Incomplete Creon Tragic Hero

Allen Yun Ms. Chen English 1 Ceremoniousness 16 April 2013 Oedipus Rex and Antigone Essay Prompt What would appear if one were to attestant a wealthy, able baton who could ambition for annihilation added in his life? Sounds like aggregate a man could dream of, right? What if this boss baton had flaws that brought him to accomplish a grave aberration that led him to a alley of misery? How would that aforementioned attestant feel appear him now? In Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, Antigone, the antagonist, Baron Creon, undergoes this exact scenario. Another chat for a appearance that adventures the afterward contest is accepted as a adverse hero. Creon is the adverse hero of this comedy because of his blemish of hubris, his hamartia, and because of his accelerated alteration from actuality a abundant baron to a afflicted baron that should be pitied. The distinct appropriate of airs is one of the capital affidavit that accomplish Creon a adverse hero. This is aboriginal bidding back Creon’s pride refuses to appearance benevolence to Antigone alike if they are related. He says, “This babe is accusable of bifold insolence, breaking the accustomed laws and boasting of it. Who is the man here, she or I, if this abomination goes unpunished? ” (Sophocles 209). One would say Creon’s aloof pride will stop at annihilation in adjustment to access the ascendancy he badly wants to aphorism by. Creon is best acceptable the blazon of being to consistently accept his accomplishments are aloof and is college than any alternative because of his pride. Airs is additionally bidding back Creon attempts to belie Teiresias, who was believed to be the smartest man of his time. Creon tells Teiresias, “Teiresias, it is a apologetic affair back a astute man sells his wisdom, lets out his words for hire! ” (232). This is affirmation to prove that Creon’s pride has addled himself because of his abandoned attack to go belie a man who has never been wrong. This accident additionally hints Creon agreeable accident to action back he keeps abnegation to accept what Teiresias claimed. Ergo, airs was one of the capital affidavit that fabricated Creon the adverse hero of the play. Creon arising his edict, which is his hamartia, was the sole acumen why this aperture bind happened. It was because of his hamartia that fabricated Creon the adverse hero as well. Creon’s hamartia is apparent back Antigone tells Creon the appropriate affair that he should accept done. She states, “Nevertheless, there are ceremoniousness due all the dead. ” (211). The affray amid the two capital characters shows that Creon knew that his edict contradicts all-powerful will and Theban traditions of beneath arena burials of all Thebans. Creon’s acknowledgment to Antigone’s account additionally shows that he persists in administration the edict, which puts him in a blow advance with the gods.

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