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    Theory Cardboard and PowerPoint Presentation  Draft 4-5 pg. cardboard (10%) is due on Sun., September 16, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin. Final 8-10 pg. cardboard (15%) is due on Sun., October 7, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin. This appointment will advice you apprentice added about the biographies and important contributions of one of the amusing theorists that we do not awning in this class. It will additionally advance your analysis abilities on the Internet and abetment you in giving an online PowerPoint presentation. Actuality is the capital basis of the cardboard requirement. This appointment can be burst bottomward into a alternation of steps: You will baddest a theorist in      Charles Lemert’s book that we are not accoutrement for the term. Start to apprentice as abundant as you can      about your theorist in agreement of claimed biography. You should allotment area the theorist      comes from, some key facts about the theorist’s ancestors of origin, ancestors      of procreation, his/her educational background, his/her appointment background,      etc.. And if there are any alternative absorbing facts about that theorist,      please allotment them here. The adventures should be about 2-3 pages long. Then you should altercate the      important contributions of the theorist in agreement of his/her key      theoretical contributions or annual generated and affecting works accounting      (i.e., books, articles, essays, etc.). This should additionally be 3-4 pages long.      This will absorb administering Internet searches from acclaimed amusing      theory sites. One acclaimed armpit for      theorists who are added sociological is - Sociosite: Acclaimed Sociologists - http://www.sociosite.net/topics/sociologists.php. A added armpit which is added      philosophical but additionally includes appliance to amusing science disciplines is      The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - https://plato.stanford.edu/. Addition armpit      is Wikipedia. I am not against to      you attractive at a Wikipedia folio aback aboriginal starting out – abnormally aback      one of its founders – Jimmy Wales is from Alabama. J However, amuse bethink it should advance you to alternative sources. Alternative universities or non-profit history      organizations may accept acceptable web pages on amusing theorists. Aloof apprehend a array of sources and try      to ensure that they are bookish and not aloof a accidental folio put up on an      individual’s blog. You should additionally analysis the Troy University databases to      see if there are any annual accessories accounting either by your theorist or      some alternative academic allegory their work. IN TOTAL- you will charge at LEAST      eight references for your abstract and final paper. Lastly, you should assay the      work that was featured in the Lemert book. For this, you will amusement it like one of your Reflection Assignments      where you will accommodate a arbitrary in your own words of what you anticipate are the      author’s capital point/s or argument/s. Again you can present the strengths      and weaknesses are of the theorist’s argument/s ((e.g., Does the columnist      present acceptable affirmation to aback up his/her argument? Can you anticipate of counter-evidence that      the columnist ignores? Is the argumentation      consistent? Does the columnist accept a      particular bias?). This area should be 3-4 pages long. You will charge your eight or added      references for your abstract cardboard as able-bodied as your final paper. If you charge      help with citation in APA architecture – this is an accomplished primer: http://www.mtroyal.ca/library/files/citation/apa.pdf You will aboriginal abide a abstract of      this cardboard on Sunday, September 16th afore midnight on Turnitin on      Canvas. You should accept 4-5 pages      of a anecdotal to accomplish it a accepted attempt. You will about-face in the final cardboard on      Sunday, October 7th afore midnight.       Grading Criteria   for Theory Paper Pts. Recvd Comments on anniversary   section   Content:   Three sections: 1) The apprentice aggregate area the theorist comes from, some key   facts about the theorist’s ancestors of origin, ancestors of procreation, his/her   educational background, his/her appointment background, etc.. The apprentice additionally   shared any alternative absorbing facts about that theorist. The adventures was   about 2-3 pages continued or about 20-30% of the breadth of the absolute paper. (20   points)  2)   Student discussed the important contributions of the theorist in agreement of   his/her key abstract contributions or annual generated and affecting   works accounting (i.e., books, articles, essays, etc.). This area was about   3-4 pages continued or about 35-40% of the absolute paper. (20 points)  3)   Student provided a acknowledgment modelled on a Reflection Appointment anecdotic   the author’s capital point/s or argument/s. The apprentice presented strengths and   weaknesses are of the theorist’s argument/s (e.g., Does the theorist present   sufficient affirmation to aback up his/her argument? Can the apprentice anticipate of counter-evidence   that the theorist ignores? Is the   logic consistent? Does the columnist accept   a accurate bias?). This area should be 3-4 pages continued or 35-40% of the   entire cardboard (20 pts.)   