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Please accomplish abiding you apprehend the instructions anxiously this is an excel assignment...                                                I charge this Wednesday please Objective:  To actualize a astute pre-production agenda for your music video or affection blur shoot application industry standards. To convenance designing an Excel spreadsheet that communicates a agenda to all stakeholders on a assembly team.  Articulate how your assembly agenda will affect your budget. Instructions:  Using the abilities you abstruse in Abstracts Assay and Reporting about presenting abstracts and formatting, actualize a GANNT blueprint to visually lay out the Pre-Production Agenda for your cine or music video. There are three stages in the assembly process: pre-production, production, or post-production. The assets beneath explain what activities action during anniversary date and how continued they about take. However, you may charge to conduct assay to acquisition out how continued pre-production took for the cine or music video you accept called to assignment on.  Make abiding that your agenda is visually ambrosial and matches the branding of your cine or music video, i.e.: color, appellation font, headings, etc. Make abiding to accommodate a appellation that explains the purpose of the spreadsheet you design. For example, "Step Up: Pre-Production Schedule." Add a corpuscle animadversion answer what action will booty the longest against amount the best and why. This charge be at atomic 2 sentences continued and authenticate analytical assay of the factors affecting your budget.  *to add a corpuscle comment, appropriate bang on any corpuscle and accept "insert comment" ***I HAVE ATTACHED A SAMPLE OF HOW IT SUPPOSED TO LOOK WHEN ITS FINISHED.....***                         A articulation to this video is additionally provided below: https://www.lynda.com/Excel-Mac-tutorials/Create-Gantt-charts/431186/508519-4.html?org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjxL_hQn5w0

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