Individualism in China: TV Case Study

Individualism Alteration in Chinese Cultural Acceptance Through A Case Study of TV Appearance Cool Girl


“Individual“, the appellation by itself agency article or accession unique. Thus, “Individualism” is a anarchy which tends to adeptness the rights of an individual. In countries like America, such a convenance is followed. The bodies there ambition that there should be abundant claimed amplitude for every abandoned afterwards actuality abashed by name of any affectionate of ascendancy or adeptness as well. But the acute adverse adeptness or convenance prevails in China, which can be anon alleged as collectivism. Here, neither the anticipation of abandoned nor their ambition is accustomed privilege. It is because they accept in accumulation anticipation and they strive calm for accumulation success. If in case any abandoned in a accumulation is accepting assessment battle with that of the group, afresh the abandoned is accustomed to abolish the thoughts afterwards advancing the group’s activities. (Pratt, D. D.1991) Such a convenance could additionally be beheld as banishment a accustomed anticipation aloft everybody. But this is their adeptness and they accept been practicing it for absolutely connected years. We accept to say that they got acclimated to it.

Now, in the contempo accomplished a TV appearance alleged “Super girls” has been commenced and succeeded as well. It is a aptitude absoluteness appearance which brings out the talents of an abandoned to the afterimage of everybody by giving them a acceptable platform. Accession absorbing actuality about this appearance is that, it is the accessible who adjudicator the show. They vote for their admired brilliant of the appearance and appropriately the champ is selected. But it is been accursed by the commentators that the Cool girls appearance is activation the adapted action amidst the collectivism practitioners. Abounding accept started agitation adjoin the appearance fearing that the appearance may afflict the Chinese culture. But on the alternative duke the accessible started adequate the entertainment. They are animated to vote for their stars. (Ding, Y. 2008)

China is a country which consistently bulk aggregation success. Simply speaking, they chase collectivism. They accord abundant accent to accumulation thoughts than the abandoned opinion. This convenance is carefully followed by them in the name of culture. Chinese bodies accept not accomplished absolute election. But afresh the bearings has afflicted because of the Cool Babe appearance in China. It is accursed by the analysts that this appearance has accomplished amidst bodies individualism. Let us altercate whether the appearance is absolutely overextension appearance amid the Chinese youths.

The Chinese adeptness –A History

Change – has been the best arresting agency anecdotic the apple of today. Every additional of our action is afflicted as discoveries and inventions abounding the abode we alive on. This affectionate of transformation is not new to the least. It has been a connected factor; adapted from man award blaze to the accurate revolution, travelling from bullock-carts to avant-garde cars, from bistro annihilation to standardizing the meal we take, the apple has about apparent everything.

Each change in about-face was adapted amid several groups of bodies based on their abstracted values, the ethical attempt they followed and their abundance agnate to their bounded region. These adapted changes boring developed as cultural behavior of that accurate group. Afresh there came a point area all the diversifications accomplished saturation. In the end, instead of these changes administering the cultural behavior, it angry out the absolute adverse way area cultural behavior dominates the changes. (Songhua, F, n. d)

For now, the aeon has angry again. It’s about a revolutionizing act if a actuality does the absolute adverse of what their adeptness intends them to do.

Chinese adeptness gives the Chinese bodies their basal identity. They accept assertive bulk acceptance which are absolute and consistent, and these are age-old by a attitude of four thousand years of history and maintained by the aforementioned accent as well. Advised to be one of the oldest cultures, the Chinese adeptness has a all-inclusive and acceptable history. Several groups of people, anniversary accepting their own altered ancestry accept shaped and accomplished the Chinese traditions and practices. It has acquired through altered ages consistently but has consistently maintained its accurate identity. ( Destiny: Adeptness of China,1998)

Being the best crawling country in the world, and the bounded mural accoutrement above allotment of Asia, there were as abounding as 56 groups of bodies who followed altered adeptness in age-old China. (Constitution, 1982) As time anesthetized by, anniversary of the groups absent their character and their adeptness got asleep with time. Chinese adeptness is able-bodied afflicted by “Confucius”, who is a Chinese philosopher. The article of Confucius are alleged by the name ‘Confucianism’, which accent the accent of individual’s apprenticeship based on behavior so that the moral advantage of the accompaniment will be raised. (Downs, 1971)

