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  Personal reflection People accept altered preferences, which actuate how they alive their circadian activity and how they accomplish their decisions.On a claimed level, it is important for a being to assay his or her preferences in adjustment to accept his or her own qualities or preferences.There are several types to consider, including extraversion against introversion, awareness against intuition, melancholia alternative against thinking, acumen against perception.Extroversion and brooding are the best blurred phrases.Extroverts don't accept to allocution loudly, introverts don't accept to be shy.On the contrary, introverts get activity from themselves, while extroverts get action from accepting forth with others. Extroversion and introversion Personally, I adopt extroversion to introversion.I don't accept any allusive alternative for one.I accept a negligible alternative for extroversion over introversion. Feelings and intuition Personally, I accept a alternative for activity over intuition.Although it's still actual small, alone 12 percent, this aberration plays an important role in my choice.In the action of accepting and processing new information, I adopt to use the bristles senses rather than await on added abstruse automatic methods. Feel like thinking This class includes how bodies accomplish decisions and accord with emotions.Personally, I accept a 3% bordering alternative for thinking.It may not accept abundant aftereffect on my decision. Judgment and perception I accept a abstinent alternative for acumen over perception, scoring 50 percent.This agency that I accord with things in a added structured way than those who use perception, because they tend to absolute rather than advance in a structured way.By judging, I can ascendancy the ambiance and accomplish aboriginal choices.Perceivers, on the alternative hand, are consistently focused on befitting their choices open.As continued as necessary, they will accomplish a choice.

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