Ict Unit 2

BTEC ICT Assemblage 2 – Alive in the IT industry Name: Form: 10T Teacher: Contents Assignment 14 Analysis the characteristics adapted to appointment in the IT sector4 Call the characteristics and affectation it in a table. 4 Assignment 26 Actualize a table with two columns, apropos job role and descriptions6 Account the adapted blazon of roles that can be begin in the ICT sector6 Call anniversary of the job roles6 Assignment 311 Actualize a album apropos ONE job role11 Account the characteristics bare for the specific job role11 Assignment 414 Extend the album -Explain why assertive characteristics are bare for the specific jobs. 14 Assignment 519 Write a accounting address to absolve the job role which meets the aloft criteria. 19 ------------------------------------------------- Aim of Appointment The aim of this assemblage is to ensure that learners accept adeptness of the accessible job roles involving able IT and the characteristics administration appeal in the IT industry. ------------------------------------------------- Learning Outcomes 1. Apperceive the characteristics that are acclimated by the administration in the IT industry 2. Apperceive the accepted job roles undertaken by bodies alive in the IT industry ------------------------------------------------- Key Words Industry specific: abstruse knowledge, alive procedures, bloom and assurance adeptness General: abilities e. g. interpersonal skills, planning skills, authoritative skills, time management, aggregation working, numeric skills, creativity, botheration analytic Attitudes: adopted e. g. determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confidence, self-motivation Accepted IT: roles e. g. solutions architecture, band-aid development and implementation, arrangement management, advice security, abstruse writers, abstracts administrators, IT account administration and delivery; accouterments specific e. g. anufacturing, repair, supply, installation, networks; software specific e. g. applications programmers, systems programmers, website developer, communications programmers Investigation and design: analysts; designers; activity managers ------------------------------------------------- Scenario IT Venture is an ICT application bureau which specialises in IT jobs. In the contempo times accepting a job in the IT industry has become actual difficult. To advice the bodies who appetite to get into the industry the bureau wants to run an commodity and alongside it they will acquaint job roles which will accommodate the ideal agent attributes. In this appointment you are a inferior recruiter alive at the agency. The ambassador has asked you to booty on the assignment of autograph the commodity about characteristics bare to appointment in the ICT industry. You will again aftermath a table with a careful cardinal of IT job roles, the job roles will accompaniment the agent attributes bare to them. ------------------------------------------------- 1. Researching the requirements Brand P1 You will accept to analysis the characteristics which are bare to get a job in the industry. The best way to go about the assignment is to accompaniment the characteristics and again to call them. Assignment 1 For P1 you charge to: Analysis the characteristics adapted to appointment in the IT area Call the characteristics and affectation it in a table. P1 -Evidence to be submitted: 1. Table with 2 columns application the headings = characteristics and description Characteristics adapted in the IT industry Characteristics/skills | Description | Interpersonal | * Definition- Relating to others, accepting on with bodies (and accepting the job done) * Bare because you charge get on with people. * If you don’t get on with bodies again you cannot get the job done! Bodies may acquisition you a abrogating access if you cannot appointment with others properly. | Planning | * Definition- Planning your work, assignment lists, accomplishing things in the adapted order, ensuring you accept all the assets required. * Bare because unorganised bodies tend to get beneath appointment done * Bosses animosity unorganised bodies because they can actualize calamity in the abode * If you plan back to do things again you will accept added chargeless time to do what you want| Organisational | * Definition: Actuality organised is accepting a apple-pie and tidy workspace area you can appointment to your best capacity. Actuality unorganised can be actual annoying to alternative associates of your aggregation if you are in one * Unorganised arrangement abutment managers won’t be able to accumulate clue of the computers they manage. | Botheration solving| * Definition: Botheration analytic is ambidextrous with a bearings as finer as accessible and accepting an absolute aftereffect * Actuality able to break a botheration bound and calmly will beggarly that you save time. * If you are an IT artisan and you are clumsy to break a botheration than admirers and barter will appearance you as amateurish and that you don’t accept the abilities to be a technician. Adroitness | * Definition: acceptance yourself to accomplish agrarian and crazy yet alive account or suggestions. * It is important to be artistic so that you can angle out in your workplace. * You can adeptness adapted audiences which will be acceptable for business. * IT technicians charge to be artistic to be able to actualize programmes that are ill-fitted to the audience, for archetype a children's programme. | Numeric| * Definition: application and applying algebraic abilities in situations area it is needed. * Back an IT Programmer is alive they charge to use numeric abilities to cipher the software. Basal algebraic abilities will be bare for assertive programs and you charge to apperceive how to do equations. | Aggregation working| * Definition: alive amidst a accumulation of bodies while giving advice and additionally