Individual: Calculator Application Part 2

This is a absolutely accompanying to IOS development assignment. bid alone if you are accommodating to manage   Create a distinct appearance iPhone® activity that demonstrates the afterward skills, appearance and functionality: Create a Distinct Appearance iPhone® activity appliance Objective-C® that contains two access argument fields with anecdotic labels.  These access fields will acquiesce the user to access a numerator and denominator value. The labels abutting to the fields call what should be entered. Use interface architect to actualize the UI controls. Add two buttons to the appearance appliance the techniques declared in the textbook, Objective-C and iOS Programming: A Simplified Approach to Developing Apps for the Apple iPhone & iPad, again angle up the accomplishments to the button so the user can assassinate appliance logic. Copy or charm the Calculator chic from Week One and add it to the project.  Use the add and bisect adjustment in the chic to acknowledgment after-effects back the buttons are clicked Add a characterization to the appearance to affectation the after-effects of the calculator. Submit your appliance to the Appointment Files tab above.

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