IFSM week 7

Presentation (PowerPoint) C3: Accumulation presentation of analysis on an absolute or arising technology and its accompanying ethical issues  As this appointment is a assiduity of the antecedent alone assignments (Paper C1/C2) on researching an absolute or arising technology and its accompanying ethical issues, you will accept to appointment with your assigned groups for this assignment. Note: Anniversary accumulation will accept to back the name of the team-designated Accumulation Leader to the Instructor, to accommodate a focal point for communications. To amuse this assignment, anniversary assigned accumulation will accept to accretion accord on the affair they appetite to use for the presentation. The accumulation will draw from a basin of topics, created by anniversary member’s contribution. The basin consists of the Paper C1 synopsis, and the Paper C2 adapter that resulted from alone research. The accumulation will baddest a affair that will again be acclimated as the distinct affair for the accumulation presentation. As a result, accumulation associates charge analysis anniversary alone affair submitted as the Paper C1 abridgment and the Paper C2 attachment. The accumulation will baddest a applicant affair from this pool, which will be acclimated as the affair for the accumulation presentation. The adeptness to appointment as a group, accretion accord (an old analogue is “can you alive with the alternative made”), and coact calm is basic to the success of this assignment! The accumulation presentation will be developed application MS PowerPoint and will include: 1 Title accelerate including school, course, date of presentation, and names of all aggregation members 1-2 Introductory slides accouterment an overview of the affair called and account for selection 5-8 slides accouterment analysis after-effects on arising technologies and its accompanying ethical issues 2 slides on summary/conclusion 1 - Reference slide The Addendum allocation of MS PowerPoint should be activated to elaborate, accommodate apostle notes, or explain key credibility as needed. If acclimated properly, the Addendum allocation should abate the bulk of argument on the slide. Make abiding that your slides are not text-heavy and use a chantry admeasurement that may be readily apparent by an audience. Remember to adduce sources application able APA formatting and accommodate clickable URL links. Ensure that your sources are acclaimed and credible. Do NOT abide analysis taken from Wikipedia sources, blogs, or sources with no date and/or author. Submission of the completed, accumulation accustomed presentations should be by the Accumulation Leader’s to their Assignments slot. It is the accumulation leader’s submitted presentation that will be evaluated. Only one presentation is required, as anniversary accommodating accumulation affiliate will accept the aforementioned score, if they provided able accord in putting the Paper C3 presentation together. To ensure crediting of the aforementioned account that is awarded for the presentation, accumulation associates are accepted to abide the appropriate abstracts (i.e., C1 abridgment and Paper C2), abetment in conception of the presentation, advice to analysis and adapt the presentation, and communicate!

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