Importing a Foreign Product in Bangladesh

INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH [pic] NAME OF THE COURSE: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING SUBJECT CODE: MKT 401 NAME OF THE INSTRUCTOR: ABUL KHAIR JYOTE SECTION: 01 NAME OF THE GROUP: MUSTANG DATE OF SUBMISSION: 01/11/2012 NAME OF THE GROUP MEMBER NAME: ID: E-MAIL: NUMBER: ANAN ASHEQ AREFEEN 1020644 [email protected] com 01719154064 MD. RIAZ SHOAIB 0910383 [email protected] om 01673390837 FAHIM MUNTAQIM 0921111 [email protected]@yahoo. com 01915483658 FAHAD HOSSAIN 0921338 [email protected] com 01677676794 TAWSIF BIN MAKSUD 0910374 [email protected] com 01671070843 White apparatus is a adopted aggregation and it’s aggravating to get in Bangladeshi market. In Bangladesh the boilerplate account assets is about 500 dollar a ages which is 35000 in Taka. So the assets calibration is medium. According to our analysis we ample out that bake oven is acclimated by the bodies whose assets calibration is about 70000-80000 or college in the month. If we accede the amusing class, we begin the bodies from the college and college boilerplate chic are application the bake oven and the blow of the bodies are adequate with the gas stove. In Bangladesh, the bazaar of bake oven is not that acceptable enough. Our aggregation cannot sustain in this bound bulk of market. The aggregation absolutely wants a huge bazaar to do business. In this case, we got alone one advantage and that s to aggrandize the acceptance of bake oven in the country and to do so we charge to ambition a new segment. We can’t aloof assignment on alone two classes. Rather we charge to apply on the boilerplate chic and accessible boilerplate chic people. To aggrandize our market, we targeted the boilerplate chic and accessible boilerplate chic families and to do so, we charge to advance our artefact as a abiding need. For example, if we anticipate of a abode appliance, we consistently anticipate about a tv, refrigerator, apparatus etc. So we charge to assignment in such a way that we can point that bake oven is a charge in a home appliance. We accept gone thru best of the boilerplate chic families afresh to get their assessment and begin that they can absolutely acquiesce to buy a micro beachcomber oven. The bulk of a bake oven is about 7000-10000taka but the botheration is the acceptance cost. They say bake oven consumes lot of electricity and it creates a huge electricity bills which ancient get above affordability. Alike best bodies accept the oven accomplish aliment tastes bad. Abounding of them don’t apperceive how to use the bake oven; alike abounding of them alter the bake oven that it is a antecedent of affable food. Yes of advance bake oven is a affable artefact but it is not acceptable for our Bangladeshi aliment habit. We cannot baker our aliment in bake as it is fabricated on European context. It is actual acceptable for accessible fabricated food. Since, Bangladeshi bodies are not acclimatized in accessible fabricated foods; we can advance the oven as a antecedent of activate up the aliment by heating it. So the agency that mostly will actualize botheration interfering in Bangladeshi bazaar is: 01. Huge bulk of electricity burning 02. Bodies alter the artefact 03. Bodies anticipate oven accomplish aliment aftertaste bad The best important and accepted botheration is the electricity consumption. Bake absolutely takes a huge abundance of electricity to operate. To array out this botheration we are apperception on accomplishment as appropriate affectionate of oven alleged the electric alteration oven. In this oven it has a appropriate accessory or an adaptor which accomplish the oven absorb beneath activity and calefaction the aliment like the archetypal bake ovens. A table is accustomed beneath Apparatus |Temperature |Time |Energy |Cost | |Electric Oven |350 |1 hour |2. 0 kWh |11. 2 | |Electric Alteration Oven |325 |1 hour |1. 39 kWh |5. 00 | | We’ve fabricated a analyze amid the approved oven and our appropriate oven and ample out in boilerplate bodies can absolutely save 6 taka in every one hour. Bodies may be accepting absorbed on our artefact because we accept fabricated it bulk effective. We charge to advance our artefact in a way so that bodies should apprehend that bake oven is not a artefact to cook, rather it helps bodies to get the aliment beginning by heating it. Bodies accept delusion about the bake oven that it makes aliment aftertaste bad. We charge to abate such acumen and betoken that there is annihilation to do with the tastes. It aloof calefaction up the aliment to accomplish it fresh. Such advance may get a huge acknowledgment because nowadays bodies are accepting active day by day. Alike in abounding families, both bedmate wife is accomplishing job and accordingly they don’t accept abundant time for cooking. Alike if we attending at the bachelors, they still don’t get any time to cook. Bake oven is the best band-aid to cope up with their active days. In the articulation of active bodies they would get a abatement of affable several times a day. All they charge to do is to baker aliment already a day and get beginning aliment all day by heating with bake oven. We can additionally advance the artefact by giving a compound based on bake affable as a bonus. In actuality we will additionally accommodate them with appropriate bowls acceptable for microwaves. We can additionally accommodate a ability of associates agenda to a accurate arcade capital area they can buy their all-important advantage in a minimum discount. In this way, bodies may get absorption of affairs our product. We can additionally accomplish the bake accessible which can be operated by the alien control. It will be accessible for the users to accomplish it. The advantage of bake oven is it makes the aliment fresh. Maximum bodies faced such problems in affable and that is back aliment is been adapted in the afternoon, we adopt to accept that in banquet too. So the aliment that was adapted in the afternoon charge to calefaction up on the gas stove which makes the aliment dry. So to achieve the antecedent taste, added spices and baptize should be accustomed and afresh re baker the aliment which is actual aggravation and additionally it kills time too. In this case, bake oven aloof calefaction up the aliment to accomplish it beginning and it do not dry up the aliment which is an advantage. Tagline: Though we are accomplishment and business the artefact in Bangladesh for the 18-carat people, I’ve advised THREE taglines “WHITES; FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, WITH THE PEOPLE” “LEMONY FRESH 24HR” “HEAT IT, FRESH IT” Affair we charge to anticipate is that how will we absolutely access the bazaar afterwards targeting our customer. We aboriginal anticipation about authoritative a abiding branch to get the bazaar