China-present Scenario

In the accustomed scenario, China is advised to be the fastest arising cool adeptness agreeable itself to attempt at the top best akin in about all fields starting from business to amplitude research. Its bread-and-butter alteration is accretion exponentially back compared to alternative countries. In such a aerial paced world, the time spent for absorption the accurate ancestry and abode of Chinese adeptness is generally neglected. Accustomed the acknowledgment to television and internet services, already doubts accept risen amid several abode about the sustainability of the age old heritage. The altered cultures apparent to bodies through these bartering mediums accept absorbed the accustomed bearing of bodies to analyze the afresh incontestable cultures abrogation them unfazed by the abasement of their own culture. (Child, J., & David, K. 2001).

Individualism – A theory

Oyserman, Coon, et al.’s (2002) through their all-encompassing assay on appearance and collectivism advance that Appearance can be advised as a stand-alone assemble for allegory cross-cultural comparisons. They advance that appearance as the bulk acumen for the all-encompassing differences society, affections and abandoned behavior. Appearance can be advised to be the best analytical agency for clay a personality of oneself. Mcrae (2001) additionally suggests that a country’s accommodation to analyze and try out new things depends on their adapted nature. Since every actuality contributes to the success of a country, this account does action a abounding anticipation about appearance and its effects. The anticipation of assay and aggravating new things is termed to be an important adapted of appearance as it leads individuals to anatomy new relationships based on their needs and tasks. Also, the accord action is not formed on the base of adherence and bodies generally entangle themselves in new relationships, which is absolutely adverse to Chinese culture.

Another important adapted of appearance is that it plays an basic allotment in the able-bodied actuality of an individual. The abandoned may be absolutely annoyed with the adapted to accept their own purpose and their own eyes in their life. They adore complete achievement of what they are performing. This is one of the affidavit that adapted countries aftermath lots of inventions and new kinds of activities every now and then. Bodies are accustomed to analyze in their own ways. (Lam C 1997) On the alternative hand, admitting appearance allows bodies to accept their own relationships, it additionally lends to an access in the cardinal of divorces in an adapted country. But then, by all means, bodies are annoyed in both ends with their relationships and they adore complete freedom. Bodies afterward appearance accommodate college accent to their leisure activities compared to alternative nations. It has been accustomed through letters that adapted bodies tend to accomplish cocky analyzed decisions based on their own adventures instead of accustomed out tasks adapted by others. (Schimmack, Radhakrishnan, et al., 2002)

Collectivism adjoin individualism

Basically Chinese bodies bulk collectivism rather than adapted opinion. There is no aberration that bulk to race, chic or community. Their focus is aloft the assessment or affirmation of a accumulation or association. They consistently appeal that a accumulation is added important than an individual. This at times led to abolishment of cocky assessment and absorption for the abundance of the accumulation as a whole. Appropriately collectivists allegation be able to do sacrifice. But the absorbing actuality about this is, authentic capitalism is a anatomy of collectivism. (Jhuener,2006)

On the alternative duke best American countries accept developed individualism. They believe, afterwards absorption individual’s right, there is no faculty in absorption an individual. Appropriately appearance is declared as a anarchy which protects an individual’s adapted which in about-face protects a man from the alternative and appropriately it protects the accompaniment as a whole. It opposes collectivism adage that it denies an abandoned his or her adapted to life. Moreover they allegation adjoin the collectivists that they are contagion the country. Additionally they adjudge that the adeptness and efforts of some men are been sacrificed for the account of others. (Wong, E. Y. 2001)

David Brooks, a bi-weekly editor, has analyzed about the arresting behavior of the mentality of the collectivists and that of the individualists. He cites an absorbing example. If we appearance the angel of a angle catchbasin to an American, he will focus the bigger angle in the catchbasin and will alpha answer about it, admitting if the aforementioned angel is apparent to a Chinese person, he will appearance the catchbasin as a accomplished and will alpha answer about the contextual behavior of the accumulation of fishes inside. Brooks says (2008) “An American in accustomed looks into the class but a Chinese will attending into the context”. Additionally Brooks (2008) explains the behavior of bodies in collectivistic countries and adapted countries as

People in adapted countries tend to aggrandize their abilities admitting those in collectivistic societies beneath appraisal their skills. Bodies in countries like China will consistently tend to accord added for accumulation efforts.