accepting help. * You would be afraid how abundant you apprentice from your aeon and colleagues. * A Programmer would charge to appointment in a aggregation to advice complete the activity to their best ability. | Time Management| * Definition: Spending time wisely and productively. * During a appointment activity you charge plan how you will use your time so you can accomplishment the activity to a acceptable standard. If you can’t administer your time appropriately again you will be delayed on tasks as you accept basically ashen time. | ------------------------------------------------- 2. Describing the job role and advertence the characteristics Brand P2, P3, P4, D1 For this allotment of the area you will be attractive at assorted job roles and you will address bottomward the job and a description of the job. You will again accept to address bottomward the characteristics requirements for anniversary job role. For the adapted that you accept defined you will charge to explain why a specific adapted is bare for anniversary job. Task 2 For P2 you charge to: Actualize a table with two columns, apropos job role and descriptions Account the adapted blazon of roles that can be begin in the ICT area Call anniversary of the job roles P2 -Evidence to be submitted: 1. A table with a account of jobs and job roles. P2 Roles and Responsibilities in IT Job Job Title| Roles and Responsibilities| Desired Claimed characteristics| 1. Arrangement Technician| Computer arrangement technicians body and advance computer networks acclimated by business, education, government, and health-care institutions. Networks band desktop computers acquiesce users to accelerate cyberbanking mail (e-mail) and to allotment data, computer applications, and Internet connections. As added institutions authorize computer networks, the appeal for accomplished computer arrangement technicians will grow. | Time administration is absolutely important as you may accept a lot of appointment to do on a deadline. Botheration alive abilities are additionally important because you may charge to analyse a botheration afore alive it out. You additionally charge to break a botheration as bound as possibly but additionally as calmly as possible. 2. Website Developer| The web artist has the albatross of the architecture and architecture of the website. They additionally accept to albatross for coding the website. They additionally accept the albatross to amend any software and the arrangement additionally aliment of the website. | Adroitness is important as they accept to architecture a website that is aboriginal and stands out from the blow of the competition. Addition accomplishment is botheration solving. This is bare because there adeptness be faults and glitches in the arrangement that makes application the website adamantine for users. So the artist needs to adamant out any glitches. | 3. Systems programmer| A programmer needs to analysis and appraise accepted systems. They charge to appointment able-bodied alternative colleagues in the architecture and analyst compartment. They accept to address the software charge to acquisition faults with any programs. | You charge botheration analytic abilities as you accept to acquisition faults with a affairs and again fix it addition accomplishment is analytic skills. This is bare because you accept to be able to break complexes and apprehensible problems. This is additionally agnate to botheration analytic skills. 4. Abstracts administrator| A database ambassador has the role ecology the performance, candor and aegis of a database. | They charge to accept aggregation alive abilities because they ascendancy the abstracts abject of the aggregation in a team; this is because in a aggregation they will appointment added efficiently. Additionally they charge to accept botheration analytic abilities because if users of the database are accepting problems they charge to break as bound and calmly as possible. | 5. Arrangement manager| As a arrangement manager, you accept two roles. You’ll be amenable for installing and advancement the company's computer networks, and additionally to alternation agents to accommodate aboriginal amount abstruse support. | As a arrangement ambassador you will charge to accept botheration analytic skills, this is because you may face problems in the networks that you charge to solve. Additionally you charge to accept aggregation alive abilities as you will be alive in a aggregation and you will charge to appointment with them efficiently. Furthermore you charge accept advice skills, because you will charge to advise agents and acquaint able-bodied with them. Some alternative interpersonal abilities bare are the adeptness to acquaint face to face and accept bright accounting advice additionally alert abilities is important. | 6. Abstruse writer| The roles and responsibilities of a abstruse biographer is that they charge ensure their admirers understands the text. This is because their job is to accomplish circuitous abstruse advice complete almost easy. | They charge advice skills; this is because they charge accomplish advice accessible to accept instead of a abstruse abracadabra which abounding consumers do not understand. Also they charge to accept aggregation alive skills, as they will be best of the time alive in a team. | Source from www. wikipedia. com Assignment 3 For P3 you charge to: Actualize a album apropos ONE job role Account the characteristics bare for the specific job role P3 -Evidence to be submitted: 1. A album with ONE jobs and job characteristics Assignment 4 For M1 you charge to: Extend the album -Explain why assertive characteristics are bare for the specific jobs. Evidence to be submitted: 1. A album with a account of jobs, job characteristics and account of specific adapted requirements Why assertive characteristics are important for arrangement analysts (M1) This article will be highlighting the important abilities that are adapted for a arrangement analyst. Adapted that are adapted for a arrangement analyst are: * Interpersonal abilities * Analytic abilities * Organisational abilities * Abstruse abilities * Aliment * Aggregation alive * Communicational * Time Administration * Adaptability * Adaptability * Altruism * Candor * Assurance and self-motivation Interpersonal abilities The arrangement analyst needs to be able to collaborate and acquaint with the organization, business and colleagues in adjustment to break problems. Interpersonal abilities abide of abounding things; communicating with others, but additionally our aplomb and our adequacy to accept and understand. Botheration solving, accommodation authoritative and claimed accent administration are additionally advised interpersonal skills. Arrangement analyst charge to be able to assay their account and judgment. Arrangement analyst with complete interpersonal abilities can assay which are the best bureau of accommodating with arrangement users. Analytic abilities Analytic abilities are the adeptness to anticipate and break both apprehensible and circuitous problems and concepts and accomplish decisions that are adapted to the situation. Analytical abilities can be referred to as botheration analytic skills, and this is an capital accomplishment needed, as a arrangement analyst. Arrangement analyst charge to be able to accept the adeptness to see things as systems, identify, analyze, and troubleshoot or break problems in an optimal way for a specific organization. Also, as a arrangement analyst you accept to be able to be an alive learner, circuitous botheration solver, alive listener, analytic and analytic thinker. Organisational abilities Authoritative abilities are to be able to plan ahead, timetabling, alive deadlines and affair them. Furthermore, actuality organized helps you to apperceive what is accepted of you anniversary day and to be able to accommodated those expectations. As a arrangement analyst, actuality organized is important because you will accept to accommodated deadline, complete all tasks at a aerial standard. If you are not absolutely organized this bureau that you will abort tasks and aftermath low affection brand appointment which could acutely get you in agitation with the business and consistent in your adjournment from the workplace. Abstruse abilities Abstruse abilities are adeptness to accept how computers, abstracts networks, databases and operating systems work. You charge to accept acceptable adeptness and compassionate of accouterments and software as it is to apperceive what absolutely you are analyzing. Abstruse abilities are important for arrangement analyst as they charge to be able to analyze problems, and accepting adeptness of computer and arrangement systems and of IT on a macro level. This will advice to be able to accommodate solutions to arrangement users. Aggregation alive Aggregation alive is the action of alive collaboratively with a accumulation of bodies (strangers and colleagues alike) in adjustment to accomplish a goal. Aggregation alive abilities are acute in businesses. Teamwork bureau that bodies will try to abet and participate, application their alone abilities and accouterment able feedback, admitting any claimed battle amid individuals. Theoretically they all angle in account to accomplish a adapted amalgam cool idea. Arrangement analyst charge to be alternating back alive aural a accumulation because you allotment adapted adeptness and you can get added adeptness from the bodies in the group. Also, to be able appraise systems added calmly and quickly. Aliment Aliment is back you advocate and bottle a arrangement frequently instead of apathy it. This helps stop problems as aggregate is up to date. Aliment can be acclimated for acclimation and accouterment solutions. Arrangement analysts are amenable for the operating arrangement and associated alternating systems. Accommodate system-level abutment of multi-user operating systems, accouterments and software tools, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and abutment of these systems. Arrangement analyst charge to accumulate their appointment in excellent conditions; accept lots of albatross of systems and be able in adjustment to break problems. Communicational skills Communicational abilities accommodate able interpersonal advice (written, verbal, visual, electronic, contiguous conversations, presentations in advanced of groups), listening, and accumulation skills. The purpose of advice is to get your bulletin beyond to others clearly. Communicational abilities are activity abilities and bare not alone in businesses or organisation they are additionally acquired on day to day living. As a arrangement analyst, it is cogent and admired to accept communicational abilities as they charge to allocution to and collaborate with arrangement users to acquisition what they do, and their colleagues for information. As able-bodied as, arrangement analyst attending at accepted absolute systems and problems in those systems, accordingly they accept to account users to acquisition their allegation and break the botheration they are aggravating to resolve. They charge acceptable communicational skills, as they booty allotment in business speaking, business writing, interviewing, listening, abstruse altercation and abstruse writing. Adaptability The general, basal analogue of adaptability is not agnate to this blazon of analogue of flexibility. For arrangement analyst, their calendar and plan needs to be flexible, this bureau can acclimatize to change for a day. For instance, if they accept organised or planned for a day of communicating and interacting with arrangement users, but instead they had a business meeting, again they accept to acclimatize to it. Adaptability Adaptation is a accustomed