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  “Why do we charge to accept abstracts visualisations? There is added and added abstracts about us, and abstracts are more acclimated in decision-making, journalism, and to accomplish faculty of the world. One of the capital means that bodies get admission to abstracts is through visualizations, but lots of bodies feel like they don’t accept the abilities and ability to accomplish faculty of visualizations. This can beggarly that some bodies feel larboard out of conversations about data.” - http://seeingdata.org/developing-visualisation-literacy/ Please conduct the afterward action amid at the afterward address: http://seeingdata.org/developing-visualisation-literacy/rate-these-visualisations/ Tell us what you anticipate of the visualizations that we acclimated in our focus accumulation research. Instructions below! What to do Look at the visualisations by beat on the images below. You can accept to accessible the visualisation in a NEW tab or window (we acclaim this) or appearance it in a pop-up window if you adopt to break on this page. Some are alternate (i) and some are changeless (s). Place the images on the grid. When you’ve looked at one, go to the filigree and position the angel according to whether you admired or didn’t like and abstruse or didn’t apprentice article from the decision (‘learning something’ could additionally beggarly acknowledging article you already knew). Only abode the visualizations that you accept looked at assimilate the grid. Click SUBMIT. Compare your angle with others. You can analyze your responses to the visualizations with those of others, by beat COMPARE. Choose three of your admired visualisations. Post a 3 – 5 book arbitrary of why you chose the visualisations. What bent your attention? Were they able in presenting the provided data? If possible, explain what you will do to advance the visualisation?

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