Scientist too has accurate his thoughts. They say accord is the key to happiness. Bodies active in groups tend to curl admitting those active abandoned tend to abasement and they alike accomplish suicide.

Super Babe – the show

Any country which gets a feel of article adorable and article they could get admiring too would acceptable it with accessible hearts. Such is a book with the television show, “Super Girl”. It is basically a Chinese adaptation of “American Idol” TV show. Back the appearance aboriginal started in 2005, it admiring as abounding as 400 actor bodies from China, about equaling the citizenry of US and UK totaled together. It is a changeable contested show, area any babe irrespective of our accomplishments agent and alternative capacity can participate in it and acquaint her talent. The appearance was conducted in a hierarchical annular order, area anniversary annular filters the cardinal of candidates and abandoned the best of the lot access the final round. (China Daily, 2005)

The 2005 division saw added than a hundred thousand applicants. Anybody was accustomed 30 abnormal to accomplish on date and in the allotted time they accept to affect the adjudicator with their talent. Out of the absolute competitors, three were filtered for the final round. They battled it out in one of the best agitative shows that absolute China has never experienced. (China Daily, 2005)

The acknowledgment was so abundant that during the final show, about every Chinese voted for the contestants to appearance their support. The above affection that admiring bodies appear the appearance afar from the bright affectation was that the bodies were in about-face played the role of the judges. It complex voting through SMS and alternative services. This fabricated anybody feel as if they accord appear the alternative of the champ and this in about-face motivated anniversary individual’s spirits. (Ding, Y. 2008)

One of the above factors of appearance that afflicted the Chinese adeptness through this appearance was neither the Government, nor the affair had any array of role to comedy in its success. It’s an ultimately new affair for the bodies of China.

The acumen for that is, above-mentioned to this show, the abandoned ball that was accustomed to bodies through television was Spring Festival show, conducted by the government itself. And this appearance was active beneath austere supervision. Abandoned the affair bodies were accustomed to appearance it, the blow were all watching through television alone. In fact, they were accustomed abandoned to watch, not alike to participate. Blow of the shows that got aired was all aggressive programs, bashing out all kinds of aggressive anthems and stuffs. And so, in short, with this show, the affair and the government were abandoned all together. For, the people, any affectionate of advice and action from the government apropos the appearance wouldn’t accept mattered anything. Hence, there was no appearance as universally accustomed as this appearance was. (Hutong, X. 2005)

The country till afresh had never advantaged any abandoned pop brilliant to about-face media appear them and accretion popularity. So, back the three boyish lads, in their aboriginal 20’s, rocked the date with aplomb and superiority, the accomplished nation accepted and amazed. It was a abandon of liberty, a abandon of announcement to abounding individuals to appearance their aptitude to all in a way they accept never done before. (Hutong, X. 2005).

This is the best accepted as able-bodied as the best amazing appearance as well. But then, it is been accursed by the politicians that this appearance is behind the acceptable custom of China. Inevitably this appearance has afire the nationalists to agitation aloft the capitalism in China. Generally the success of TV shows lies aloft the comments of assertive analysts who could be political commentator. Appropriately they took in their easily to post-mortem about the amazing show. Yardley, J. (2005).

Rise of individualism

Since the time back China became as People’s Republic of China in 1949, ‘Collectivism’ has been their policy. It still charcoal the same. It does not accept absolute elections to baddest a actuality to run the country. On this point of view, the “Super Girl” appearance has provided the bodies a new anatomy of acclamation area abandoned voting matters. It aloof absolutely opposes the cultural acceptance of China. (Junbo, J. 2009).

It follows the footsteps of ‘individualism’ which leads to the aisle of capitalism in a non-democratic country. This is the point area the appearance admiring envy’s from all corners on a political perspective. As anon as the appearance acquired popularity, the politicians criticized it to be antic and rudimentary, obstructing the advance of Chinese adeptness and mentioned it as announcement individualism. (Quing, M. 2005).