action that all bacilli accept gone through. However in these affairs there is altered. It still has the aforementioned assumption which is that you change a affection that acutely bureau you appointment better. Adaptability is the adeptness to change to fit afflicted circumstances. This is agnate to flexibility, as they charge to acclimate to changes in their timetable. Tolerance Altruism is accepting the accommodation to abide accommodating at difficult times. This is basic for every occupation, but as a arrangement analyst, they will charge to acquaint and appointment in aggregation with others best of the time, so accepting altruism and be accommodating at times, like back interviewing or allurement arrangement users, alive with others at difficult times, they charge be tolerant, in adjustment to anticipate battle or altercation which can account agitation in work. Candor Candor is the affection of actuality honest, accurate and accepting able moral principles; moral uprightness. As a arrangement analyst, your candor is your bluntness and account and faculty of assignment in work, and in life. Your employer needs to be able to assurance you and you charge to accept a acceptable band amid you and your employer and colleague’s, because again you can accept added albatross and because of this, your employer will accord you a college antecedence in your profession. Your candor creates bonds in your workplace. Assurance and self-motivation Arrangement analyst charge to accept ambitions or admiration to accomplish or accomplish in a accustomed situation. (E. g. Self-belief and assurance in analytic a abstruse problem) Assurance and action will accomplish the arrangement analyst added focused and concentrated on their appointment and they will harder to try to accomplish something, they will accept abounding ascendancy of their appointment and accept the aplomb to complete all accustomed tasks. This is a advantageous accomplishment for anyone; it additionally helps genitalia of authoritative skills. Source: www. wikipedia. com (Written address answer characteristics for jobs) (Extension of album answer the characteristics of assertive jobs) Assignment 5 Dave Tipton the administrator of the bureau needs a specific actuality to appointment for the agency. You accept been accustomed a set of characteristics from the administrator for which you will actuate the best actuality for the job and will accept to absolve your choice. The afterward characteristics are: Acceptable advice abilities Botheration analytic Time administration Confident Dependable Technically Able Qualifications: MCP Microsoft XP MCP Microsoft 2003 Cisco CCNA For D1 you charge to: Address a accounting address to absolve the job role which meets the aloft criteria. Evidence to be submitted: Written address for your absolution Assignment 2- A arrangement artisan (D1) Jasmine Zerbanski is ill-fitted for the job role of a Arrangement Technician. A Arrangement artisan has abounding responsibilities for a business or alignment that they appointment for. The accustomed job of a arrangement artisan involves ecology arrangement activity; configuring arrangement equipment; analysing arrangement security; and ambidextrous with cables, abnormally in affiliation ports. There are arrangement of abilities adapted for actuality a arrangement artisan and some of these abilities include: Planning, analysing, advice and botheration analytic skills. Jasmine Zerbanski is ill-fitted for this job because she has acceptable advice skills. This is important as she can collaborate with users and colleagues acutely and effectively. Although she is a little shy, she calmly overcomes this and works actual able-bodied alone and with others. She is awful self-motivated and is able of bearing affection work. Jasmine has amazing analytic skills; this bureau that she can assay arrangement errors quickly. Jasmine has acquaintance with creating and advancement networks. Jasmine has congenital a baby arrangement in her home, and this shows her adeptness and adroitness skills. Adroitness abilities are capital for a artisan as they are able to appear up with aboriginal account that accomplish the activity of the users easier. Jasmine has interpersonal skills. She has approved that she is able to collaborate with alternative people. She has the adeptness to plan assorted tasks, and accomplish them to the accomplished quality. This is declared in her reference. She can analyze IT problems, adumbrate and anticipation things and assay accordant accidental factors and does ambition setting. She is actual able-bodied organised, she is able to put her appointment into a calendar and accommodated deadlines, and she has actual acceptable organisational and time administration skills, she can ascendancy time over specific activities, as a arrangement artisan you charge to administer your time, back you break problems. Jasmine has aggregation alive skills, she is able to appointment with alternative bodies in groups to assay and break IT problems; she is able to acquaint with alternative people. She has numeric skills, as an IT technician, you charge numeric abilities in adjustment to use adapted methods on how to break problems. She can break problems (problem analytic skills, she has the intelligence to use adapted methods in analytic problems and she is able of affection work, so as a artisan she will be able to break and fix adapted hardware’s and software’s and abounding alternative IT inventions. She additionally possesses acceptable accounting advice skills. This is advantageous in she anytime needs to address addendum and duke accounting letters. Overall, Jasmine Zerbanski is best acceptable for the role as a Arrangement technician. She has abounding advantageous abilities which accompany with actuality a arrangement technician.

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