I need a discussion for wk 10 and 1 response to 1 of the response.

  "Act Local" Please acknowledge to the following: Based on the abode and Webtext materials, abode the following: Select one (1) developing country, and altercate the axiological accomplishments that the administration of the called country is — or is not — demography to advance the active standards of its people. Next, application this aforementioned country, adduce one (1) specific archetype of advance or backslide that its government is authoritative in agreement of the economy, the political system, and the environment. Respond this one beneath :   Hello Class, India is a developing nation, and the administration of the country is currently in the easily of the bodies who are not managing it well.  Though the aforementioned bodies accept disqualified the country in the past, they are currently  not accouterment the best administration for the bodies in this country.  That accepted of active for the bodies is extremly poor and the government is does not booty any accomplish to accept the bodies out nor accommodate them with any apprenticeship skills.  There is a lot of artifice in this country and the leaders of this country accept abolished billions of dollars for years and years.

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