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200+words 1. What are some challenges faced by schools with a assorted ancestors population? 2. What are some benefits?  I charge about 200 words accede or disagree   1.A assorted apprentice  population agency that there may be adverse ethics and attitudes  towards education, and that some subgroups of a citizenry may advised  unequally or feel larboard out. Our Halloween array is a big deal at our school.  The kids all dress  up, the teams of agents accept altered themed costumes, alike the  admin accompany in the fun. It was on this day that 3 of our Micronesian  students, one in Kindergarten absitively they were artlessly activity to leave  class and airing off campus. Back we got the alarm on the radio that they  were missing, we aimlessly advance out to chase until we begin them a  few blocks away. They came to our office, as abounding acceptance do back they  are about to be disciplined. Back asked why they left, they remained  silent. All three of the acceptance had bound English proficiency, and  it acquainted like we were affairs teeth. The kindergarten apprentice began to  cry. Finally, the oldest of three batten and aggregate that the they larboard  because their moms said they did not accept abundant money for a costume. I should accept accomplished that from the get go. My affection sank, and  suddenly I begin myself analytic American ethics and the  commercialism of holidays. Now, anniversary time we accept a big accident on campus -  that may crave bathrobe up, or accepting parents appearance up, I bethink  that while best of the acceptance are aflame about the big day, there are  always kids that feel larboard out and may charge added support.  2. I do accede that some assortment in the apprentice citizenry ability account  conflict, but the all-embracing extensive accomplishment is to accomplish abiding that anybody  is advised appropriately and that the on candid discrimination is disqualified out. I  do accede that assortment plays a acute role in authoritative abiding that others  understand and apperceive that there is assortment about in the classroom and  after school. Authoritative abiding that there's addition who is ethnic, religious,  or civic agent is acicular out this will advice acceptance accept  how anniversary of us is altered in our ways. Actuality altered is article  that anybody wants to be allotment of, but there is a amount to pay sometimes  in the absolute apple from actuality altered and or diverse. Put the catechism on top... acknowledgment on the bottom

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