For this assignment, you will advance and bear a 15 accelerate ability point with addendum on seminar/workshop aimed at the boyhood or adolescent developed admirers on a specific bloom accident associated with the population. 1. Choose a bloom accident associated with adolescence. Some categories to accede may include:   Suicide Pregnancy Substance use and abuse Motor agent crashes Tobacco use Sexually transmitted disease Domestic violence Mental bloom issues Sexual character issues Eating disorders Nutrition and fitness 2. As the bloom affliction advocate, you will present the afterward to the ambition admirers (adolescents or adolescent adults)in 15 slides or screens: An overview of the accident factor Contributing factors Prevalence of the bloom accident (meaningful data) Explain your role with the affair as a bloom affliction practitioner/advocate Ways to analyze a botheration and abode the issue Present an action or activity or exercise for the admirers to appoint in accompanying to the topic Help and abutment resources 3. In your analysis materials, absorb 3–4 accepted sources with one absolute the best accepted statistics. 4. Use age-appropriate adroitness to ensure the bulletin gets beyond to the called audience. As you plan your seminar, consider: How will you admit a chat (rather than accord a lecture)? How will you accumulate the absorption and account of this audience? 5. Use APA for commendation and referencing your sources.  Rubrics:  The addition is absorption accepting and lays out the affair well. It establishes a able framework for the blow of the presentation. The cessation is absolute and compelling. Presentation contains authentic and complete information. Ideas, facts, and advice provided authenticate a strong, confident, compassionate of the material. Agreeable is actual able-bodied ill-fitted and adapted for the appointed audience.   Information is presented in a clear, analytic adjustment with an credible beginning, middle, and end. The apostle introduces the affair and identifies the affair skillfully.    Use of beheld aids/images is appropriate. Slides are accessible to read, interesting, and accordant to the content. All capital account are presented succinctly. Contains the appropriate cardinal of slides.   The appointment consistently follows accepted APA architecture and is chargeless from errors in formatting, citation, and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly. 

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