Identify Style Substratum

Retain audience to accomplish echo purchases and admit referrals. ; Maintain a able Image at all times. Aka-up complete makeover arcade SMS Saba acquaintance us Mission Statement Our mission is to define, manufacture, and bear the world's finest, best comfortable beautiful articles and casework at the best accessible price. Ethics Appearance Substratum ethics are the qualities, customs, standards, and allegorical attempt that governs all its activities and will advice the foundation and its advisers succeed. Taken together, they Identify Appearance Substratum as a different entity. Claimed Stylist ; Image Consultant Change Starts with You Everything to do with the beheld announcement of a claimed brand... At Appearance Substratum accumulated aggregation consulting so that our audience apperceive how to dress for any occasion. We abutment the apriorism that money does not agree a persons' breeding and that boldness and action are key The Appearance Appointment The Appearance Appointment is aimed to advise you how to dress your different anatomy blazon and build. We will advise you how to dress accurately for your height, shape, size, accept type, close length, cartilage anatomy and face shape, to name a few. During your appointment we will accelerate you an cyberbanking Appearance Album created accurately for you. Each of our audience accept a unique, custom fabricated album with over 100 abreast apparel pictures. This adviser includes you abode on your anatomy including: Necklines and collars, ; Jackets and suits, ; Dresses and skirts, ; Breadth of Jackets and skirts, ; Underwear and swimwear, ; Hairstyles and Jewelry, ; Scarves and shoes No account of accouterment or accent is larboard out. We additionally conduct a dress personality assay during the Appearance Consultation. It is important to apperceive and accept your personality back it comes to bathrobe yourself. We will advice to actuate whether you adopt to dress classic, elegant, feminine, dramatic, artistic or sexy. Time: ours 30 account cost: R 1 250 Tyler appointment apparel appointment arcade home appearance appointment We will abetment you to.

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