Individual Reflection: Stakeholder Support for Innovative Ideas

  Submit your Individual Reflection in which you call the plan that you would like to implement, including: Your account of the stakeholders whose approval/support will be all-important for your success. Take the time to ensure your account of stakeholders is as complete as possible. Considering the assorted stakeholder perspectives, analyze what is important to anniversary of the stakeholders on your list. Your appraisal of the risks to your plan and appulse of stakeholders with altered goals and interests. Explain how you ability administer the appulse and abode any risks that emerge. The specific capacity of the strategy, or strategies, you will use to adjust stakeholder interests in your plan, with your account as to why you anticipate these will be acknowledged based on your assay of stakeholder perceptions and interests. (Hint: Strategies can accommodate team-building exercises, battle resolution methods, partnering, change management, best practices, etc. You will charge to accommodate capacity to abutment your called action or strategies.)

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