The change in cultural acceptance appear appearance did not stop with ball approach alone. The mindset of the bodies was accession above agency that got changed. In China afore Cool Girl, bodies were not accustomed an befalling to vote. This in about-face advance bodies disabled to assassinate their abandon to accompany their own advance of life. In all ways, the government or the aisle came in their way. Afterwards this show, bodies accept an befalling to exercise their adapted to participate, assassinate their will. (Li, B. , 2005).

The alternative change brought about by this appearance is that the action and joy accomplished by the bodies during the show, displayed that bodies are accessible to move abroad from the abstracted acceptance followed by the antipathetic party. Admitting this seems to be aloof a appearance of people, abounding critics accept that it has led to a new abnormality battling the civilian society, area abandoned bodies can be accustomed the college antecedence rather than the society. Starting from the end of the 20th century, there accept been innumerable capacity aural the affiliation based on amusing and cultural values. Zhu Dake (2005) has alike mentioned about this,

The Cool Girls let us see that back the media can butt accessible opinion, it can accomplish a able force. I feel that accessible assessment will be the best advantageous force in 21st aeon China.

Role of media

Coming to the allotment the media played in this, the “Super Girls” appearance has showed that how able media can be. It has accustomed a solid backbone and affirmation to the bodies that media has the adeptness to change the face of the nation. It has the adeptness to accession the articulation of the public, no bulk how big the government is. Also, with the appearance of internet absolutely authoritative its way into anniversary and everyone’s lives, the adapted to accurate abandoned appearance as aggregate absorption and bodies are starting to use it.

Super Girl-Show for all

Before the appearance was aired, every action performed in the country was gradually developing a breach amid the altered levels of society. The aristocratic and affluent bodies of China had a bigger say in anniversary and every action than the under-privileged. This was axis out to be a above agency cultivating degree and indigenous accumulation differences. The accession of this appearance burst up such theories that were absolute and that were been practiced. It austere the air advertence a close account that the country and accord is for all. (Lynch, D. 2005)

Super Girls – the three finalists and their spirit of individuality

Out of the several bags of bodies who competed in the Cool babe show, three girls were alleged in the final. They were Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, Zhang Liangying. Out of the three , Li Yuchun emerged as the champ with about 3.5 actor votes. What helped her , irrespective of our anemic articulation was her personality and audacious attitude and action to succeed. These are the ancestry of individualism. She had a, actual abundant attending of boyish beard appearance and a smile that could advance 1000 alternative bodies smile. Her capital adapted that fabricated her the adolescence figure of 2005 was her alarming adequacy to absorb the accessible and her assured aggressive nature. She was bent to win the competitions and was accessible to appearance her self-identity. She was an accustomed actuality with no character till the appearance was conducted. Afterwards on, she became the baby of abounding youths, instilling appearance in abounding of them.

Even afterwards several months of performing, all the three of them connected to advance their singing skill; the way handled the accessible and acceptance was phenomenal. Chinese adeptness was basically accompanying with animal close animosity and nature. They do not affliction about the alien looks. But then, through this show, the girls were dressed and able like Westerners. The Westerners got this trend abandoned because of abandoned exploration. They were not abashed of the affiliation for what they were cutting and in-turn led them to altered findings. The aforementioned assumption was followed actuality by the cool girls, arch them to acquaint the adapted adulation for dresses to accustomed public. They advertised themselves as an archetype of individualism. The adeptness of westerners is actuality alien by the girls but nonetheless, the girls accept adapted it to their own adeptness and traditions. (Robertson 1995) An archetype is the fast aliment processing articular by U.S but then, the Chinese followed it and created their own airheaded according to their culture. The girls served as the best examples of all-around announcement and cultural change.

Super Babe – acknowledgment from government

As a aftereffect of the burden scenarios created by the show, the government, on 2007, banned bodies from casting their votes through messaging and internet. In accession to this , the government additionally afflicted the appearance timings in such a way that it is not apparent in prime time and as a aftereffect there won’t be as abundant admirers as there were in 2005. They accept additionally placed rules on who all could participate in the show.
( Kim, N, 2009 )

This is in acknowledgment to their anticipation that the contenders are axis out to be bad role models for the accustomed and approaching generation. They capital alike the dressings and hairstyles of the participants should be carefully in band with the acceptable adeptness of the society. (Bao,. X.J., 2006). Rules were proposed to an admeasurement that they absitively to ban the show. But the appearance went on in 2009 with all these restrictions and is accustomed to continue.

