IHP 510 Bellevue Milestone 2

 : For Final Project Anniversary One, you analyzed Bellevue Hospital, and in your Module Four Worksheet, you accomplished commutual a actual basal SWOT analysis. Now, for this additional milestone, due in Module Five, you will conduct a abounding situational assay to analyze the centralized and alien bazaar factors that appulse the Bellevue Hospital, adduce a account to bazaar for the organization, and accomplish a business ambition for this proposed service. Prompt: First, assay the argument readings and advance assets you accept so far studied. In addition, assay your Final Project Anniversary One and Module Four Worksheet submissions and adviser acknowledgment to those submissions. The SWOT assay you completed in the Module Four Worksheet is one adjustment by which to conduct a situational analysis. Use this action to abetment you as you complete the situational assay in this milestone. Also accredit aback to the Bellevue: Community Health Needs Assessment to acquaint your analysis. Next, in 2 to 3 pages, conduct a situational assay that analyzes the centralized and alien bazaar factors that appulse Bellevue Hospital. In addition, adduce a account to bazaar for the alignment and advance business goals for this proposed service. The cardboard should explain how the proposed business goals adjust with the mission, vision, and cardinal goals of the organization. Keep in apperception that your business goals should chase the SMART ambition framework (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).  

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