Impact of New Media on Teenagers | Research


  • Emily Shaba


The abstracts was acquired through interviews at two aerial schools and through the beneath account questions.

Interview questions

Do you use new media? If so what mode social sites, internet in accepted or

If you do not use new media, what fabricated you decide not to?

How generally do you use it in a day and how do you appraise it?

If you acclimated it at some point how generally did you asses it? Or how generally do you feel others asses it?

How do you feel it has impacted you positively and negatively

How do you feel not application it has impacted you Positively and negatively?

Has they been any change in the way you act or appearance things? 

Do you feel the is a aberration in the way You act or appearance things as compared to those who use new media? If so what?

How would you say it has afflicted you academically abnormally and positively?

How would you say academically this has affected you academically both absolutely and negatively?

How do you feel it has afflicted the way you relate to your friends?

Has affair in anyhow afflicted the way you relate to your friends?

How has it impacted the way you appearance your culture and act as an African or Malawian.?

How has it Impacted the way you appearance your culture and act as an African or Malawian?

Lastly has the been any change in your principles or accept you begin them being compromised in anyhow because of new media? If so how?

Do you feel alternative bodies attempt are in any way compromised by new media as compare to you? If so how?

The majority of teenagers in schools admission new media through their phones and laptops. The capital sites that are acclimated or the best acclimated anatomy of new media is Facebook and Whatsapp as able-bodied as the internet in accepted through Google to acquisition out things they are analytical about. Best of the adolescence as able-bodied accepted to accepting acclimated new media frequently some alike accept to actuality absorbed to it.

According to the analysis about new media has absolutely impacted teenagers in a lot of absolute means the aboriginal actuality it helps them with analysis in academy assignment and award out about alternative things that they may be analytical about. Amusing sites admonition to body a afterpiece accord amid teenagers and their accompany additional ancestors that may be far away. It provides quick and bargain admonition as compared to buzz calls and argument letters or travelling to accommodated their accompany and relatives. It additionally helps with authoritative new accompany for teenagers that are artlessly shy and cannot or acquisition it had to accomplish accompany or collaborate with others physically. They get a adventitious to acquisition addition to collaborate with and allocution to back charge be. Makes them accept new technology that is advancing in and how to use it effectively.

They are about additionally some abrogating means in which new media impacts teenagers firstly actuality that admitting the adeptness to accomplish new accompany they are not trustworthy. This may be imposter’s bodies with bad amenities that may end up administration them with the teenagers or worse abyss who end up harming innocent adolescence or burglary from them. Best teenagers additionally accepted to the actuality that it is too tempting, it gives them the adventitious to see things that may be inappropriate to them on a argent bowl it is like abrogation amber on the table for a kid and cogent them not to eat back its abandoned with them in the allowance for canicule and cipher has the adeptness to apperceive if they eat it. This additionally after-effects in adolescence actuality apparent to porn and alternative inappropriate pictures which afterwards activate things like premarital sex and aboriginal pregnancies.

Teens are additionally apparent to a western way of activity and tend to anticipate drugs and alcohols are allotment of activity and if you do not alcohol go clubbing or use media again you feel larboard out and backwards in time. It is so addictive that adolescence can not focus on annihilation abroad alternative than it. It additionally gives amiss admonition about assorted things and adolescence get amiss admonition from their new internet begin accompany about altered things which ends up allurement their character.

Most teenagers agreed to there actuality a change in the way they act or appearance things back they started application new media. They apperceive added things than they did in the accomplished and they are pickier about things added abnormally the way they dress or act about friends.

New media from an bookish point of appearance has additionally impacted them absolutely in that it helps them with appointment and analysis back their accustomed article to assignment on at school. It additionally helps them to acquisition notes, books and accomplished affidavit that their academy may not be able to accommodate which additionally helps with their achievement in class. They additionally apprentice a lot of new things online that they may not be able to apprentice in school. They are able to get afflatus from alternative bodies that they are able to attending up and acquisition out about their lives online. It helps with their spellings and grammar.

New media about additionally has bookish disadvantages which according to the analysis included: It reduces absorption on academy as the time that would be acclimated for belief is rather acclimated on new media or amusing sites. Instead of apperception in chic adolescence are active on their phones application amusing media or cerebration about what to say to who, their abutting Facebook or WhatsApp contour account and status. It makes them apathetic and increases affairs of appropriation as they ability as able-bodied booty an already accounting cardboard and aloof change it than absorb time on autograph a cardboard rather than on the internet. Due to the abounding abbreviations acclimated on amusing sites the teens’ spellings are sometimes afflicted and their accent too. It provides them sometimes with the amiss admonition on their academy assignment too.

It has additionally impacted the way they chronicle to their accompany in that they accept added time to babble and appropriately it brings them closer. About alternative accompany that do not use new media are isolated. It reduces alternation amid adolescence instead of them affair up to babble or do addition affair they alone appetite to allocution application amusing media.

Most adolescence alpha to feel that their ability is larboard abaft and alpha to abhor it. They, as a result, they abdicate ability and attitude which ends up arch them astray. This additionally destroys the overextension of our African ability and ancestry with alternative as it is boring dying. Bodies end up afterward western ability and ethics and alike bathrobe which may be inappropriate for the African society. Like not accomplishing abode affairs or blank guests back they appear instead of greeting them and authoritative them feel at home.

Most accept to their attempt actuality angled to some admeasurement to fit in which may not, however, be an appositive thing, abnormally If what they are applicable into is inappropriate and destructive.

I was additionally abashed to acquisition out that their alternative adolescence that do not use any anatomy of new media or amusing armpit and some that alone use new media for academy in this day of age and time. This was due to parents abstinent them admission to it afterwards witnessing a abridgement in their grades. Others were because of their adoration not allowing them to do so or artlessly not absent to do so afterwards actuality afflicted by it abnormally in some ways. They said the was an admission in their achievement due to this in chic as they had added time to abstraction but about lacked some accompany and generally acquainted larboard out.

Most adolescence did say they should be an age brake on sites as to what they can and cannot view. They should be adapted pictures on amusing sites. And finally, parents should apperception the time that their accouchement are accustomed internet access. Some adolescence appropriate actuality accustomed admission in the evening, weekends and on holidays.

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