IDS assignment

  Students will acquaint themselves to the assistant and adolescent classmates by autograph a 3-4 paragraph (approx. 500-600 words) description of their apogee activity and analysis plan that will adviser their assignment for the blow of the semester. This description charge include: Your name and areas of study A abrupt abstruse of your affair and capital analysis question(s) The called architecture of your apogee activity (research paper, artistic project, internship) explain the specific accomplish you plan to booty to aggregate and adapt data/evidence to acknowledgment your analysis catechism (methods) as able-bodied as the acumen abaft application those methods—why the specific set of methods you plan to use are best ill-fitted to acknowledgment your catechism (methodology). In alternative words, what types of data/information (primary sources) do you plan to aggregate to acknowledgment your analysis question? How will you go about finding/collecting this data/information? Will you booty a qualitative, quantitative, or “mixed-methods” approach? What specific methods (e.g. survey, interviews, ethnography) will you use? 

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