Individual project 2

Continue to use the book to abetment you with this assignment. Healing Hands Hospital is an acute affliction association hospital that serves a burghal association alfresco of a ample burghal with two aggressive ample bookish medical centers. Both Healing Hands Hospital and the bookish medical centers accept a continued history of account to the region, but their business and axiological practices are different. Your manager, Ms. Woods, Healing Hands' Chief Operating Officer, is allotment of the Task Force alive on the cardinal plan for the hospital and needs to accept the axiological practices of these bookish medical centers. You accept been asked to assay the differences amid the casework that your alignment offers and those of at atomic one of these bookish medical centers. For the purposes of this assignment, use the Web to assay association hospitals and bookish medical centers and baddest one association hospital and one bookish medical centermost amid in the aforementioned burghal or breadth to represent these two healthcare organizations for the purpose of alive on this assignment. You will use the advice that you acquisition about these two healthcare organizations for the Individual Activity assignments in the actual weeks of the advance culminating in your final activity in Week 5. Use the acute-care association hospital to represent Healing Hands Hospital. This articulation provides a account of archetype association hospitals. Choose one and again acquisition an bookish medical centermost amid in the aforementioned geographic region.  Review the Web advice on these accessories to complete this assignment. 1. Call the similarities and differences of these organizations in agreement of the following: Mission Goals Objectives Management structure Reimbursement models Staffing Policies Procedures Research and analytic trials 2.  Based on your assay of the abstracts that you present, accommodate your assessment on what would be the capital areas of affair if the two organizations were to absorb and how they could be overcome. You may accommodate a table for the comparison, but you charge call your appraisal of area there are and are not similarities amid the two healthcare organizations and your opinion. Your assay should be at atomic 2-pages, not including the appellation folio and advertence page. Be abiding to certificate your references application APA format. This includes the websites for the two hospitals that you are application for the assignment. This cardboard will be a allotment of the final activity to be submitted in Unit 4 and 5.  Label this week’s cardboard as “Report on the Future of Healing Hands”. Reference: Dyrda L., Rosen T., Wood, M., and Hoefner, M.. (2017). 100 Great association Hospitals Becker's Hospital Review. Retrieved from Please abide your assignment.

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