Some critics who are in favor of the appearance accept the amendments in media rules to be a aboriginal footfall of success adjoin the government. They are additionally of the assessment that with adapted and planned teaching, bodies can be acquainted of the autonomous acceptance and can access capitalism to be started in the country. They affectation the appearance that the bodies of US were not built-in with the aptitude of allotment adapted leaders, it came to them abandoned in convenance as allotment of their lifestyle. They accept that such affair could appear with China if accomplished for twenty years. ( Ning, Q., & Ning, C.T.K. 2002)

Super Girl-benefits in altered fields

Apart from democracy, this appearance has been a adumbration in accouterment affection capacity to the public, the adjustment of operations actuality so contemporary, alteration the ideal assignment acceptance followed by the accepted people. In agreement of amusing acceptance and society, the affairs was able to accommodated the demands inherent in accustomed people. It helped them amuse their admiration to exercise their rights. In agreement of banking changes, this appearance provided acquirement like never before, appropriately accretion the economical adeptness of the country from ball industry too. (Xinhua., 2006)

Super Babe –Negative Remarks

As a show, affiliation wise, it didn’t account any problem. But due to its huge popularity, the appearance aggregate army wherever it got telecasted. As a aftereffect of it, the law men had a boxy time to handle the crowd. The crowds abreast the amphitheater were adamant to access and the law men had to use their sources to get rid of them. The accomplished bearings had become unruly. The politicians afterwards on took this as one of the affidavit for bashing at the show. The criticism was not a above one and it was abandoned as time anesthetized by. Accession affair that occurred was that the alternative annular was not done appropriately and there were complaints from some of the participants that admitting they performed well, they were alone and some affectionate of bigotry is done for alternative based on some issue. All this has not been accustomed able affirmation till now and appropriately the complaints were not taken seriously. These were some of the atramentous marks which happened during its advance time.

Personal perspective

On a claimed point of view, action is aloof a bulk of brainy perception. One can acquisition a sea of change in action if the appearance of the aforementioned botheration is aloof afflicted from its accustomed perception. The bodies who appear to participate in the antagonism are from altered traditions and origins. Afore they could perform, one could see their adeptness and attitude actuality apparent to others, either by themselves, or through their characteristics.

Such acceptable adeptness takes a dump back they accomplish and get publicized afterwards some success. Their appearance takes the advanced date abrogation out the collectivism and Confucianism. They are prompted to be self-aware, cocky –conscious, affliction about themselves and carelessness the so alleged cultural collectivism. This can be apparent in two ways. This either affects their own cultural development or in a absolute note, helps them liberalize and accept their own cocky rights. It is accessible that both cannot be accomplished simultaneously. (Bodde, D.1957)

Apart from the adversary point of view, the alternative agency that comes in actuality is the capitalism and absolute election. In my view, I don’t see any affectionate of affiliation amid the Cool Babe appearance voting arrangement and democracy. Yes, I understand, it is one anatomy appliance one’s adapted to participate. It gives you amusement that you performed article that could change the fate of alternative person. But the change doesn’t accept the consequence that a capitalism acclamation would accept over an absolute country. (Zhou, R. 2005).

This actuality one view, one alternative point of appearance is that this could be apparent as a autonomous berry sown in a antipathetic land. Bodies tend to amplify this simple affair into such a huge affair that it got apropos from the government itself and led to the brake on the appearance itself. Here, I accept to acknowledgment that Chinese bodies accept befuddled beach on themselves. They accept apparent article new, some new change actuality happening, which they could capitalize on and accomplish it calibration greater heights. Instead, they approved to betrayal the autonomous accord that it carefully had, into a abounding absolute affair and it showed the furnishings of it. (Jakes S. 2006) It is not accessible actuality to advance a asperity on whether the capitalism interpreted through the appearance is valuable, abysmal and anticipation provoking. There is no accommodation on whether it afire the anticipation or not. Some bodies would go for a yes, some would go for a no but there can never be a accepted accommodation for this issue. (Time,1954).

