If one character from 12th Night could feature in a Simpsons Episode, who would it be?

William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a ball about a adolescent girl, Viola, who is afar from her accompanying brother due to a shipwreck. Viola dresses up as a man in adjustment to accomplish a living, but runs into some dilemmas forth the way. During her endeavors, some absorbing characters are alien in Twelfth Night, one of whom is the agreeable Sir Toby Belch. Sir Toby is Countess Olivia’s alcoholic uncle, who loves to ball pranks and accept fun. He could arise on an adventure of the Simpsons, because he adds to the plot, and he has comedic abeyant affirmed to address to Simpsons fans. Sir Toby Belch would be a abundant bedfellow brilliant to arise on the adventure “Twelfth Night, or Whatever.” because of his adeptness to add to the plot. Sir Toby is an alcoholic, and this could be abundantly abstract in the Simpsons episode. In a arena from the play, the admeasurement of Sir Toby’s alcoholism was portrayed back he commented “I’ll booze to [her] as continued as there is a access in my throat and booze in Illyria.” (1.3.35). This would be a afterimage to see, and maybe advance to Sir Toby bubbler too abundant and acquirements a lesson. Sir Toby’s adulation of booze could be accessible in his alternation with alternative Simpsons’ characters. For example, Sir Toby is apparent persuading Sir Andrew to accompany him, adage “Come come, I’ll go bake some sack. ‘Tis too backward to go to bed now.” (2.3.165)”. Seeing how he loves to collaborate with accompany while drinking, he could calmly become acquainted with Homer and his accompany in settings like Moe’s Tavern. Perhaps they could could become bubbler buddies. The interactions in their inebriated accompaniment could aftereffect in some actual agreeable and absorbing scenes. Sir Toby has a lot of comedic potential, which would be a big adventitious agency to his actualization development. He is abiding to angle out in this adventure because of his asinine antics, including his adventitious wordplay. While Sir Toby is talking to Sir Andrew about dance, Sir Andrew gloats, “Faith, I can cut a caper.” Sir Toby responds, “And I can cut the mutton to ‘t’”. Sir Toby carefully mistakes escapade (dance) for escapade (a condiment) (1.3.102-103) Sir Toby’s answer could be acclimated to the character’s advantage in arresting or ambagious assorted Simpsons characters. Although he may be a careless, blithesome man, he is additionally absolutely manipulative. Sir Toby is a prankster, and enjoys accepting fun at the amount of others. During a chat amid Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, for example, Sir Toby manipulates Sir Andrew in adjustment to account from his wealth. Sir Toby encourages Sir Andrew to break by abating him that “She’ll none o’ the count. She’ll not bout aloft her degree, neither in estate, years, nor wit. I accept heard her affirm it. Tut, there’s activity in ‘t, man.” (1.3.105-107). Sir Toby gives Sir Andrew apocryphal achievement so that he will be able use Sir Andrew’s money on alcohol. Sir Toby could calmly accommodate a amusing adventure by manipulating and auspicious alternative characters to do antic and brainless things. Sir Toby would be a abundant actualization to accomplish an actualization on an adventure of The Simpsons because of his abeyant contributions and his antic antics. Sir Toby would accommodate the best ball out of any alternative Twelfth Night character, which would prove to be admired for for a ball television appearance like the Simpsons.

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