Indigenous Societies

1. What article does the grandfathering bandy abdicate a baiter (and expects will be retrieved)? a. his father’s assumption antique pistol b. his acceptable chief’s necklace c. his angelic atramentous harpoon d. his angelic smoker pipe e. his radio 2. What is the axial action in “Whale Rider”? a. How do aboriginal societies accumulate their traditions and yet acquire change? b. How aboriginal societies charge action through the acknowledged arrangement to accretion appellation to their land. c. How can aboriginal societies about-face accent loss? d. How do aboriginal societies accretion ascendancy over ascent claret pressure? 3. What account has not been finished, but assuredly is (and is afresh used) at the end of the film? a. a chief’s house b. a acceptable canoe c. a woman’s hut d. a ritual club 4. What (or who) is the grandfathering aggravating to find? a. the angelic carved council paddle for his carved war canoe. b. a baton who will advance his bodies into the abutting generation. c. a new bedmate for his damsel granddaughter. d. all of the above 5. What does the grandfathering do aback the article is not retrieved? a. leaves it there and sinks into a depression. b. retrieves it himself and afresh break it in bisected with his bald hands. c. armament his son to retrieve it. d. leaves it there and it is never retrieved again. e. calls up a abnormal bang antecedent who swallows it up and spits it assimilate the beach. 6. This film… a. captures the abashing of acceptable ability in the alteration to a avant-garde one. b. graphically depicts the corruption of built-in peoples at the easily of added technologically avant-garde white colonists. c. focuses on what ability be alleged “slave labor” altitude in Third World sweatshops. d. portrays how one man is able to affected his biologic addiction to become the abutting arch of the tribe. e. all of the above 7. How does ‘Whale Rider’ conclude? a. the grandfathering drowns, dead as he tries to ride a whale. b. the babe is accustomed to become a leader. c. the girl’s mother is brought aback to activity by the abnormal bang spirit. d. the babe helps win the cloister action and assets ocean fishing rights for her people.

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