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   Pick an affair and address a Pro-Con-My Assessment Cardboard on the affair – focus your cardboard on Texas. The ambition is for you to see all abandon of an issue, explain all sides, and again ultimately ability a cessation / your opinion. For example, if you are autograph about amends of marijuana in Texas, the anatomy of your cardboard would be: · Introduction – overview of what you are activity to altercate and the catechism you are presenting (Should Texas approve marijuana?). · A area on why Texas should approve marijuana backed up with research. · A area on why Texas should not approve marijuana backed up with research. · A area on your assessment based on your research. · Conclusion. You may accept your own affair and ask your own question. Let me apperceive if you appetite assistance. Some archetype capacity you may accept from and again anatomy a catechism about are below: · Should Texas body a bound bank forth its southern border? · Should Texas accept altar cities? · Should Texas abate the afterlife penalty? · Should Texas accumulate the afterlife penalty? · Should the law of parties administer in afterlife amends cases? · Is XXXX actor on Texas afterlife row absolutely innocent or guilty? · Should XXXX actor on Texas afterlife row accustomed the afterlife penalty?

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