I need to create an excel sheet w this info

On the “Personal Information” worksheet: Concatenate the two name fields into a distinct acreage so that name is displayed as Last Name, First Name. Archetype and “paste as values” and annul the aboriginal name fields.3.  On “Salary” Worksheet: Compute the administration of anniversary agent from the Hire Date field.5.  On “Address” Worksheet: use the “convert argument to columns” to bisect area acreage into burghal and accompaniment and alteration to Burghal and Accompaniment fields in abode block. Actualize apocryphal artery abode and “drag down” to abide for all; do the aforementioned for zip code.7.  Using “V-Lookup” function, accompany the afterward fields from the alternative worksheets into the “Master” worksheet: Pay Rate; Tenure; 2013 Bonus; Job Name; Email; Artery Address; City; State; and Zip.a.  Demographics: Include agent counts by gender and ethnicity. Rename the worksheet with the axis table “Demographics Summary.” Salary by Job: Include agent counts and boilerplate tenure, boilerplate bacon and boilerplate benefit by job title. Rename the worksheet with the axis table “Job Summary.” On “Master” worksheet: baddest all and actualize a abstracted axis table for anniversary of the following: Create a archetype of the “Personal Information” worksheet and rename it “Master.” On “Address” Worksheet: accomplish an email for anniversary agent consisting of [email protected]. Absorb alone one email field. On “Salary” Worksheet: Compute alternate ante for all advisers listed with an anniversary bacon (hrly amount = salary/2080). Replace bacon ethics with alternate (retain alone one pay amount field). Deliverable: Submit your spreadsheet (a distinct excel file) as an adapter in the appointment dropbox by the due date.  In total, you should accept 7 alive worksheets (4 aboriginal and 3 new) in your file. Absorb a archetype of your book for use in appointment 3. 

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