I need 6 questions answered. 5-6 sentences each.

1. Pateman says the animal arrangement is allotment of the amusing contract. Describe with advertence to the “Founding Fathers” of the U.S.; and the enactment of Australia. 2. How, for Pateman, does the advanced abstraction of alone rights affectation patriarchy and abbreviate the political lives of women? 3. Is there a backroom to sex, relations amid the sexes, and clandestine life? Is the sex industry political? 4. MacKinnon says that whether one focuses on adequation or difference, man charcoal the admeasurement of all things (p. 382). How does this work? 5. Why does MacKinnon accede American association “an acknowledging activity plan” for men (p.384). 6. What are the fallacies of cerebration in agreement of “women’s” art, culture, morality, or history (sometimes alleged “her-story)? 7. Describe MacKinnon’s “dominance” access to gender politics. Does cerebration in agreement of ability rather than aberration change the attributes of the debate? Directions: Answers MUST appear from the book "Introduction to Political Theory" by Bronner. Please accompaniment the catechism aboriginal and again the answer. The acknowledgment charge be 5-6 sentences long. 

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