Individuality: Ellen Degeneres and Sexual Preference

Stay Accurate to Yourself SaRaya V. Woolridge Towson University Abstract In adjustment to be acknowledged in any aspect of activity you charge be an advocate. As declared by dictionary. com, an apostle is to allege or address in favor of; abutment or appetite by argument; acclaim publicly. Anybody by attributes is an apostle for article whether it is actuality article as basal as actuality an apostle for a advance from your job or an access in your allowance from your parents. There’s at atomic one affair that you feel acerb about and you feel should change. For me that affair is individualism. I accept that actuality your own actuality and blockage accurate to yourself in any bearings will advance you to ultimate success. Generally in association bodies who are “different” from the barometer are accounted awe-inspiring and generally looked bottomward on. Straying from the barometer doesn’t accomplish you awe-inspiring or any beneath acceptable than the abutting person. A man who wears beard bottomward to his ankles and shorts all year annular with hoodies or addition who is homosexual and absitively not to adumbrate their animal alternative aloof to fit in with what association accepts. Every distinct actuality is altered from the abutting no amount their race, age, accomplishments or alike concrete appearance. No two bodies are the exact same. And with this actuality said I never accustomed absolutely why anybody is so hell angled on “Fitting In”. I accept that anybody should embrace every little affair that makes them appropriate and use it to their advantage and become successful. There are abounding acclaimed bodies appropriate now that are acknowledged appropriate now that alone were able to ability their abounding abeyant by all-embracing the actual affair that fabricated them altered and “different”. Ellen Degeneres appear she was a lesbian, a rap accumulation out to Brooklyn, NY by the name of “Flatbush Zombies” embraces their “weirdness” in rapping and faculty of appearance and the acceptable babe gone bad Rihanna expresses herself through anatomy art and hairstyles. All three acclimated fabricated them appropriate to get area they are in life. Homosexuality is actual accustomed in our association today, so accustomed that the rights for gays are a big attack topic. There was already aloft a time that the bodies in the accent whom we generally attending up to would adumbrate their animal alternative to accretion and advance amusing acceptance. But added afresh there accept been added and added bodies “coming out the closet”. Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’Donnel, Lance Bass of N’Sync and Ricky Martin to name a few all are celebrities who accept over the years accustomed their sexuality. Most of the stars who appear their animal alternative didn’t appear as a surprise. But all can achieve that it fabricated their activity abundant easier and contributed to their career’s success. Ellen Degeneres said in an account “"I never capital to be 'the lesbian actress. ' I never capital to be the agent for the gay community. Ever. I did it for my own truth. Ellen additionally went on to acquisition adulation and ally a woman. This additionally acquired a big activity because of the advancing debates of aforementioned sex marriage. A lot of bodies do not accede with this and actuality a allocution appearance host this could accept calmly afflicted her ratings. But she did not let any of this stop her from actuality one of the top allocution appearance hosts and accepting endorsements from companies such as awning girl. Additionally on the aforementioned website Elton John was quoted adage “[Coming out] gave me the abandon to be who I was for the blow of my life. I don't accept to adumbrate about corners. The worse affair is to be abashed of who you are -- it's horrible. They both assured that anytime back absolute their female their activity has been easier. And back your activity is accent chargeless your success comes with affluence because all your focus is on you and not ambuscade who you are. Another actuality who has acquired abundant success through actuality an apostle for actualization is pop brilliant Rihanna. Starting out with a acceptable babe island babe angel with her admission song “pon de replay”, no one would anytime anticipate she would be the hardcore, glossy mouthed tattooed babe she is today. Generally tweeting and announcement pictures smoker edger and cursing at critics. Some bodies anticipate that this is all a apparatus to cope with the calm abandon altercation she was complex in but Rihanna is actual determined about this actuality absolutely who she’s been all along. Now that she’s fabricated her mark and accustomed a actual loyal following, she’s able to absolutely embrace her agrarian ancillary after the affair that she will not be socially accepted. Rihanna has showed her “I Don’t Care” attitude through barnyard tweeting, tattoos and agrarian hairstyles. Over the years she’s chopped her beard all off, baldheaded her abandon and absolute her beard abandoned colors such as blaze agent red. She has additionally gotten tattoos f miniature accoutrements and a adduce on her duke that say “Thug Life”. Tattoos generally acquaint article abrogating in the accessible eye abnormally back it is in a atom that is actual visible. (Doss and Ebesu-Hubbard, 2009) Most bodies would anticipate her arrant boldness and acceptable babe gone bad persona would accomplish her lose admirers but anytime back she’s done this her fan abject has developed and her almanac sales accept sky rocketed. She’s back been labeled a appearance figure and been authoritative #1 hit records. Last but not least, there is the aroused crazily dressed duo Flatbush Zombies out of Brooklyn, New York. This accumulation is aggregate of two underground rappers with a affair and a dream. Piggy abetment off of what the media called the “Zombie Attack” the duo has fabricated absolutely a name for themselves, decidedly for their appearance of dress and rap. They usually dress in loud non analogous colors, bond up prints and alike dying their beard abandoned colors. One affiliate of the accumulation by the name os Juice had his beard absolute red at the top and gold on the sides. This was afterward the antecedent bobcat spotted hair. They booty their “weirdness” and use it to their advantage. They dress weird, they dye their hair, they do drugs and rap and they don’t affliction who has a botheration with it and it has alone contributed to their ascent success from underground rappers to mainstream. These are aloof a few examples of the “weird” and “different” bodies in the apple that I adore for blockage accurate to what makes them different. I alone accept consistently had a actual altered appearance and I apperceive bodies beam at me and allocution about me but at the end of the day I’ve fabricated a lot of networking access actuality absolutely who I am. As accept abounding alternative acclaimed people. This may complete cliche but I never appetite to be the babe who is aggravating to fit in back I was built-in to angle out, because back you try to fit in with the barometer you’ll be done abroad and attenuated in with anybody else. All in all, I accept that actuality an apostle for individuality is actual acute to success. All of the bodies in my cardboard as able-bodied as in the apple who are acknowledged Work Cited De Boer, S. (February 2009). Stars who came out of the closet, Wonderwall. Retrieved September 23, 2012 from

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