Organization: Does the autograph   flow? Is there a bright faculty of   organization to the absolute cardboard (i.e., thesis, intro, middle, and   conclusion)?Is there alignment aural paragraphs? (10 pts.)   Language: Is the autograph   grammatically correct? Are there any   typos? Could the autograph annual from   proofreading? Does the apprentice address in a bookish accent and abstain accidental   language? (20 pts.)   Format: Are there 1 inch   margins on every side? Is the cardboard double-spaced? Is the abstract cardboard to be   turned in on Week 4 – 4-5 pages long? Is the final cardboard to be angry in on Week 7- 8-10 pages long? Did the   student chase APA format? Is there a   separate advertence folio and awning page? Are there folio numbers? Are the in-text   citations in able APA format? (10 pts.) Final Grade:  Video/PowerPoint Presentation – Due by Midnight on October 10th For this Power Point Video Presentation on your Theory Paper, you will actualize an eye-catching, absorbing PowerPoint video accelerate presentation in which you will altercate the capital sections of your paper. You will be application Zoom which will actualize a webcam video of you presenting your PowerPoint. The accomplished presentation should be amid 15-20 annual long. You will again upload your Video/PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube. You should amusement this presentation as if it was a appointment presentation. Amuse dress in business accidental accoutrements and attack to chronicle your advice in a bookish but agreeable fashion. Amuse note: Do not use my lectures as a adviser for able presentation as my lectures are abundantly breezy in their presentation. Additionally - do not accommodate music in your own PowerPoint because it best acceptable will be in abuse of absorb laws. You will ultimately column this video to YouTube and again column the articulation to the Chic Discussion Board.  In agreement of how to anatomy the PowerPoint presentation, you should accept at atomic 10 slides (one amateur accelerate (with your name and the name of the presentation) and at atomic 9-15 added slides that booty the eyewitness through the three capital sections of your cardboard (i.e., three-five slides per section). In agreement of how the slides should look, amuse accomplish them as visually arresting as accessible with little diction on anniversary accelerate and agreeable pictures. You should be answer added in your presentation with the video of yourself – so aloof accept a few key words on your slides. TWO CAVEATS HERE: Amuse do not accept bombastic slides in which you are annual your accelerate to the viewer. That is BORING. Additionally - DO NOT USE CLIP ART. Clip art in my appearance looks unprofessional. So amuse use absorbing pictures from the Internet like Google Images, etc..  Regarding how to assurance up for Zoom – actuality is a YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3VS-49Vg6M&index=3&list=PLKpRxBfeD1kEM_I1lId3N_Xl77fKDzSXe) video answer the process. It is free! Next, I appetite you to attending at these instructions for creating and recording a PowerPoint presentation in Zoom (Zoom Tutorial 2: Recording a PowerPoint & Video with the Zoom Video Conferencing Tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmMSXOQVQs4) Please bethink - aback you do this presentation, I appetite the accomplished chic to see you. Aback creating your PowerPoint, you will charge to be alert of area you will abode the chat box that will accept your video awning highlighted. Additionally – pay absorption to area the video is adored on your computer. After you accept created your PowerPoint Video in Zoom, I appetite you to upload your video to YouTube. If you do not accept a YouTube account, you will charge to actualize one. Actuality is how you do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b38ef8n1p4U&t=67s. Then, you will column that video to the final Discussion Board. Aback you actualize a thread, you will be alluringly abacus your YouTube Video Presentation.  Some acceptance may accurate affair that they may not be able to get Zoom or YouTube to absolutely appointment for them. If you do not accept a webcam, amuse email me by the alpha of Week 6 to see how abroad you can do this assignment. If you do not email me and do not accomplish addition plan as to how you will do your presentation, you will be deducted 15 credibility for not actuality able to absolutely assassinate Zoom and YouTube.    Grading   Criteria for Video/PowerPoint Presentation Pts.   Possible Pts.   Received Comments   on anniversary section   Was   the apprentice able to assassinate Zoom and amount it to YouTube? Was the audio and   video clear? 15   Did   the PowerPoint Presentation accommodate a amateur accelerate introducing the presenter and the theorist? 10   Did the   PowerPoint Presentation accommodate at atomic 9-15 added slides for anniversary of   the three apparatus of the paper. 1. Adventures component 2. Key annual and works 3. Reflection Appointment Portion 45   Was   the PowerPoint visually absorbing (i.e., agreeable pictures and not too abounding   words per slide)?  20   Did   the apprentice abatement aural the time guidelines? 10 Final Grade: 

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