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   In sociology, it is important to accept how to assay a amusing botheration application the micro and macro analytic perspectives.  In an article (1,500-2,000 words) you will assay the botheration of urbanization.    What is the amusing problem?  In this area of the essay, abbreviate the aspect of a amusing botheration associated with urbanization (e.g. burghal face-lifting and “top down” burghal planning, air & baptize quality, housing) Clearly call a specific botheration associated with urbanization. What is the extent, ambit and severity of this problem? (Use your argument or alternative bookish sources to abutment your description of the problem.) Briefly abridge the abrogating after-effects of this botheration to association as a accomplished and/or to specific groups of people. Why is it important to accept and abode this amusing problem? Why change the cachet quo?   2. Eyes of Change and Goal Clarification  What is the envisioned change as it relates to the amusing botheration of Urbanization? In this area of the essay, briefly call what things would “look like” if the Urbanization were finer addressed, minimized, eliminated, or if blockage accomplish were taken to allay abominable after-effects of the problem. What are specific goals to accomplish the adapted change (e.g., assay and apparatus bounded programs to abode and abate the problem). Who stands to accretion or lose if the envisioned change is realized?    3. Actual Background and Current Conditions  What contextual factors access this amusing problem?  In this area of the essay, briefly call two contextual factors that accept afflicted this amusing botheration (e.g., historical, economic, cultural, structural, or abstruse factors). (Use the argument or alternative bookish sources to abutment your altercation of contextual factors influencing the problem).  Select TWO of the sociological theories (functionalist theory, battle theory, allegorical interactionist theory) to briefly explain this amusing problem, accustomed the contextual altitude you accept identified. Use one approach associated with MACRO analysis, and one approach associated with MICRO assay to explain the problem.    4. Possible Directions to Accomplish Adapted Change  What is bare to accomplish the eyes of change and abode the articular amusing problem?    5. Future Prospects: Suggested Strategies to Allay the Problem 

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