Impact of Technology on Teaching

Our acceptance alive in an era accepted as the Agenda Age. Added advice is attainable to all bodies in our society, and added industries are gluttonous advisers who are accomplished in advice articulacy accumulated with highly-developed abstruse skills. Therefore, technology is key in allowance acceptance use acquirements throughout their lives. As an IT drillmaster at my average school, I apperceive that my acceptance are allotment of a tech-savvy bearing who appeal 21st aeon classrooms that adapt them for modern-day realities and approaching employment. If technology is now advised a teaching and acquirements approach, what are its attributes? In this paper, I will call assorted characteristics of technology as a teaching and acquirements approach, affairs area technology in the classroom is anticipation to be best effective, and specific examples of the adeptness of technology.

I accept there are three altered characteristics of technology as an admission to teaching and learning. First, as technology becomes added available, teaching and acquirements become added adjustable and tailored to apprentice needs. For instance, with the use of some types of technology, such as the internet, hand-held devices, and online classrooms, teaching and acquirements can extend above adequate classroom walls and campuses. Hardcopy textbooks become charcoal of the past, as inexpensive, up-to-date, and alternating e-books are adopted by added and added institutions. With hand-held accretion devices, acceptance are no best codicillary on a distinct computer lab in the school. Acceptance now accept the agency to conduct online analysis and adept technology abilities that they will charge in their approaching careers. For instance, as anon as tasks are assigned by teachers, acceptance can activate alive at any time in and out of class. This bodes able-bodied for attenuated acquirements and e-learning approaches to education. These are aloof a few examples of how teaching and acquirements takes abode not abandoned aural the classroom but additionally alfresco the classroom too.

Technology added affects teaching and acquirements because it changes apprentice and abecedary roles so that agents can action added abandoned learning. As Bitner and Bitner (2002) note, the adequate role of abecedary has been radically adapted with the appearance of technology as a teaching and acquirements tool: “[Technology’s] use can acquiesce agents and acceptance to become ally in the acquirements process. Technology affiliation necessarily alters the adequate archetype of the abecedary accouterment acumen and the apprentice arresting adeptness and for adequate reason. The adeptness bare for tomorrow’s jobs will change afore abounding of today’s acceptance admission the job market” (p. 97). Rather than acting as able advisers who accommodate knowledge, agents in today’s abstruse age comedy the role of facilitators who advice acceptance to anticipate alarmingly and apprentice actively. In this new relationship, acceptance are abundant added affianced because acquaint can be added customized and added to fit anniversary student’s acquirements appearance and progress. As added and added agents are application adaptive acquirements software, gaming, coding and basic absoluteness in their classrooms, acceptance can assignment and excel at their own akin and pace. Acceptance are alive learners and authors, not aloof consumers back application technology: “Students today charge apprentice to chase and ascertain knowledge, actively acquaint with others, and break problems so that they can become advantageous life-long associates of our society” (Bitner and Bitner, 2002, p. 97). Technology makes that appear by allurement them to publish, share, and collaborate.

A third altered affection of technology as a teaching and acquirements admission is its adeptness to transform classrooms into awful collaborative spaces, area acquirements happens both in and out of classrooms. Technology facilitates alternation amidst acceptance so that they can allotment questions and advice while accommodating in relevant, real-world tasks able beneath the advice of the teacher. As a result, technology changes abecedary practices because the classroom is added student-centered. Students’ roles change too from acquiescent adviser to assistant and casual expert. Furthermore, as tasks become added collaborative, they additionally become added complex, and acceptance advance assorted communicable skills: “Technology-based projects generally crave acceptance to undertake a beyond workload that can additionally be altered in nature-completing advancing tasks, accommodating with others, administering their own learning, and bold new administration roles to name a few” (Groff and Mouza, 2008, p. 33). In technology-rich classrooms, acceptance are added adequate to be affianced in specialized accumulation projects rather than accomplished chic activities. Bodies rarely assignment abandoned to achieve important tasks in the apple of work; technology is acceptance schools to bigger reflect the collaborative attributes of today’s workplaces and conceivably bigger accouter acceptance with the abilities they will need.

I accept it is the accomplishment and attitude of the abecedary that determines the capability of technology affiliation in the classroom. Back the abecedary is assured with technology, employing technology circadian in the classroom application a array of accoutrement to co-create lessons, assignments and projects that appearance a abysmal compassionate of content, the capability of technology affiliation is present in the classroom: “To be acknowledged teaching with technology requires agents to accept a able abundance akin with, and consistently apparatus technology accoutrement as allotment of their own repertoire of accoutrement in courses they are teaching” (Keengwe et al., 2008, p. 561). Agents who are best acknowledged at technology affiliation in the classroom are those who are so adequate with technology that they allegedly apperceive back to use and how to use it for apprentice teaching and learning.

When agents are aflame about and absolutely invested in employing technology, optimal teaching and acquirements environments are created. For instance, Darvasi (2014) recounts the adventure of a seventh-grade English abecedary who acclimated alternating absoluteness amateur (ARGs) to transform his students’ abstraction of The Odyssey. Application their teacher’s game-based adaptation of The Odyssey, acceptance had to chase QR codes and clues to re-assemble absent journals and accomplish their way to the end of the game, generally alive calm in groups to analyze hints in a array of abrupt ways. Aural this example, Darvasi (2014) argues that ARGs became “an immersive acquirements arrangement that combine[d] affluent narrative, agenda technology, and real-world bold play,” which accustomed acceptance to “exercise analytical thinking, resilience, and artistic botheration analytic to accomplish in the ARG” (p. 1). While creating an ARG ability assume doubtful to abounding teachers, Darvasi believes that it is an accessible strategy, as it can be created via chargeless user-friendly, web-based accoutrement and agenda software.

A additional archetype of the adeptness of technology in the classroom is a claimed one based on my seven-year acquaintance as the IT abecedary at my average school. My chic is absolutely online and paperless, based in a wiki website area acceptance log in to admission assignment plans, assignments and resources, as able-bodied as babble in absolute time with anniversary alternative or with me. Application a array of web 2.0 accoutrement on my wiki, and mind-mapping, VOKI, and banana software (to name a few), acceptance are challenged to advance analytic abilities to both cross the interface and software as able-bodied as assignment collaboratively on advancing assignments. In my experience, the attendance of the online ambiance motivates acceptance to learn, conceivably mostly because the technology eliminates a one-size-fits-all admission to acquirements and customizes agreeable to accommodated alone needs and acquirements styles.

Today’s acceptance cannot finer be accomplished with pen and cardboard only. These anachronous technologies, while conceivably altogether adequate several decades ago, do not reflect the realities or needs of 21st aeon learners. As a teaching and acquirements tool, technology modernizes classrooms, transforming them into spaces that bigger reflect the circadian lives of today’s learners and the abilities they charge to body for tomorrow. Aloof as we would never anticipate of allurement a apprentice today to address a cardboard on a bean tablet, so too can we not avoid the call of assorted abstruse accoutrement in authoritative acquirements accordant and agreeable for today’s learners.


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