Identify and outline the opportunities of current government

The essay briefly focuses on the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme age 0-19 (HCP DOH 2009) and the “Giving all children a healthy start” policy by the Department ot Health 2013 (DOH 2013). The government brought the Healthy Child Programme 0-19 years old, out in October 009 (HCP 2009) to support partnerships that work closely with children and their families.
The HCP has made a great impact on the way the health professionals work, as it gives them a guideline on how to structure the delivery of care given to the families. Ensuring that appropriate preventative health care and support is given to the more deprived families that require more guidance. On the other hand the “Giving all children a healthy start in life” Policy (DOH 2013) ims to help children who grow up in the most at risk families and to help parents give their children the best possible care.
This policy also embraces the aims of the HCP, as one of its main focuses, is to help children be as healthy as possible by preventing Illness and encouraging healthy behaviours from pregnancy onwards (DOH 2013). Both these policies make an Immerse dfference In which the health professionals deliver their services, particularly the specialist community public health nurses (SCPHN).

As the policies are a guideline for the SCPHN to follow, and to make sure that they are delivering and offering the most appropriate support they can give to their clients with their best ability. References Department of Health (2012) Getting it right for children, young people and families. Department of Health (2013) Giving all children a healthy start in life. Department of Health (2009) Child Programme: from pregnancy to the first five years ‘OF2 Department of Health (2009) Healthy Child Programme: from 5-19 years old.

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Identify and outline the opportunities of current government
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