneath bristles is a abstraction that tries to beset both the agency and rights of the alone adolescent and the needs and rights of all alternative active things." Behavioral goals for accouchement should accept the afterward attributes: -confidence in self -intellectual concern and interest -a faculty of abysmal affiliation with adolescent bodies and alternative active things -a admiration for the planet In 3 paragraphs, acknowledge to the following: 1. Describe some of your absolute (or planned) socialization goals for breed and toddlers. 2. How does anniversary ambition fit into this framework of "a compassionate faculty of wonder"? 3. How do you (or would you) abutment these socialization goals in your assignment with adolescent children? Q2. Instructions: This week's readings PDF BELOW and videos (YOUTUBE VIDEOS BELOW) awning a advanced ambit of topics. Instead of me allotment a atypical accumulation altercation questions this week, I'm activity to accept you booty the advance  in creating and accommodating in this week's discussion. Choose any of the capacity beneath and actualize a anticipation afflictive altercation question.  This is your adventitious to ability a altercation that is allusive and accordant to you!   -Facilitating Learning and Development with Breed and Toddlers -The Ages of Infancy (ages and stages of advance and development) -Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale Your antecedent column this anniversary will be the altercation catechism (or prompt) that you will actualize based on one of the capacity above. Youtube videos: 1. Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) 2. The Ages of Infancy

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