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Intellectual acreage vs the Internet Intellectual acreage still exists in the age of the Internet and is still adequate beneath the law.  However, back it is accessible to download or archetype and adhesive about annihilation off the Internet bookish acreage has been abused added and added often.  There accept been abundant examples of arcane prizes awarded and again rescinded over appropriation and annexation of bookish property.     Currently China is accessible and aloft lath about accepting bookish property.  The government of China will not acquiesce any company, decidedly American companies, to conduct business in their country unless the aggregation agrees to accord up any bookish acreage apropos the articles they advertise in China.   Younger acceptance today don’t anticipate there is annihilation amiss with artful advice off the Internet and presenting it as their own work.  I accept had discussions with acceptance in which they proposed the abstraction that back they searched for the advice on the Internet and again begin it, they could archetype it and present it as their own work.  The abstraction of bookish acreage seems to be falling by the wayside due to the Internet.     Develop a antecedent as to whether we should abide or alike strengthen bookish acreage laws, or should we artlessly spontaneity bookish acreage laws and accomplish annihilation that is acquaint on the Internet fair game.

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