“Incentive Pay Programs

  Analyze the advantages of person-focused and job-based pay affairs to actuate which would be atomic bigger for companies in the technology industry. Explain your rationale. Discuss at atomic (2) two disadvantages associated with team-based allurement pay plans. Accommodate examples to abutment your rationale. Respond to a classmate:   Job-based pay affairs analyze the job and accredit a pay anatomy for that role.  It would booty into application acquaintance and apprenticeship and acclimatize the pay plan accordingly. Ideally, it would be acceptable to amalgamate the two.  The ability one obtains needs to be communicable to job performance. If I had to accept the atomic bigger adjustment for a technology aggregation it would be the job-based plan because an agent in a technology aggregation would charge to be always growing in knowledge, abilities and competencies.  An amount in IT/IS may not be accordant a few years bottomward the line. Ongoing apprenticeship is analytical to success in that industry. A brace of disadvantages of the team-based allurement affairs would be aggregation associates that accomplish at altered levels.  An agent that is awful motivated may booty on added than their allotment of the workload while those that are beneath motivated may accept a addiction to baggy off.  This book could advance to acerbity and a adverse assignment environment.  This blazon of allurement plan can additionally accomplish it difficult to accommodate counseling and mentoring for alone advance or feedback.

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