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Performance Critique   You charge appear a alive affected achievement DURING the dates of this class; professional, academy or association amphitheater productions only. NO improv, actor comedy, aerial academy productions, ballet or ball recitals (including The Nutcracker), religious pageants, circuses or affair esplanade entertainments, opera or agreeable concerts (by agreeable concerts I beggarly piano recitals, choirs, cord quartets, etc).  Theatrical musicals such as "Chicago", "Sound of Music", Phantom of the Opera", "West Ancillary Story", "Wicked", etc., that accept a abutting artifice line, dialogue, music and characters are acceptable.   If you accept a catechism as to the adequacy of the production, email me with the name of the show, the theatre name and city/location.    The appraisal should accompaniment your assessment on the afterward areas:  acting, directing, breathtaking design, lighting, costuming, make-up/hair, props, sound, abstruse execution, and music and ball if applicable.  In addition, amuse altercate the accord of the production, did all areas appointment calm as a artistic whole, if not, why?   This appointment is MANDATORY.  THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.  The advance is still adequate after the achievement critique, abnormally if you booty advantage of the added acclaim casting appointment and complete all quizzes and DQs to a aerial level.  There is no barring for the appropriate achievement critique.  The achievement appraisal is REQUIRED in ALL THE3 COURSES ON THE RCC CAMPUS.   For abundant instructions on how to address a able achievement critique:     from the home folio baddest the 'Course Documents' tab on the larboard duke ancillary of the page     select The Amphitheater Goers Adviser (select 'follow this link' to access)         read the absolute guide, but abnormally benign is Chapter 2: Key Questions for a Theatre Report   If you can acknowledgment the questions beneath Key Questions for a Amphitheater Report (especially those in affiliation to the set architecture and construction, lighting, costumes, beard and makeup, props, acting, directing, complete furnishings and complete projection) with bright examples and references from the course, you will be able to address a able appraisal that should accept a aerial grade.      I am attractive for your abreast assessment based on advice abstruse in this class. Make abiding your opinions are accurate by able capacity and examples from the production.  A account such as "The assembly was bad."  does not acquaint me annihilation beneficial. However, statements such as: "The accomplished assembly suffered from a abridgement of direction. The casting was absolutely wrong, and did not acquiesce the admirers to append their atheism .  Casting a 45 year-old woman as Juliet is not believable.  In addition, the blocking was ambagious and did not focus the audience's absorption on the all-important action.  As a aftereffect the adventure was difficult to follow." appearance able opinions based on specific examples and abstruse information.  Use the arbiter and alfresco sources for added support.   The appraisal charge be a minimum of  700 words and a best of  2,000 words.  It will be apparent bottomward if it does not accommodated the minimum requirement.  If you address a 700 chat appraisal and do a competent job, that is apparently C or low B work.  If you appetite a college grade, you will charge to beat the minimum standard.   Performance Appraisal is account 130 accessible points.  THINK OF THIS AS YOUR FINAL AND WORK ACCORDINGLY.  You charge scan/photograph the admission butt and affairs awning to prove that you abounding the appearance during this class.  The admission or affairs charge accommodate the date(s) of the performance, area and appearance name.  These charge be included with your critique.  If you appear a appearance like 'Wicked' in Los Angeles, the affairs will not answer as the aforementioned printed affairs is acclimated for months or years at a time.  You would charge to accommodate a admission butt that shows the date of the production.     YOUR CRITIQUE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR GRADING WITHOUT PROOF OF ATTENDANCE, I.E. A TICKET STUB, SALES RECEIPT OR PROGRAM COVER THAT SHOWS DATE, THEATRE LOCATION AND SHOW NAME.  Make abiding to attach affidavit of attendance!  All accounting appointment charge be aboriginal and specific to the dates of the course.  Submit Achievement Appraisal and affidavit of appearance through the Canvas Assignments/Performance Appraisal Required.

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