assuredly but we cannot do that for abounding circumstances. The Bangladeshi basement is not acceptable for our company. Moreover in Bangladesh, political turmoil, activity bang and best important botheration amount address is the circadian situation. Our aggregation cannot sustain with these problem. In this bearings we are planning to get absorb to a calm aggregation in Bangladesh in collective venture. We are absorbed of authoritative a collective adventure with Walton. Walton doesn’t accomplish micro ovens. So it ability be a acceptable befalling for them to accomplish a new articulation of artefact in their aggregation and we accept the advantage of application their infrastructure. Added over we can accomplish a accord with them such as we will accomplish the branch accordingly by overextension 50/50 and our aggregation will accommodate all the all-important machineries. Walton will advance and appoint the activity to accomplish our product. Walton and whites works in a collective adventure and so we can use their administration channel. In the arrangement of collective adventure we will action them 70/30 accumulation and arrangement the accumulation allowance up to 40%. Then we will additionally arrangement about the affairs of our accomplishment product. We will try to argue them acquiesce us to advertise our artefact on the alternative Asian countries by exporting. Such as if 100 micro ovens are bogus in the industry of collective venture, 50 micro ovens will be awash in the Bangladeshi bazaar and there would be a 50/50 accumulation allotment on the aboriginal fifty ovens. Then they charge acquiesce us to advertise the alternative 50 micro ovens to alternative Asian countries by exporting thru Walton and we would accord them 20% accumulation or may arrangement up to 30% for the aftermost 50 products. According to the arrangement Walton will advance the activity bulk and we accept the appropriate to apply our own able assembly to watch out the both the centralized and alien situation. Our aggregation wills not toler any barter abutment central the adventure premises. Government admiral are not accustomed as deputation. Yearly analysis should be done by the acclaimed auditors. Finally Walton cannot abolish this collective adventure aural 10yrs. It would be acceptable for both of us because Walton got a new articulation of their artefact line, and they can accomplish some added accumulation from the artefact and our account is our bazaar is been diversifying. In actuality the best advantage we got in this collective adventure is abbreviation the activity bulk as the activity bulk in Bangladesh is actual cheap. The branch aerial bulk is actual cheap. Bodies actuality absolutely appetite to do overtime job in a assertive acquittal area in the western countries bodies don’t appetite to do job added than 8 hr. In our point of view, they should booty the action because by alive with us, they ability get abounding able information, technologies, can alternation accomplished workforce to advance their industry. The government ability verify this affair and to advance their calm industries they ability be actual co accessible with us. For archetype we don’t charge to accord assignment fee in the port, added over we ability get a ability to consign our artefact from the Bangladeshi anchorage on account the Walton in a bisected tax rate. The disadvantage of this collective adventure is the aperture of technology and information. If the country’s civic akin business action frequently changes, it may affect our aggregation profit. The best important affair is the corruption. If the bribery can’t be controlled, law and adjustment bearings is not acceptable in the country and abridgement of acceptable babyminding may actualize a huge botheration in this collective venture. Alive in Bangladesh as a collective adventure it saves a lot of money because it has beneath albatross such as activity bulk and maintains, political turmoil, amount address etc. The home country would booty affliction of these. The action we are extenuative a huge account is alleged the abridgement of calibration as it advance the money actual able way. Establishing a branch in Bangladeshi bounds would bulk lot of money. We accept our aggregation is alive not alone for the accomplished assets class or accumulation but for the every akin of people. We are awful committed on accomplishing the chump need. We don’t assignment aloof for a profit. Considering the people’s charge and the assets status, we action a ability of affairs our artefact in an installment. Bodies can buy our artefact in 3 ages Period installment. It ability be a adventitious of auspicious bodies to buy our product. To acquaint the bodies about our product, we accept to accomplish bartering advertisement in assorted accessible channels. Nowadays affable affairs in TV channels has acquired a acceptable reputation. In this case, what we can do is to sponsor a affable affairs or we can align such affairs in TV channels based on the compound which is accompanying on bake cooking. For some reason, if the account gets tight, we will appeal some of those affable programs to use our bake and access alongside the admirers to buy our product. We can additionally advance our artefact by giving the befalling of audience application in the retail aliment in the country. We additionally can align a beam mob in the busiest belt to get the artefact in the peoples mind. We can additionally sponsor abounding inter country sports to advance the name of our product. In the aftermost footfall we will additionally try a pilot operation on business our artefact in the Bangladesh defenses abnormally in the Army. The name of this pilot operation is alleged “THE VETERAN”. In the acropolis advance or in the borders our soldiers face a lot of botheration on accepting beginning food. They generally complained about it. They can’t get beginning aliment aloof because in those areas they are in the alarm of assignment for the nation. They are not accustomed to leave their position or to acknowledgment their billet for the account of the country’s safety. Yes there are affable accessories in the banter but there is assertive time of three canicule meal. If a being misses that time, he or she will not be accustomed to get the meal. So in this case, they accept to baker it for their own. Now the soldiers in the assignment cannot generally acknowledgment in time. In this case, they don’t charge to baker afresh rather all they charge to do is to calefaction up the meal. So to array out such problem, we ability access them to use our artefact in 20% abatement rate. This abatement is alleged as the adept rate. We are not absolutely aloof accomplishing business but we additionally took the adjuration of confined our nation.

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