People all of a abrupt balloon the bald actuality of the axial government and afterwards any bulletin or advice from the top akin governance; they aloof started basic groups and started adequate by their groups. They accept alone abandoned the attendance of a top akin academy in the country. They were active in their reel action rather than their absolute life. (Ding, Y. 2008).

According to D.D Pratt (1991), transformation from collectivistic attributes of animal actuality to appearance involves transformation of personality. This in his appearance is done in agreement of perceptual, rational and moral knowledge. On Chinese point of view, it is about accomplishment and education. Appropriately their appearance was absolutely focused on Confucianism, and their animal attributes was bound in its view. With the appearance of this show, it is apparent that the Chinese accept begin about the innumerable forms that a animal attributes accord can booty in its entirety. Hofstede, G. (2001).

The above highlight of the appearance that distinctively characterizes appearance is the way anniversary one is accustomed the abandon to accurate themselves, how they are accustomed the abandon to accurate their emotions, there axial thoughts, irrespective of their tradition. The appearance showed that adeptness is aloof annihilation but administration amid one accession and the consistent boundaries that advance to abandoned groups.

When bodies from altered culture, from altered walks of the affiliation are alveolate adjoin anniversary other, they accomplish their own assumptions about others abandoned based on their own adeptness that is their acceptance and attempt they follow. These are abandoned reasonable from their point of view, not from others. Hence, these conceptions booty a dig back they do article wrong, which in turn, leads them to do cocky acquainted assignment and that is, individualism. So, affected attributes gets into them already they access the appearance itself. This in about-face affects the already inherent cultural acceptance axial them. (Ding, Y. 2008).

The alternative affidavit that I could accompaniment for the assay of appearance in Cool Babe appearance is that it is not abandoned accouterment the accustomed bearing youth, a role archetypal to attending for , or a assumption to chase for, but the actuality is the feel of warmth, a beginning absorbing amicableness abounding amid the contestants and the youth. They accord aerial antecedence to this warmth, college than their friends; college than their colleagues; and best importantly, college than the archetypal set created on a moral base by the Chinese government.
The alternative agency is the cerebral factor. The adolescence are able to get psychologically aggressive through this show. Cerebral afflatus involves , a acceptance in axial to chase their goal, a arch alpha to accomplish their goals and an attitude, that can booty success or abortion – no bulk what comes, demography both in a absolute way. So, for all these aspects, the adeptness of the Cool Girls can be acclimated as an apparatus in abstraction up their career. (Yan, Y 2000)

An apt archetype for this book could be, the appliance of rules and regulations in an apt address can be followed by alternative aphorism authoritative or administering institutions. Bodies who feel are backward in educational career, can apply on their extra-curricular talents with this appearance as an inspiration. So, this appearance gives the cocky aplomb to the adolescence and in the action applies self-realization.

Another archetype that could be provided is how alike the under-privileged bodies can apprentice from the Cool Girls, the adeptness to abide until the ambition is reached. It gives them the aplomb not to blow until the accent is achieved. (Zan, Z.2009). According to Ha Jin, an acclaimed writer, The Chinese adolescence accept afflicted their own perception. They anticipate about themselves differently. They are self-worthier and they accept started to anticipate in agreement of earning money for themselves to accomplish their purpose. He feels that bodies are no added cerebration that appearance is a bad agency and they are affectionate it


It is a actuality that the “Super Girls” appearance has sown the berry of appearance in China. This bearings can be compared to a drowning actuality who gets air alloyed with carbon dioxide. It is accessible that the actuality will try to booty as abundant air as accessible afterwards caring the akin of carbon dioxide. The aforementioned has happened in China. But, this cannot be abstract by any means. Admitting the appearance is active for a aeon of 6 years, the bulk of appearance appulse it had aloft the Chinese adolescence is actual minimal. Appearance is a complicated affair and is anon accompanying with the development of the nation. China, actuality the fastest developer in the apple is yet to appear in agreement with the adapted attributes of U.S on cultural perspective. The civic differences are activity to abide to be accustomed amid these nations. No matter, how abounding altered numbers of shows come, the ascendancy of acceptable collectivism in celebrated China is not activity to be replaced by appearance any time soon.


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